Chapter one

For two weeks Harry never did a lot, he wandered around the ruined castle, staring at all the damage done in the fighting. He was waiting for the people to leave before he put the elder wand back with Dumbledore. He explained everything to McGonagall with the help from Dumbledore's portrait. They both agreed it would be safer to wait until everyone left so no one would see Harry hiding the wand in the tomb.

Why Harry had been waiting, he would get his wand out and start repairing sections of walls or stairs. When he found books, he banished them back to the library and hoped Madame Pince could repair the damage done to them.

In those two weeks, Harry had finally started to relax and he realised how stressed he had been. His whole life was full of stress and tension, now Voldemort was dead and he never had to see the Dursleys again, he was calm.

At first Mr. Weasley and Ron both tried to get Harry to come to the Burrow, but when Harry explained he needed to do a few things and he just wanted some time to himself, they finally relented, but made Harry promise to visit a lot, which he did.

During this time, he had healed, not just all the cuts and bruises over him, but he'd started to heal his heart and soul. When Harry was calm, at peace, he finally got a chance to think about everything, think about himself without Voldemort or danger invading his thoughts. He formed a theory about something and decided to speak with Madame Pomfrey and if he could, Dumbledore's portrait.

Harry stepped into the hospital wing, 'Madame Pomfrey.'

'Mr. Potter, are you having problems with your injuries?'

'No, they all healed thanks to your potions and your skill. This is something personal I would like to talk to you about.'

'Follow me,' the matron walked into her office then shut the door as Harry stepped in behind her, 'Take a seat and tell me what I can do for you.'

Harry sat down and sighed, 'These last couple of weeks has been the first time in my life that I haven't had to worry about Voldemort, danger or the Dursleys. Normally my thoughts were consumed with all that. I've finally had a chance to think about me, my life, well, who I am really.'

'Considering what old injuries I found from when you were a child and those injuries from you know who, I think I could understand why those were always in your thoughts.'

'Yeah,' Harry sighed again, 'What this is about though is, well,' Harry lowered his head, 'my sexuality.'

'I take it you mean whether you're straight or gay?'

'Yes,' Harry lifted his head, 'I dated Ginny Weasley before Dumbledore died. But I've been thinking about that time because Ron told me Ginny wants us to get back together and I figured I would to. I've been remembering the times when we were together, we did have a good time, we did snog a lot. But what I remember is watching a lot of the boys. At first I thought when I watched Malfoy it was because he was up to something. But thinking back, I actually stared at him, the way he moved, the way he spoke, how his body moved when he was talking. So I thought more and realised I'd done that with other boys. So I need your opinion on this as I never got any sort of, well, sex education. I heard the other boys in the dorm room talking about sex, but I never took a lot of noticed. Normally I was wondering when Voldemort would try and kill me next.'

'Normally boys from a younger age will work out their sexuality, but yes, you never did have a normal upbringing. Now don't get uncomfortable, but at any of these times, when you watched the other boys, did you ever get an erection?'

Harry blushed brightly as he lowered his head, but nodded. 'Yeah, but I was with Ginny at these times as well. The other day, when I went into Diagon Alley, well, I kept staring at another bloke and it happened again.'

'Then in my opinion, you're gay. Sorry, but another embarrassing question. Most boys from around twelve years old and up with have a lot of wet dreams, sometimes as they get older, they relieve themselves. Have you ever done that and if so, who were you thinking about?'

Harry lifted his head, 'No, nothing like that. My dreams were all on Voldemort. But I do know the other boys do that, I heard it a few times, in the bathrooms. Is that normal, for someone my age to never do that?'

'Normally no, but look at your life Harry, those abusive relatives of yours, what you went through all your years here, everything you know who put you through. Those thoughts consumed your thoughts and even consumed your dreams. Now everything has settled down, I believe you will start thinking about sex and I mean a lot. You're almost eighteen, young men of your age are even having sex by now.'

'Yeah, it has been in my thoughts lately, that's why I wanted to talk to you. Even though I knew I'd be embarrassed because you're a woman, but you are a healer and someone that has looked after me for years. So again, I was able to bring out the Gryffindor courage to mention this, I knew I must have had some left inside me.'

Poppy gave one of her rare smiles, 'I'm glad you did and I do speak with seventh years all about sex education. But of course, you never did your seventh year. If I can get any student to tell me if they are gay or straight, then I would give them some information,' the matron got up and went to her cabinet, then handed Harry a small book, 'That is everything you need to know on being gay and gay sex.'

Harry nodded, but just put the book inside his jacket, 'Thanks and it wasn't as bad as I thought, talking to you.'

'You're welcome Harry and you were easier to talk to then most young men at your age. Now if you did want to speak with someone who is gay, then Albus' portrait could give you some more information.'

Harry's eyes widened, 'You mean he really was gay, I thought that was just Skeeter spreading vicious rumours.'

'He kept his life private to himself mainly because he was a teacher. So why don't you speak with him when you get a chance.'

'Yeah, I will, thanks Madame Pomfrey,' Harry gave her a small smile then left the hospital. He was walking along the corridors thinking about Dumbledore and wondered how Skeeter found out about him, then thought what would happen when people found out about him. She did insinuate something was going on between Dumbledore and Harry, now people might believe it. All Harry wanted was to work out if he could tell his friends, especially Ron. Hermione he could, she would still be his friend no matter what, Ron, well, Harry had heard some of the things he'd and other blokes say about gay men, the names they got called. So Harry realised he had a lot of thinking to do about all this.