Chapter twenty one

As Harry was walking down the corridor away from Professor McGonagall's office, he saw Tobias with Michael and the look on both their faces instantly told Harry something was going on. Harry stared at Tobias then they were in each other's arms.

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing is anymore Harry, but something did happen. Why don't you come up with us to Professor McGonagall's office and I will explain to both of you.'

'Yeah, okay,' Harry gave Tobias a look, then kissed his lips, 'Everything is going to be okay, we'll talk soon.'

'Alright,' Tobias nodded and gave Harry a smile letting him know he made his decision, he wanted to be with Harry just as much as Harry wanted to be with him.

The three men went up the spiral staircase, 'I just came from here.'

Michael nodded, then knocked on the door. They heard Minerva call to come in, so Michael opened the door and the three of them stepped inside her office.

'Sorry to disturb you Minerva, but we have some news about these threats.'

'Go on Michael,' Minerva gave Harry and Tobias a nod before facing the auror again.

'They, the three Slytherin's we talked about decided it was time for their attack. They, like all of us have noticed Harry and Tobias haven't been spending all their time together, but they also noticed that both Harry and Tobias weren't happy. They snuck up on Tobias, but they didn't know that Ginny Weasley was not far behind. Between both Tobias and Ginny, they had the three of them disarmed and bound. Leslie and Isobel have taken them back to the auror office for questions. Ginny and Tobias have both told us what happened and their stories match. They were going to take Tobias, make sure Harry found out, then they were going to kill Harry.'

'After hearing everything, I knew that Harry would got to them and he could have been killed, they were going to kill me but wanted to in front of Harry. They said that, they wanted Harry to see me die, then they were going to kill him as revenge for their parents being killed. I was just letting my wand slip down my arm when Ginny disarmed the first one. We started fighting, luckily Harry's training worked and I remembered what to do. I got one, Ginny got the other one as well. She bound them, I ran to get Michael, Isobel and Leslie.'

'Then I am please you are Miss Weasley are fine Mr. Princeton. You will probably need their statements and they might have to be witnesses at their trial?' Minerva looked up at the auror.

'Yes, I'm going to take their statements as soon as I leave here. I thought you needed to be filled in first. As for them being witnesses, that depends on how cooperative they are.'

'I would love to get that out of them,' Harry said fiercely at his arm tightened around Tobias, 'Imagine if I told them what their parents would have seen that night, might make them talk if they believe it to be true.'

'What are you talking about Harry?' Michael asked.

'I let Voldemort hit me with the killing curse, all the death eaters saw it and they also saw me survive, again. I overheard a couple talking during the fighting. How I heard anything I have no idea, but they said Potter can't die, we saw it, he can't be killed,' Harry shrugged, 'They don't know the real reason why I survived. But I could make it interesting if I threatened to kill them right there and nothing could stop the aurors from stopping me. They don't know the truth even if we do.'

Michael chuckled, 'Sorry, not going to happen Harry, when you're an auror and fully trained, then you can be involved in the questioning, not before.'

Harry grinned up at Michael, gave him a salute, 'Yes…boss.'

'Oh, back to your playful self, Harry, which I'm glad to see. Now unless Professor McGonagall needs to speak with either of you, why not go spend some time together. I'll get your statement later.'

'You can both go, just remember what I have said. Don't let your personal life been seen by anyone, especially the younger students.'

'We won't Professor and thanks,' Harry gave her a smile then left the office with Tobias, 'Let's go into the room or requirement, we need to talk,' Harry led Tobias to the wall on the seventh floor, walked passed it and opened the door. 'I don't care Tobias, I want us to be together, please tell me you want the same thing?'

'I do, I tried not to want you, but after what happened, how close we both came to dying, I don't want be without you. What if people find out though Harry, what we're doing is against the law.'

'I don't care and Professor McGonagall knows. She worked out who your parents were Tobias, but she never stopped us being together. That's why I was in her office, talking about this, she said it happens quite a lot, children separated when they were young, end up together. She also said since we are two blokes, we're not going to have kids. She said that it was only made against the law because when a sister and brother got together and had kids, they became squibs. So you see, if someone like Minerva McGonagall can accept us, shouldn't we stay together?'

'She doesn't think we're wrong?'

'No, I asked her if she would think any less of us, she doesn't. So how about it babe, let's stay together, let's fuck each other stupid, let's love each other and grow old together, what do you say?'

Tobias stared into Harry's green eyes, then nodded, 'You said something about fucking each other stupid, blimey, I want that.'

'Then let's get out of these clothes and get with the fucking because I want to feel you inside me again and I want to be inside you. I want to love you every way there is my love.'

'And I want the same thing, I want to love you my wonderful, sweet, brave Harry,' Tobias slipped his arms around Harry's waste, 'I love you with all my heart.'

'I love you too Tobias, with every bit of my very being, now let's get naked.'

Tobias laughed, then captured Harry's lips. Even though they were snogging, it did not stop either of them from getting rid of their clothes, but they knew they would need to repair some of their clothes as the buttons popped off and things tore, but they didn't care. They wanted to feel each other, they wanted to be with each other, they wanted to love each other and nothing was going to come between them again. They had found their one and true love and nothing was going to separate them again. Harry and Tobias would be together until they took their last breath.

The end: