Happy Halloween Emmett:

Emmet Bledsoe was never big on this whole "Party scene", but tonight he couldn't get out the door fast enough. Tonight and Bay had asked him to come to her friends annual Halloween Bash! As much as he hates parties he couldn't say no to her. In these past few months Bay has become Emmett's world. He couldn't help but fall for her kind eyes and sexy smile. Daphne will be going too so it won't be too weird with all of the hearing people around. He didn't feel like being the outcast tonight, and with Bay on his arm he couldn't be. Soon enough he arrived and had no clue where his friends were. He just stood by the grand staircase in hopes of catching a glimpse of his girl. Suddenly he noticed quite a few guys in the room staring at the top of the stairs. Daphne stood in a reviling Snow White costume (link on profile) and a smile on her freckled face. But when his eyes found Bay emotions he had never experiences consumed him.

Emmett's POV:

Mine. My heart is beating outs my fucking chest! Bay, my beautiful Bay has never looked so…wow. Her silky black hair fell in their usual curls yet more tamed, her face held little make up. She honestly did not need any, she is already so breathtaking. Her short, shimmery Cinderella dress took my breath away. (Link on profile) I swear if one more guy looks at her I will flip! Ha what a sight, the deaf boy kicking a bunch of guy's asses for looking at his hot, hearing girlfriend. I noticed Daphne went off on her own to talk to a friend. Suddenly I was met with the warm smile of my sweet Bay, and she came running into my arms. When her lips met mine I felt the guy's glares. I have to admit I smiled in triumph. Mine.

"I must say I love your costume! Going as a cutie in a leather jacket, nice choice." She signed, but I barely looked at her hands due to the fact that her lips had all my attention. I just placed my lips softly to hers. My arms around her waist and her hands on my neck, I could have stayed that way forever. Sadly, oxygen is needed to survive. I forced my eyes open to be met with her angelic face. I swear my heart will soon burst.

"You know, this isn't fair." I signed back expertly only to be met with her confused face. Again my hangs moved on their own "You are gorgeous enough as it is, but now you're in that tight little dress… god you are incredibly sexy as well! And by the glare I am getting from every guy in this place and the pride I have knowing your mine, I am the luckiest guy in the world." The blush on her face when I used the word sexy made my head spin. "Bay you Are sexy." I smirked as her face grew redder. I kissed her nose quickly and signed "Mine."

"I love you Emmett"

"Read my mind sweetie"