"Yay! I finally did this edition!" Happily skipping around the laboratory I giggled evilly. "Guys, please forgive me for this…I love you but It must be done!" pulling the lever a huge ass magnet appeared and started to activate. Suddenly all the Super Sentai teams started to fly in and crashed on the floor as a blur stole their weapons.

"Oh no! Please oh please no Tiffa-chan! Don't do this to us!" begged Ban on his knees.

"Too late! Blame it on Kakeru-sensei who said my stories were living hell!" I whined checking if all of their gear was in my grasp. "Okay check, check, and check! You all are doomed! Mwhahaha!" I then start coughing. The blur passed by passing me water as I downed it all. "Thanks." Tossing the glass away the lights shined brightly. "Welcome to the Super Sentai Interview Hell, Gaorangers through Go-Busters!"

The audience cheered wildly as everyone groaned.

"Why do we have to do this?" asked Hiromu.

"Because I'm evil…and I love you guys!" I whined giving them puppy eyes.

"if you loved us, you wouldn't have put us here!" whined Captain **cough cough** Hottie Marvelous.

"Eh, just remember that I love you guys." Turning towards the camera I smirked. "Well then here's the format on how to ask questions. You are welcome to dare the villains, allies, and of course the teams."


(Victim): Truth


(Victim): Dares

If you want to kidnap, I mean have a person over or not: (Name of victim here)

"Why did you call us all victims?" asked Yoko.

"Because we are." Usada whined.

"That's how it works. I will also be open for dares. And you are able to dare my co-host if you can figure out who it is! I shall post three facts about them so you have to guess! See you guys soon!" Waving good-bye I then lock everyone in cages to keep them from escaping before skipping off happily.

I'll start off easy:

This rider has over 100 forms.

He's pretty selfless.

He always talks about tomorrow's underwear.

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