Note: whispers = words like this. Pm = words like this. Oh, and it will take some time for chapter 3 to come out of my head and on to FanFiction. Sorry.

Yang Ming: Yum! fried chicken ass, meat buns with fish eyes, and ... HOT DOGS! WOO!

Yu Lian: That is interesting food together.

Zhuo: Really? It looks good to me. I can't wait to eat it.

Gui: Well we're not going to die from it right?

Wolf and Lan go over to them.

Wolf: Come on it tastes great.

Lan: I'm all ready for my 5th serving.

LoliDragon: How can you eat that much and be so so small and skinny?

Lan: Who knows?

The classes ate 1-2 servings of everything except Feng Lan she ate 10 servings of everything.

Yun: Well it's time to get some sleep. See you guys in the game.

Jing: Yea night you guys.

Everyone went to bed and logged in to Second Life.

In the game:

I logged on. I was in my chambers. I looked at the mirror. I screamed.

Lan: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I didn't look like Prince, I looked like Feng Lan! The castle Knights ran into my room. I hid underneath my bed.

Gui: Where is Prince?! Meat Bun where is Prince?!

Meat Bun: Mama is under the bed.

Wolf: I'll check.

Wolf-Dage looked underneath the bed. He saw me.

Lan: SHHHHHHHHHHH! Wolf-Dage please don't say a word. Somehow I look like myself in real life.

Wolf: Don't worry I won't.

Wolf: Wicked, Wu Qing, Yun, Jing, LoliDragon, Mr. Feng, Mrs. Feng can you stay here after everyone leaves?

Wicked: Okay.

Wu Qing: I guess.

Yun: Shure.

Jing: Kk.

Mr. Feng: Okay.

Mrs. Feng: why not.

LoliDragon: Fine.

Wolf: Good.

Wolf: Prince screamed 'cause his little sister in real life dyed his hair hot pink with lime green highlights and now his hair in the game looks like that too.

Gui: Noooooooooo! *Starts Anime Crying*

Swan: Shut the Fuck up, Gui!

Gui: … I want my prince...

(Everyone left except the people who knows I'm Prince.)

Wolf: Okay you can come out now.

Lan: thanks, Wolf-Dage.

Everyone was staring at me.

Lan: Okay so I look like myself in real life.

Wolf: Sorry I had to make up that Hot Pink hair stuff I know how you hate that color.

Lan: It's okay Dage.

Wicked: So now what? How will she turn back to Prince?

LoliDragon: And what will the city do without their overlord? Not to forget Yu Lian.

Yun: Good point.

Jing: Yea what about your screen name?

Lan: System! Player Stats!

Name: Princess, Eyes: Brown, Hair: Black, Race: Vampire Elf, Class: Wizard Warrior (SAGE), Level: 88.

Princess: Shit! My Level got lowered!

Mrs. Feng: WOW~.

Wu Qing: Now what?

Mr. Feng: What's next?

Princess: I'll go kill some mobs till this is fixed.

LoliDragon: Good idea. I'll tell the others that you went to level so they won't bother you.

Wolf: Sounds good to me. PM us if you need anything Prince. I mean Princess.

Princess: sighing ... Okay, I will. Well, I'm off. See you guys later.

I then disappeared and left the city.

Note: A Vampire Elf is well an Elf that got Turned into a Vampire. It's also a hidden Race that is unlockable for one second on your birthday.

Now it's time for Gui too guess who is Prince!

Gui: I NEEED to find out who is MY Prince! Before Fan, Wicked, or any others can still him away from me!

Lan: Hi professor Gui. The class is going to start in a minute.

Gui: ... Yes, thank You for pulling me out of my thoughts so I can start class.

Gui: You know she would probably be Prince if He was a Girl. Well, time to start class!

Gui: Okay class today you are going to write a one-shot story with YOU as the main character in it! It must be at least 100,000 words long you may start now and it is dew next MONTH!

Sakura Koi out!