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In the middle of an afternoon, Akari was at Chinatsu's house. Different from a simple hang out, Akari was now at a position which cut down all her chances do defend – Chinatsu stood on top of her, glancing directly at her purple eyes with an evil smile. She knew there was no running of it.

Aware of Chinatsu's previous intentions, Akari's heartbeat sped up.

"You look scared, Akari-chan." Chinatsu stated, looking at Akari's face.

Yes, obviously she was scared. Someone was just going to steal her first kiss, just for practicing. And there wasn't a single chance to run.

Akari could not speak. Her cheeks gained a crimson color as she felt Chinatsu's warm breath close to her face.

"Don't worry, Akari-chan. It won't hurt." The pink haired girl said. She got closer, until only a very small gap kept her lips away from Akari.

Chinatsu stopped. Akari's heartbeat was loud enough to her to hear. Akari's heartbeat rate increased, due to Chinatsu being very close. Chinatsu smiled, this time, a cute instead of an evil one. It was comforting, even in a situation like this.

Akari couldn't think much, but she would have to use logic on convincing Chinatsu to stop.

"Ano... C-Chinatsu-chan?" Akari asked, looking at the girl.

"What's it?" The pinkette gazed at the red haired girl.

"You know... If you kiss me now, it'll be your first." Akari stated, trying to appear calm.

"And what's with it?" Chinatsu asked.

Akari could not help, but gaze at Chinatsu's eyes. She did not know why, but they appeared to be so beautiful, and held some kind of magnetism. She blinked, and focused on answering.

"Don't you want it to be with Yui-senpai?" Akari said, making a critical question. Chinatsu's face flushed red in realization, and then returned to normal color.

"I don't care about it at all." Chinatsu stated, her words piercing any sudden courage Akari used as shield.

Akari's expression was on disbelief. She couldn't understand why Chinatsu always said she loved Yui, and still want to kiss her instead.

"It's just a practice, Akari-chan." Chinatsu said, holding Akari's hands on the ground.

'Aww. There's no escape.' Akari said. She tried to free herself by force, but Chinatsu was tougher.

Akari's heartbeat sped up even more. Her face got as red as a tomato. Chinatsu then closed the gap between their lips. Akari's purple eyes widened as she felt the soft contact between her and Chinatsu's lips. Akari couldn't feel her own heartbeat anymore. The sensation of Chinatsu's lips on hers was just too much. She felt the heat rise on her body; she must've been blushing even harder.

It was done, she couldn't even think anymore. Her instinct awake from a long sleep, as she pressed her lips to Chinatsu's. She wrapped her left arm on Chinatsu's neck, while her right hand found her way on her waist. Chinatsu could not contain her own desires, and succumbed to the temptation. The heat, the desire, the warm…
everything rising, as their tongues danced on each other's mouths.



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