AN: All characters are based on real people. Some names have been changed per request.

I can't believe how ironic it is that his is happening. Only a few months ago, we planned for this, but never expected for it to happen. Well, I'll put it bluntly. Zombies are taking over. Only 6 hours ago, Japan was overrun by them. Now it's here in America, and I am one of the lucky few who have a plan. Let's see how it works. My name is Rex, and along with Orion and Dakota, we are the planned leaders of our little group. As of now, we just need to start with the plan, then we go from there. Let's start at the beginning.

Math, not that it's a bad class, it's just boring because I know all the stuff already. I am sitting with Orion and Dakota in the back of the room. Orion is around the same height as I am, 5'8". He has short blond hair and blue eyes. Dakota is 5'11", has brown hair, white skin, and glasses, like me. I am 5'8", with white skin, blue eyes, and blond or bronze hair, depending on the light. I am on my piece of shit 10-year-old laptop and Dakota is on his playing some pirate game. Orion is the only one of us actually doing any work. Suddenly, the intercom goes off.

"Attention students. The CDC has declared that the recent outbreak of the killing disease has reached America from Japan. We have been ordered to send you home immediately. Do not panic, the disease is on the west coast and should not reach us for another, wait, what? Oh god no. They're here. No no no NO NO ARRRARRAGH!"

Dakota, Orion, and I look to each other while the rest of the school is panicking, and nod. We pack up our laptops after emptying our backpacks and wait for the crowd to rush out of the room and break of the legs of a wood stool to use as clubs. I look out the door and see that the hallway is empty in both directions.

"Let's go." I say to my friends. "Orion and I will go to my house to get the car. Dakota, you brought your bike so go get your dads truck. We'll meet you at your house as planned."

Dakota runs to the back of the school where he parked his bike and Orion and I head out through the door to the left of our class. Outside are a few of the undead but they haven't seemed to notice us. I start off, Orion close behind me. I look around some more and see Dakota rushing away on his bike.

"Looks like everyone is already gone or dead." I say to Orion.

"Yeah, but there could be more out there."

"Let's just get going and avoid the zombies as much as we can."

We continue on, moving through the golf cart paths on our way to my house. Yeah, we live in a golf cart community. One of the perks of living in Peachtree City, Ga. Seeing as most of the undead were coming from the south, it made sense to go north as much as possible for the time. Luckily, my house was north of the school. I hope my friend Vladimir is ok. He lives up in Michigan so he is probably protected by the temperature as well as the fact that he lives in a small town. I put my earphones in and start to play some music. I go to one of my favorite songs, Shatter(Curse of Pinkamena). The dubstep fills my ears as I move faster. Few things I should say about myself first. I am by no means normal. I have three different personalities and music affects how I function in general. I eat maybe once a day during the school year and I only get between 4 and 6 hours of sleep. Lastly is that I am a diehard brony. Whatever you may think, so are a lot of my friends. I grab the Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie from my pocket, squeeze them in my hand, put them back, and move on. Orion, managing to keep up with me, is on watch. He is in cross-country he can run like the wind. The woods are thick and it's to easy to get lost or ambushed in them so we keep to the street as much as we can. One thing that is clear, there are a lot of abandoned cars on the road, probably from people who just gave up driving and decided to run, avoiding the traffic jams. Luckily the paths are clear so we go that way. We turn the corner on one of the paths and there are 5 undead just roaming, and happen to be in our way. I look to Orion but he is already running at them, makeshift club in his hands. I smirk at this and run after him. I am not the most athletic guy ever, but I know how to swing a weapon. I bring my club up and hit one of the undead in the jaw, cracking it and sending it on its back. Orion has already send 2 of them back to being dead. We look at the last 2, nod and rush them, side by side, and swing our clubs from the outside and whack them upside their heads, making the skulls crack against each other. Now that that is over with, I look to see if there are more, but all I see is a golf cart.

"Please let the keys be in it." I plea to whatever diety is out there, if there is one. Low and behold, they are. I jump in the driver's side and Orion gets in back. "Hold on to your hat." I say as I punch the gas. It lurches forward and then takes off. I guess today is my lucky day, go figure. Driving through the twists and turns is easy for me, seeing as I have practically memorized them, despite only driving on them for a few months total. The real fun will be my car. It's my dads 08 Jetta, diesel engine with a turbo charger. Add to that an auxiliary imput for my music and the audio system is more or less unused. The interior is falling apart but who cares, at 17, a car is a car. It takes about 10 minutes to get home but we do and somehow manage to avoid the zombies. I leave the cart on the curb and Orion and I run up to my house. It's a two-story brick house with white accent coloring. I take my key out and open the door. I am greeted by my dog, Zeek. He is a three-year old rottweiler and is pretty huge.

"Hey bud." I say to him, "Were going to have to pack up and go ok. Orion, can you go grab his food and load it into the car? The keys are on the counter. I am going to go get my dad's swords, my airsoft gun, and whatever other helpful shit I can find."

"Will do, and nice place you got here, to bad we have to leave." He replies as he goes and grabs the dog food container near the pantry as well as the car keys. "What does he eat, lead?"

I head up to my parents room and grab my dads swords. They are supposed to be ornamental but they are real steel and come with sheeths that I slip on each side of my waist. The silver goes well with my green cargo pants, held up by my belt. I go into my room and collect my airsoft gun from under my bed. its a 500 fps, full auto, all metal, R36K assault rifle. I get the extra batteries and the bags of bb's and put them in my backpack. I then grab my airsoft mask. Full face and neck guard, and of course, green. Lastly, I go to my bed, pull back the cover of the secret compartment, and grab the rest of the mane 6 and put them in my pocket. Now I head back downstairs and grab my dogs shock coller and remote, along with the charger. Orion is waiting for me with Zeek by his side.

"Nice swords, Dakota is going to be jealous."

"Like I care." I joke. "He is going to have to sharpen them of course. Who would have thunk that his little hobby of blacksmithing would actually be very important to our lives."

"I know. It's strange though, how did we not here about this 'killing disease' until now?"

"I dunno, nor do I care, at least now that we do, and we were prepared, we can survive this hellish whatever the fuck it is." I reply. "Let's just load what food we can into the trunk, then get Zeek in there with us." We then proceed to ransac my pantry and take all of the canned food and other non-perishables. Now with the trunk full, we load the cases of water my parents keep in the garage into the footroom behind the front seats. After putting some spare padding over them to make it so Zeek can lay down and not fall into the cracks. I get the dog into he back and Orion and I get in. I put the keys in and start it up. Next, I plug my phone into the charger and then the auxilary imput. Since cell service is prety much gone now, the only use for it is music. Tuning the radio to satellite, my music starts to play, since the satelite subscription ran out months ago. I open the windows and back out through the driveway, to the street, and from there, Dakota's house. The blaring dubstep draws some zombies out of the woods and nearby buildings but I am moving to fast for them. Down the road, more cars are abandoned so I swerve to avoid them. As we near Dakota's house, I put the windows up and slow down, turning into an apartment complex. The whole places is surrounded by the woods so it is shaded in a few places. As we get towards the back of the complex, I can see some zombies mulling around. Suddenly, Dakota jumps out from behind one of the buildings in his plate armor that covers all but his head. The best part is the broadsword he is swinging like a maniac, cutting them down one by one. When they are all down, he puts his sword on his back and waves to us. I pull the car around and park next to his dads truck. It's one of those repair trucks that has all of the compartments for whatever. When Orion and I get out, I lower the windows a bit for Zeek.

"So that is what that scrap metal we gave you made. Nice work." I compliment.

"Thanks. I made the both of you some things as well."

"OH?" I ask.

"Yeah, they're in the apartment." Dakota replies before leading us into his apartment. His parents are long gone, who knows where. Dakota leads us to his room and once inside, he pulls something out from under his bed. When he puts it on his bed, I realize that it is leather armor with chain mail over it. Next he pulls out a leather armor set that looks lighter than mine, and not because it doesn't have chain mail over it. Lastly, he brings out a baseball bat with a new leather grip, steel studs and reinforcement bands around the top of the grip.

"As per our plan, I am in my armor with my sword. You have your dad's swords, lucky bastard, along with the covered leather. Lastly, Orion, I touched up the baseball bat you gave me and also got the leather armor from an old couch I found searching for scraps."

"Thanks man. You think you could sharpen my swords once we get to Wal-Mart and hopefully, meet up with the rest of the group."

"No prob. I can probably do even better with whatever I can get from the Home Depot next to it."

"Well, do I have to run there or are we going in the in the cars?" Orion asks

"Whatever, Orion, get in my car or the truck. We are out of here." I say, noticing the microswarm of undead heading toward us.

AN: This is my first Zombie story, and All named characters are based on real people I know. On another note, Please review and tell me how well I did or what I need to improve on. Either way, I like reviews.