The next week went slowly for both women. Neither had spoken much to the other because their separate jobs within the hospital had kept them both equally busy. Even when Remy had been sent to work down at the ER, the severe weather was causing too many accidents to even have enough time to slip away for a small coffee break, which is where they'd have their usual conversations.

It was a Thursday evening when the two of them properly saw each other again. The ER was packed all day due to an almost twenty car pile up that happened early in the morning. A truck had lost control on the icy roads and subsequently ploughed into surrounding vehicles. There were almost twenty casualties in total, ranging from a mild sprain to broken limbs and, unfortunately in some cases, death.

Although managing to save seventeen out of the twenty patients was an accomplishment in its own right, Allison never had gotten use to the feeling of losing someone in her care. Even after all these years as a doctor, she still took it as hard as she had on her very first day.

Being the head of the ER meant that she overlooked the more serious injuries that were brought in, which meant that she had watched the death of three people during one shift. The last one to go was a little blonde girl who only looked around seven years old. It broke Cameron's heart to watch someone so innocent die for no good reason.

After that she needed to take a break, get away from ER and clear her head. She wasn't in the right frame of mind to continue working. The ER was still as busy as it had been when the patients were first admitted, but she knew she'd be no help in her current state.

She headed straight to the doctors lounge, knowing that at this time of night the chances of someone else being there were slim; an ideal environment for Cameron's present state. As she walked into the room she sighed angrily to herself to see that the room wasn't empty as she'd hoped it would be. Cursing under her breath, she began to turn around in the hopes of finding an empty room. Stopping halfway, she glanced back to the room's occupier.

At first all she had seen was someone in a white lab coat with their back facing her. Looking more closely however, Allison found herself staring up and down at a tall, slender female figure who was casually leant over a table, fiddling with the coffee machine.

The frown on Allison's face was replaced with a widening smile as she recognised the soft brown locks of hair that effortlessly fell over the woman's shoulder. When she spotted the edge of a suspender, her smile had reached full capacity. How did Remy make her feel so good when they hadn't even spoken to each other?

Seizing the opportunity, Cameron slowly stepped over to the brunette, who was still busy with said coffee machine. She leant her face so it was almost resting on the taller woman's shoulder and whispered a light 'hi'.

To say Thirteen was startled was an understatement. She jumped violently back against the edge of the table and managed to knock over her cup, which was now laid on the floor in several pieces.

Regretting her earlier decision almost instantly, Cameron knelt down hurriedly to pick up the broken bits of ceramic that were scattered around Thirteen's feet, and apologised in a rather embarrassed tone.

"It's fine Cameron, you just startled me," The brunette was chuckling as she replayed the earlier moment in her head, pondering over just how stupid she made herself look in front of the blonde. She seemed to have a habit of doing that she realised, thinking back to that day in the cafeteria when they'd first had lunch.

That had been almost twelve weeks ago, she mentally did the maths. Her eyes widened in surprise when she realised that in that entire time she hadn't been out, not once. There had been no women, no drugs, no alcohol... no nothing. She hadn't thought about til now, but maybe it was because of Allison she had all of a sudden stopped her destructive ways.

The only reason she used to go out and get high, drunk - or a combination of the two, was because she needed an escape. Maybe Allison was her escape now. Maybe this whole time she'd only ever needed a friend, someone to rely on. S=ure, they'd never actually had a full in-depth discussion about any of her problems; but maybe just the knowledge of knowing she did in fact have someone to talk to if she wanted made the situation easier.

Remy also felt a requirement to be a better person when she was around Allison. She didn't want to appear weak or vulnerable. She remembered the time Spencer had been brought into the hospital after their night together. She couldn't care less about what anyone else thought.. but seeing Allison's expression when she'd told her she didn't even know her name.. Remy for the first time in a long time actually felt ashamed of herself.

Remy was brought out of her mental ramblings as soon as she heard a small gasp from the woman below her, eyes instantly darted downwards to see what was wrong. Concerned, she also knelt down and watched as the blonde squeezed one of her hands between her legs, a pained expression forming across he face.

Putting the two clues together, Remy reached over and retrieved Allison's hand. She pulled both of them up and sat on the table behind her, pulling the blonde closer towards her as she did so.

Cameron's breath hitched in her throat as she watched Remy delicately open her hand and examine the small cut that had formed on her palm. One of her fingers lightly traced around the shallow scratch before reaching into the side of her lab coat and pulling out a tissue.

Remy placed her hand back over the blonde's, this time with the tissue in hand, and gently put pressure on the broken skin. The two of them found themselves staring at each other for a few moments before Remy directed her attention back down to the other woman's palm.

"It's stopped bleeding. It's a pretty shallow cut so it can be left alone." Remy glanced back up to Allison who's eyes hadn't moved from her the entire time. "But If you'd like I could put a plaster on it, I know how much you like bandages." A cheeky grin had formed on Remy's face.

Allison glared at the other woman trying to hold back the smirk on her face, but to no success. The two of them laughed at each others spontaneous immature behaviour.

Realising they were still holding hands, Allison quickly released her grip and ducked her head down to hide the red colour that was threatening to spread across her cheeks. This made Remy smile even more, but deciding that she didn't want to make her friend uncomfortable, she stood up and turned around, focusing her attention on another coffee mug.

"So what are you still doing here Allison? It's almost midnight," Remy observed as she glanced up at the clock above her head. "That film been keeping you up?"

The taller woman was still occupied with making coffee that she didn't even turn around to face her, but Cameron heard the smile in her voice at the last statement.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Cameron shot back sarcastically, unable to withhold a smile of her own. "There was a big accident. We've had maximum staff in the ER all day, it's been hectic." She sighed and made her way over to the couch where she sat and curled her feet underneath her, trying as best she could to make herself comfortable. "That's actually why I came in here, I just needed a bit of peace and quiet."

Remy had finished with what she was doing and was now making her own way over to the couch. Allison's face lit up in delight as she saw a second steaming mug which Remy proceeded to hand over to her.

"I know what you mean, I come here when I'm overwhelmed too," Remy admitted. "Anyway, I don't want to interrupt your peace and quiet time, so I'll just head back up to the diagnostics office." The brunette smiled as she made her way over towards the door.

"Wait," Allison turned round on the sofa to stop Remy from walking any further. Two minutes ago Allison would have done anything to be alone so that she could clear her thoughts, but now all she wanted was her friend.

The brunette stopped and looked back over towards Allison with raised brows. She swallowed hard when she noticed the sadness in her friends eyes for the first time, wandering how she had managed to miss it before.

"Are you okay?" Remy asked, not waiting for an answer as she walked back over to her friend so she could sit beside her, putting her coffee down so that she could gently place a hand on her arm.

The two of them locked eyes for a couple of seconds before Allison shook her head and looked down at her lap, already willing herself not to cry.

"Do you.. want to talk about it?" Remy asked hesitantly, wanting to help Allison but knowing she wasn't the best for comforting.

Allison shook her head again as she started sobbing, hating herself for letting her job affect her this much. She didn't know any other doctor that still took their job this personally. Realising she was fighting a losing battle, Allison stopped trying to hold back her emotions and stared to cry.

Remy shuffled closer and tightened her grip around the blonde, not sure what quite else to do. She had no idea why her friend was this upset, so all she could do was comfort her as best she could.

Allison let her body fall to the side as she accepted Remy's warm embrace, allowing her head to rest on the brunette's shoulder. She felt the mug she was still holding being gently pried from her hands and set on the table in front of her, directly next to Remy's.

Neither could tell how long they'd been sat there. Neither one had spoken. Allison had moved into more of a lying position so that her feet were curled under herself, head still rested on Remy, quietly watching the steam from both of their drinks rise and merge together. The tears had stopped falling a while ago, but the company of the other woman felt too good to give up so soon. Allison stay still, allowing Remy to gently trace an arm up and down her side or occasionally run a gentle hand through her hair.

"I lost a patient," Allison decided to break the silence. She felt the movement of Remy's hand stop briefly as she spoke but carry on afterwards. "Three actually," she clarified, thinking back to the ER as she let out a shaky breath.

"I'm sorry," Remy responded quietly as she pulled the blonde a bit further into her arms, hating to see Allison like this but couldn't help but admire her at the same time. Not many doctors still took patient deaths as hard as this, herself included in that category.

Allison let out a small laugh as she wiped at her eyes and pushed herself up slightly, looking at Remy directly in the eyes for the first time in about ten minutes.

"It's stupid. I shouldn't be this upset," she frowned as she wiped away the last of her smeared make-up and sat up fully, reaching over to retrieve her coffee and making a small face when she tasted the now cold beverage.

"You're not stupid," Remy shook her head in disagreement. "You care. There's a difference." She gave the blonde a reassuring smile.

"I guess," she shrugged, obviously not convinced.

Remy was about to reply when a voice was heard from behind the both of them.

"Doctor Hadley," the voice of Lisa Cuddy addressed the brunette.

Remy looked back with a bit of surprise, wandering what her boss' boss wanted her for. "Yes Doctor Cuddy?"

"You have a new case," she told the youngest in the room.

Allison stood up and gave a small smile to the dean before glancing down at Remy. "I should be getting back to the ER. Thank you," she said genuinely, giving the brunette a wider smile than she had Cuddy.

"You're welcome," she replied, directing a smile back just as easily.

The blonde stared at her for a few more seconds before finally leaving the doctors lounge and heading back down to her department.

Remy focused her attention back to the dean. "Why didn't House page me?" she asked with a raised brow which fell almost instantly when she remembered she'd turned her pager onto silent. Pulling the device from her lab coat pocket, her suspicions were confirmed as she saw House's details flash up on the screen again.

"Ah." Remy gave Cuddy a sheepish smile. "It was on silent," she explained to the older woman as she began making her way over towards the door.

"Remy, wait."

The use of her boss using her first name caught Remy off guard as she turned around to face her.

Cuddy studied the brunette for a few seconds, unsure whether or not she should comment on what she had just witnessed or what it implied. She'd recognised the look being directed towards Allison. She'd recognised it back when she'd first stumbled upon her two employees together, weeks ago when Allison had been attacked.

What she didn't want to do was say anything that may offend the brunette. The attraction Remy had towards the blonde was obvious, but maybe she wasn't yet aware of it. Making her mind up, Cuddy took a step towards her employee and offered a small smile.

"Be careful." She simply said before walking out the door, leaving behind a confused Remy in her wake.

Remy had been staring at the clock for the last hour and a half. She was currently sat in the diagnostics office, filling in any unfinished paperwork that had somehow managed to accumulate to a ridiculous amount over the past week. '1:30pm.' Deciding she'd had enough paperwork for one morning, she scribbled in the last few notes and shut the folder. She left the room and made her way down to the ER, where she hoped she'd find Allison .

Looking around the ER trying to find a particular blonde, Remy was disappointed when she had no such luck.

"Excuse me, do you know where I could find Doctor Cameron?"

She had grabbed hold the attention of a nurse, a rather attractive nurse Remy mentally noted, that had been walking past her. Said nurse flashed her a smile and didn't hide the fact that she was totally checking out the brunette wearing a lab coat.

"Last time I checked she was in her office," the nurse replied and smiled again. Remy nodded and headed towards Allison's office, not before flashing the nurse a charming smile though.

Allison had turned around as soon as she'd heard her name. She'd just left her office when she recognised the familiar voice asking for her whereabouts. The smile that formed on her face was replaced almost immediately with a frown when she saw a nurse not so discretely look Remy up and down with a satisfied grin across her face.

The sudden intense feeling, that Cameron could only describe as that of jealousy, flooded her immediately. Seeing the brunette turn on her heels so that she was heading in her direction prompted Allison to stick her head in the nearest folder, not wanting Remy to see what was probably an obvious sign of jealousy on her face. She never was good at hiding her true emotions, something she considered to be one of her biggest downfalls. She'd learnt that when she had first started working for House.

"Hey Allison," Cameron looked up at a smiling Remy who seemed to be very happy to see her. "You fancy grabbing some lunch with me?" Allison returned the smile and nodded a bit too eagerly as she threw the folder she'd been 'reading' onto the counter next to her.

"Great, let's go," Remy grinned at the blondes enthusiasm and the two of them started making their way to the exit.

Allison turned her head around just enough to see the nurse Remy had previously been talking to look at them and walk off with a rather poorly hidden disappointed look on her face. Why this made her feel better she didn't know, and she definitely didn't know why she'd internally freaked out before. Deciding to ignore whatever it was screaming at her in the back of her mind, she carried on walking until they had reached the cafeteria.

"How about we go somewhere out of the hospital this time?" Allison suggested upon entering the cafeteria and eyeing the abnormally long queue in front of them. She looked across at the brunette with a hopeful smile.

"Sounds good," Remy agreed as she led the two of them back the way they'd came and out of the hospital.

They walked across the car park until they reached the brunettes car. True to form, Remy opened the passenger door for Allison and walked round to the drivers side.

"So, where to?"

The two of them had ended up in a little Italian restaurant about ten minutes from the hospital. Not so far they couldn't get back in time, but far enough that they'd avoid seeing anyone else from the hospital. Their conversation had developed a lot since the first time they'd spoken. They were more in depth now, each of them offering more personal information to the other as they spent more and more time together.

Allison talked about where she was from, her hobbies and personal interests. Remy did the same... sort of. She skipped over her childhood altogether and only talked about more recent things in her life. Cameron noticed, but didn't say anything. She knew that Remy was a very closed off person, and that it would take a lot more time together to get to know her properly - an idea that Allison was becoming more and more fond of.

"You didn't!" Cameron half choked on her drink when Remy finished her amusing story, unable to control the laughter that was shaking through her body uncontrollably.

"It's true, I swear!" Remy held her hands up to somehow prove she wasn't lying. She found Allison's smile infectious and couldn't help a grin forming, eventually turning into a slight chuckle as she recapped the memory in her mind once again. The laughter had died down after a few minutes, but both women still had smiles across their faces.

"So, are you planning on going to the hospital's annual charity event?" Allison tilted her head slightly as she spoke, raising her eyebrows a little. She was still debating whether or not to go herself.

Remy glanced upwards, as if she was having an internal debate. In fact she was doing just that. Princeton Plainsboro had a charity event every year (hence the annual), that's purpose was to invite important business men and women who may be potential benefactors to the hospital. The evening itself wasn't actually that bad; It usually consisted of talking to important guests for a while, dancing, and most importantly a free bar.

"It's usually a good evening, I'm pretty sure Cuddy would force me to go anyway. What about you?" Thirteen had glanced back down so that she was now making eye contact with the blonde. The brunettes gaze on her made Allison's stomach suddenly tighten. Taking a moment to relax herself, Cameron thought over Remy's answer. She was almost certain it meant that she was going to be there. Allison quickly made up her mind on the matter.

"Yeah I'm going, should be fun. I heard there's going to be another open bar too." Cameron winked and began poking at her food again, fully aware of Remy's put-on shocked face.

"Doctor Cameron; are you insinuating that you're only going because of the free alcoholic beverages?" Remy smiled slightly at the playful wink she had received a few moments before.

"Doctor Hadley, that's not the reason at all!" Allison looked up as she mimicked the younger doctor sat across from her. She didn't know why Remy had such an effect on her; she was never this playful with anyone, but she liked it. "I actually like the social side of the evening too, there's usually some interesting people there," she added, trying to defend her motivations for going.

"Well once you're done talking to the interesting people, you should come to the bar where all the fun people are." Remy air quoted the 'interesting people' and smiled smugly as she finished speaking.

"How do you know the people at the bar are fun?" Now it was Allison's turn to use the air quote, though the answer the taller doctor gave her was expected.

"Because I'm there, obviously." Remy stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world, which in return made the blonde giggle to herself.

"Someone thinks very highly of themselves," Allison teased back. "What If I don't think you're any fun?" She asked with a small smile playing on her lips as she leant on her hand, knowing full well that she thought was in fact the exact opposite. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched Remy rest her crossed arms on the table and slowly lean over towards her with a confident smile.

"Trust me, I'm a lot of fun."

The reply was quiet and accompanied by a small wink which made Allison's stomach flip. Remy pulled away again and focused her attention back on the food in front of her. Allison shook her head and did the same, not fully understanding what had just happened.

The two doctors finished their meals and paid separately, much to Allison's persistence and Remy's dismay. They walked out into the cold and instinctively wrapped their arms around themselves. Everywhere had frozen over due to the freezing cold weather, and even though both women admired the gentle white frost, they knew it made their jobs a hell of lot harder. Allison had had first hand experience with this yesterday when the truck had skidded on the ice.

They began to wander over to Remy's car which was parked on the opposite side of the car park. Allison was in mid-sentence when she felt her feet suddenly come into contact with a cold, smooth surface. Her feet began to slip out from underneath her and she instinctively grabbed hold of the closest thing to her, which at this present moment, happened to be Remy.

Before being able to react quick enough, the brunette was toppled over by the other woman. Her back slammed into the concrete ground and a few moments later she felt a warm body land on top of her. Both Allison's and Remy's eyes widened as they realised how close they were. Their warm, condensed breaths merged together as they stared into each other, heart rates increasing. Remy swore she saw Allison's eyes momentarily flicker down to look at her lips which she had instinctively moistened.

After a few silent moments of staring at each other, Allison started to try and push herself off of the younger doctor, but not really successfully managing to do so. Remy firmly placed her hands on the blondes hips and helped push her up, before she received a grateful hand moving down to help herself up. They smiled awkwardly at each other and laughed at an attempt to dissipate the sudden, unusual tension between them, which wasn't overly successful.

They continued walking over to Remy's parked car in silence, each replaying what had just happened. Maybe Remy was just imagining things. Why would Allison have any interest in her, she was straight wasn't she? When Remy realised that almost all too familiar disappointed feeling in the pit of her stomach she knew she was in trouble.

She had fallen for Doctor Allison Cameron. The inevitable straight girl crush that would probably leave her broken hearted. Shit.

Allison on the other hand was in no way ready to even consider the possibility she liked the other woman. She just put it down to what it looked like to passer's by. She lost her footing and had somehow managed to land on top of the brunette. That was it. There was no hesitation or temptation between them at all. As hard as she tried to convince herself, she knew somewhere at the back of her mind it was more than that, but at the back of her mind is where that thought stayed. For now anyway.

The journey back to the hospital seemed to be a long one, with neither doctor saying much in between the periods of prolonged silence.

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow... and next Saturday?" Cameron turned to face Remy as they stood at the main entrance of the hospital. It took a moment for Remy to realise that Allison was talking about the charity event that they had been discussing earlier. She nodded her head gently and smiled.

"Yeah I guess so. Thanks for lunch Cameron." She smiled again and headed into the building without saying another word.

Allison stood still for a moment, noticing straight away how Remy had referred to her as Cameron rather than Allison as she had previously done. As she too walked inside she hoped that the brunette wasn't going to start pulling away from her due to what had almost happened between them.

Nothing nearly happened! She reminded herself fiercely as she fully comprehended what her thought had implied. She sighed in frustration and walked down to the ER to start her afternoon shift.

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