I'm actually not a hugest fan of Hei/Suou, but I had this drabble idea that I couldn't let go.

Well enjoy anyway, this was inspired when I remembered one of Hei's quotes from his training her to become more fit.

As her memory faded with the shatter of her meteor core, he caught her in his sturdy black-sleeved arms.

Despite the empty pendant around her neck, she remembered his name.


He said nothing, closing the space between her back and his warm torso, crossing his hands over her waist.

Her weakened knees buckled underneath her but she trusted she was safe in his cradle, her last human breath escaped from between her paling lips.

She was now just an empty shell, rid of everything but her skin.

He let her sigh against him, her half-alive eyelids dropping so that the dark sakura of her irises disappeared and only her dilated pupils were staring out of her expressionless face.

"And after I lose everything about myself…all that's left is you," she uttered, murmur saturating the still and apocalyptic air.

"I must love you," she concluded after a moment, but she lacked ardor in her voice.

This intrigued her for a second—as irrational love was, it had now become undeniable fact.

The contractor still kept his silence, letting her spell out the remainder of the thoughts in her head, allowing them to be shared before they were eclipsed by her impending death.

Her words would be lost anyway, once this universe fell to pieces, but he figured that entrusting heart-locked feelings were better expressed than forever unspoken.

He felt the life slipping out of her and granted a final wish.

He was a star after all, wasn't he?

"Come," was the silky command that left his tongue, right fingers sliding over the length of her opposite arm and weaving between its cold digits.

The subtle movement turned her face into his collar. She only then realized the rough difference in their statures.

She felt a firm hand take the curve of her waist.

"Let's dance," he said in a dark chocolate whisper.

A couple agile steps from him; she followed jaggedly—reluctantly—legs heavier than steel.

"Why?" she asked.

"Dancing is the best exercise to strengthen the core muscles," he replied, completely devoid of emotion.

She cried, knowing this moment should have been precious to her—she loved him, after all—but without personality, she couldn't experience the joy in having this dance together with him.

"Why?" she asked again—the same word but a completely different question.

This time he didn't answer.

"Why didn't you dance with me sooner? While I was still myself?"

While her body had still pulsed with passion?

He didn't love her. Never did.

He had always tortured her—being so close to her that her fingertips would graze the coarse stubble of his chin, yet shaving away just beyond her reach every time she tried to take him in an embrace.

And now that he was lying right there in front of her…

"We'll be together forever, right?"

"Yes," the affirmation came, without hesitation.

"Liar," she simply said.

"It's not a lie. I will always be at your side."

She could continue to deny it, but she could also make herself believe him.

So she let herself be deluded, falling for a lie from the man she had fallen for.

And for the last sliver of her fading life, she was happy.

She didn't even feel him let her go—the world behind her collapsing.

Also, I just realized Suou's yes are more a shade of green rather than red…forgive me for describing them noncanonically.

Anywho, as always, thoughts much appreciated!