Was it bad being in a relationship?

No right?

Then why does it not feel right?

I thought being in a relationship meant happiness.

Not sadness and loneliness.

I guess this was a phase that couples go through . . . guess I have to deal with it.

I'm Skye, Skye Jones. I'm not your average kind of girl. I'm more of a tomboy with a weird personality. Weird to many "normal" people. I'm 14 years old and about to start my freshman year of high schooll.

I fiddled with my long black hair, nervous for the next day, the first day of high school.

" Wah . . . " I exclaimed, looking outside my window. It was nighttime, the time where the stars unveil their beauty and shine all night long, with the moon replacing the sun. The night bugs chirped, replacing the silence of people sleeping with their own tune.

Closing the blinds, I turned to look at my mirror and heavily sighed.

I was never confident about myself. My hair was long and boring looking, and my eyebrows were hardly ever done. My eyes always had small bags under them, while I tried to distract others by wearing glasses.

I wonder who would fall for this . . .

Sighing once more, I flopped onto my bed and looked at the ceiling.

You never know what's going to happen . . . I mean . . . I'm going to a school where no one from my middle school is going.

New friends? Or am I going to be a loner like always.

A new love interest . . . or . . . am I just going to be used like before?

One can think about these types of questions for hours, but they always have to wait and see to see the results.

As I turned around, I closed my eyes, anxious to wake up.