Hello. This is my second fanfic, I'm far from perfect or professional, I'm just a clumsy beginner with no skills at all, so please don't expect some rich writing here, thanks.

Alright! So, I have been watching and reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn during my summer, and I FELL IN LOVE! I decided to write a Fanfic for it, and here it is. Just a warning, this really has no plot, and it's all just one shots of the Vongola and a few other Families posting notes and all. Also, there really won't be pairings … unless I get suggestions, but I'm obsessed with 1896, 5986, and a few others, so watch out for those when they pop up.

Warnings: It might not flow. May be horrible attempt at humour.

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Mafia Post It Wars

Chapter 1: When you remember …

Sawada Tsunayoshi, age 24, Vongola Decimo, an Italian Mafia Boss, stared somewhat unbelievingly at the offending object in front of him. After a few seconds, he let out a loud sigh as a hand weaved through his brown fluffy lion like hair. His other hand closed the small door which made a SNAP sound.

"Ah…" The young man thought as he searched around some of the cupboards for paper and pen. "Looks like we ran out of milk again … well, I can't say I didn't see it coming, we have Lambo and Yamamoto here after all." He added the though as he finally grabbed hold of a stack of orange Post It notes and a pen.

He took his time to neatly write down 'Must buy milk. Again... –Tsuna' before sticking it onto the fridge. He nodded to himself, satisfied with his thinking. "I have paperwork to deal with, and I'll probably forget afterwards … and then Lambo will be whining while Yamamoto won't stop running around and laughing." He thought, and suddenly a small 'beep' echoed in the room and Tsuna sighed again, pulling out his cell phone.

It was a simple message.

"Dame-Tsuna. If you aren't sitting down and working on the paperwork in 5 seconds, you'll be training –Reborn"

Yes, Tsuna made it back to his office in 3 seconds, taking 2 seconds to grab a sheet of paper as his tutor entered the room, to see Tsuna concentrating on the paper in his hand as the other twirled the pen he had picked up earlier.

"You've improved Dame-Tsuna." A deep manly voice said, and Tsuna looked up and saw his tutor leaning against the door as he tipped his hat down to hide his face, hands in pocket and all. "I didn't manage to catch you this time, but instead I'll shoot you if you if you don't finish it in an hour" He teased and chuckled when Tsuna's face turned pale.

"Stupid, sadistic tutor, this is even worse than when he was still cursed" Tsuna thought as he scribbled his signature on the paper he was working on, only to duck when a bullet tore a hole to the paper he was holding.

"I heard that, Dame-Tsuna" Reborn said, grinning and holding onto his Leon Gun. "Well, I'll go bother the rest of the Arcobalenos, I'll be back in an hour to shoot you" He said as he walked away, leaving Tsuna to glare holes to the back of his tutor.

Reborn chuckled to himself as he walked further away from Tsuna's office. It was so much fun scaring Tsuna, of course, it was not as amusing as it had been when he was 13, but now, at least Tsuna could fight Reborn for a few minutes before the world's greatest Hitman assassin kicked his ass into a wall.

"Wait…" Retracing his steps, Reborn popped his head into the kitchen, seeing a silver haired man scribbling something down on red paper before sticking it onto the fridge. "Now that's interesting, wonder what made our genius stick something on the fridge?" Reborn thought as the silver haired man walked out the other exit of the kitchen. Reborn made his move and inspected the fridge.

'Must buy milk. Again. –Tsuna'

Reborn raised his eyebrow and there was a slight twitch in his neutral expression as he read the orange post it note, his eyes drifted to the side where there was a blue colored post it note.

'Hahaha, don't worry Tsuna, I was planning to go out anyway, I'll pick it up for you on the way. –Yamamoto'

'Tch. Don't count on the stupid Baseball-freak, he'll probably forget about it after he gets hit with a baseball to the head, I'll go pick up the milk, Jyuudaime, you can count on me! – Gokudera'

Reborn tipped his hat down, shadowing his eyes as he made his way out of the kitchen. "So amusing, Dame Tsuna and his Guardians" He thought as he slipped out of the mansion quickly.

"HIIIIIIIEEE! Reborn, don't shoot! I'm finished!" Tsuna shrieked as he received a kick to the head, the brown haired man whirled his head around, to see the Leon gun aimed right at his face.

"Tch. So close" Reborn muttered unhappily as he let Leon change back to his chameleon form so it could crawl up to rest on his fedora. "You're no fun today, Dame Tsuna. I guess I'll be paying the Shimon a visit then" Tsuna immediately made a mental note to contact Enma as soon as Reborn set foot off Vongola property.

"Oh great, now I'm hungry …well it is 2 o'clock, guess I'll have lunch, then …" He said to himself as he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab some food that he could microwave. As he closed the small door, he saw the notes and slapped himself. "Shit, the milk. Oh wait … there are other notes …" He muttered as he took a good look at them.

'Gokudera that's mean! I wouldn't forget to get Tsuna some milk; I need it too after all –Yamamoto'

'Ha! That's exactly it; you'll probably drink all it before you get back here, leaving Jyuudaime with no milk. That's why I'm going to get some, having more is better so you don't need to go out all the time to get it. – Gokudera'

'Hahaha! I see, that's a good idea Gokudera, I'll leave you to buy the extra carton then –Yamamoto'

'Knowing you, you'll probably drink both, so I'm getting two, one for Jyuudaime and one for myself. You're getting your own after all. –Gokudera'

'But then the rest of the family needs theirs too! I'll get Hibari, Mukuro and Chrome-chan a carton; you can get Ryohei and Lambo theirs! –Yamamoto'

'Che. I guess it'll make the tenth happy if everyone in the family got their own cartons. Don't think I'm doing this to help you Baseball-freak! I'm trying to make the tenth and our family happy –Gokudera'

'I'm part of the family as well, so you're making me happy too! –Yamamoto'

'BAKA! I'm buying it only for myself, the tenth, Turf-top and the stupid cow, so you don't need to be happy since I'm not buying you anything! –Gokudera.'

Tsuna chuckled, as he let his hands weave through his hair again, his Storm Guardian and Rain Guardian might not get along that well, but that only made them act more like family. Quickly grabbing an orange post it out of his pocket (MAGIC), he wrote his own note and posted it under Gokudera's last message.

'Thank you both Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto, I'm sure everyone will be so happy, don't take too long, some of them might not be in the mansion if you come back late. – Tsuna'

He smiled at his orange note at the top and the bottom. He then headed towards the living room where he saw both his Mist Guardians sleeping soundlessly on different couches, and nearly had a heart attack when Hibari, clad in his black suit and purple shirt, dropped down from the ceiling like a ninja out to get Mukuro and Lambo came in and started demanding candy very loudly.

Well, the living room did not survive. Hibari was going to 'Bite the Pineapple herbivore to death for good', Mukuro took offense to that and the two started world war 3, accidentally waking up Chrome when Mukuro dodged a Tonfa. Chrome got pissed off and gave the two illusionary stomach cramps females would get once a month before falling asleep once more.

And Lambo? He quickly ran off to find Ryohei, wondering if he would have any candy. That effectively left Tsuna in a room with a pissed off, but thankfully sleeping female and two men who were rolling on the floor, suffering with stomach cramps that no man should have.

'Ku…fu fu, my dear sweet Nagi has … ugh … improved …" Mukuro weakly laughed out.

"You … stupid herbivore … you still need a lesson on … not stealing things." Hibari spat out.

"Steal what? I don't have your bird" Mukuro asked, confusion coloring his handsome face.

"The milk you stupid herbivore!" Hibari yelled, turning his head to Mukuro, but his face was kissing the ground when Chrome sent an illusionary pan to drop on his head. "You stupid … herbivorous woman…" He growled out, his flames exploding from his ring as he grabbed his box.

"W-WAIT!" Tsuna cried out. "Hibari, if it's milk you want, Gokudera and Yamamoto are already on their way buying some" He said, hoping to stop the fight that would no doubt start, and he really didn't want to see Hibari going after Chrome.

"Hmpf, in that case, where is it?" Hibari asked, still on the ground, but managed to get the pan off his head as he spoke. Suddenly, they all heard laughter and grumbling down the hall. Tsuna had never been so happy to see his Rain and Storm Guardian arguing before.

"Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto!" Tsuna greeted the two as they walked into the battle field.

"Jyuudaime! I have bought you the milk you had so desperately needed!" Gokudera announced proudly as he bowed and stretched the milk carton out in front of him towards Tsuna who just laughed and accepted it.

"Thank you, Gokudera-kun, I have read your notes on the fridge, yours as well Yamamoto" He told his two Guardians.

"It's a fun way to talk to each other!" Yamamoto laughed before turning to the two injured soldiers. "Are Mukuro and Hibari playing a game? They're acting like they're dead…Oh! At least Chrome's alive" He cheered as the long purple haired woman yawned and sleepwalked over to Yamamoto.

"Thanks … " Chrome muttered before chugging down the milk in one go and almost instantly looked more aware. "What is Mukuro-sama and Hibari-san doing?" She asked,

"They're playing dead!"



"I will bite you all to death when I get this stupid illusion off of me."

"Kufu ... FU! Chrome … let me out of this…"

"Ah ... Yamamoto just put their milk in the fridge … they won't be up for a long time…"

"Hahaha! Ok, I guess only Lambo and Ryohei will get theirs, then."

That's the first chapter. I'm probably not that good with the humor and flow of the story, but please do give advice if you're willing, just not flames. They're all probably just a little bit OOC, I hope they're somewhat realistic, even Chrome, I tried to make her just a bit more … not so shy, just so I don't have her stuttering through every line.

I hope you enjoyed it. Advice would be greatly appreciated. I want your opinion. Hopefully no one dies when they review, Goodnight (or morning…).

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