Tsuna: Ohayo, minna-san!

Dino: How's it going?

Tsuna: Eh!? Dino-san! You were here all along!?

Dino: [sniffle] Oh … its fine … I guess it's just a bit too dark in here for you to see me …

Tsuna: E-Err, no, that's not what I meant …

Dino: ANYWAY! To all who don't know yet, the Poll Results are out!

Tsuna: In case anyone didn't know or has forgotten what it's about...

Dino: … the poll was to find out what order the first generation of Vongola should be appearing

Winter: Yup, and although I had the poll up, the first generation arc in MPIW isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Tsuna: I see [Thinks: thank god], anyway on with the results!

Dino: Yosh! [Pulls out paper] We'll start from last to the first!

Tsuna: Alright, in last place, with … HIEEE, only 1 vote is Knuckle-san!

Dino: In 7th place with only 2 votes is … PFFT …. Lampo!

Tsuna: In 6th place with 7 votes is Asari-san!

Dino: Err … the next two Guardians have the same number of votes, so Daemon Spade in 5th and G in 4th both have 16 votes!

Tsuna: Haha … Alaude-san in 2nd place and the 'SURPRISE MEH!' both have 18 votes …

Dino: Hahaha … I see …. BUT! In 1st place!

Tsuna: is Giotto-san! With an overwhelming 28 votes!

Dino: Crap! I'm late for a meeting, sorry lil bro, I gotta fly!

Tsuna: Eh?! W-Well in that case, see you again everyone! Look forward to this chapter and the next!

Winter: I apologize in advance about spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I do use Word to check it and proof it, but I don't work well with Word, it's stupid. Please forgive me if you find anything wrong. I'm sure you're all intelligent to figure out what I actually mean. I don't own KHR.

Chapter 12: Fairy Tale REMIX 5

As Hibario demanded the herbivorous guards to wake up and drag their behinds to start investigating and standing their guard around the castle, no one really realized that the clock had struck 12:00. So when a short dark hooded and cloaked … unrecognizable person floated into the ballroom all feared for the worse and started screaming. - Mammon

Except for Hibario since the carnivore knew all. "Pixie. What business do you have here?" He sighed. - Hibari

"Have you seen a purple pineapple? She looks quite stupid and has stinkin' attitude, I'm sure you must've seen her around here somewhere" The Pixie said, looking around the mess. "Or am I to assume that she died?" The Pixie added. - Mammon

"I might've seen her, but it depends on what you want to know" Hibario replied, his hands latching onto his tonfas. - Hibari

"She owes me 40000 euros, and it's already twelve so she has to help me with something" The Pixie said, waving a fan of money in her hands. - Mammon

"Too bad for you, you won't be able to find her" Hibario said - Hibari

"And why is that?" - Mammon

"Some weirdoes dropped in and kidnapped her" Hibario said. "She probably won't die, though. Hibird is with her after all." He said confidently. - Hibari

"Tch. How troublesome. I still have to find her anyway, I need the money, and unless she's dead I won't give up on getting the money!" The Pixie announced before ripping a part of the expensive looking curtains and used it to blow her nose. - Mammon

"...You're paying for that, or I'll bite you to death" - Hibari

"Yea, yea whatever, when I give you back the purple pineapple you aren't going to remember this anyway" The Pixie said as it used its magic to trace the purple pineapple girl. "...What the hell is this? Looks like … a rocket ship" It said, frowning at the paper. - Mammon

Hibario, who had read the powers of the Pixie, looked over the short fairy's shoulder and squinted. "...Looks like a tower" He replied. - Hibari

"A tower? That's it! They must've brought her to the god be damned pineapple wizard!" The Pixie exclaimed. "Perfect, I'll go collect the money from the girl and kill the wizard myself, how lucky i must be today~" The pixie sang, quickly dancing across the castle to the exit. - Mammon

"Hey! Hold it!" Hibario yelled. "Are you talking about the wizard? The Pineapple Wizard?" He asked. - Hibari

"What other 'famous' wizard lives around here and is insane enough to call himself 'beautiful'?" The Pixie asked. - Mammon

"In that case, I'm going as well. That pineapple needs to be bitten to death" He growled. - Hibari

"Hm. Personally, I don't give a damn, but I guess this gives me a free bodyguard." The Pixie reasoned before nodding at the prince. "Hurry up, I don't like wasting time" She monotoned. - Mammon

"Don't give me orders, herbivore" - Hibari

As Hibari slapped the Post it next to an indigo one, he quickly turned to the door, eager to go back to taking a nap before having to post another one. However, as the door opened, he almost walked straight into ...

"You..." He growled, unleashing his tonfas.

"Oya? Good morning to you … [yawn] too, skylark-kun" Mukuro purred, stretching his arms up, acting as if the tonfas meant nothing. Hibari growled at the thought and charged at the illusionist who twirled to the side, avoiding the move cleanly.

"I'll bite you to death right now, pineapple herbivore" Hibari said.

"What did I do now? I just woke up" Mukuro groaned.

"For breaking the contract and deal of having Dokuro come to my bed every night"

"SHUT UP! You sound like a pervert, and my dear sweet Chrome doesn't need to go to the likes of you" Mukuro growled, summoning his trident. "The deal was with my little one, if you have any troubles go find my stupid apprentice, now leave me alone, I need to weave some chaos."




"Eh? Where am I?" Nagi whispered to herself as she woke up in a dark place. As she blinked to clear her vision, she realized that she was tied up to a chair and she was sitting in a jail cell sort of place. "Is there anyone here?" She asked. - Chrome

"Ushishishi, looks like the princess finally woke up" The blonde prince grinned, looking up from his reading. "Don't worry you're somewhere safe … where no one can find you" He reassured - The Prince

"Whaaaaaaa! So cute!" The taller man cooed at the yellow puffball that was locked inside a bird cage. "Oh! You're very cute too, purple pineapple-chan" He cooed. - Lussu

"G-Grazie … [Thanks]" She mumbled out. "But where is this?" - Chrome

"Ushishishi ever heard of the pineapple wizard? Well this is his grand tower you're in" The blonde grinned. "He wants to meet you, for some unknown reason." - The Prince

Nagi didn't know if she should be happy or terrified at the information, last she heard was that the wizard was completely insane and his goal was only to turn the world into a giant pineapple. "Is there a way out?" She asked stupidly. - Chrome

"Gomen-ne~, purple pineapple-chan, but we have orders to keep you here until the grand pineapple wizard-chan comes out himself" The weird colored haired man said. [Fran-kun, stop over-writing my name and putting weird things!] - Lussu

[Shut up, Lussu-nee, your name was too disgusting for the ratings of this story, I'm saving the authors sorry ungrateful butt by censoring your name] While the fake prince as his partner in crime made sure to keep Nagi in the jail/cage, up at the very top of the grand tower was the pineapple wizard himself. His room was littered with different colors and sizes of clothing; the man himself was standing in front of a long mirror. - Fran

"Hm … should I present myself with the green or the yellow? Which one is more pineapple-y?" He questioned himself as he held up both pieces of clothing. "Maybe I should wear a green hat and yellow clothing … yes, that could work" He mumbled to himself before turning to the clock. "My, my, it seems that much time has passed already, screw the pineapple cosplay idea, on with the stereotypical bad guy costume" He said cheerfully as he dug into his closet. - Mukuro

Out of the closet and onto the wizard's body was a white button up, long black trench coat, black jeans, black gloves, and a black wizard-y hat. "Kufufufu, yes, perfect" He grinned, looking in the mirror. He was about to walk to the stairs, to present himself when he forgot one very important detail. "Fu … What should my opening speech be?" He pondered. - Mukuro

...and down in the lower rooms, the fake prince, partner in crime, and Nagi sat there patiently, waiting for the wizard to present himself. Far away, one violent prince and greedy pixie were still debating who was behind the kidnapping. - Fran

"You don't actually believe that the fake prince actually has a reason to kidnap a 'peasant-ish looking' person, do you?" the Pixie huffed, rolling its eyes. - Mammon

"Hn. I'll give you that one, but then who's the puppeteer?" The prince replied, hastily running through the shadows of the buildings. - Hibari

"Mu. If they're in the tower, then it's obviously the pineapple wizards doing, why else would they be there? Are you as retard as that purple pineapple said you were?" The Pixie mumbled. - Mammon

Hibario's left eye twitched, but he ignored that last comment and continued to run towards the stupidly tall lightning rod of a tower. - Hibari

A while later, back in the jail/cage … - Fran

Nagi hummed as she rolled around the floor trying to think of something … anything to take her mind off of the anxiety of meeting the insane wizard. However, she suddenly stopped rolling around when something nicked her cheek. Pouting, she sat up and used her dress to lightly stop the bleeding. - Chrome

The Prince snapped his head up at the smell of blood. Immediately, he charged right into the jail, ignoring the fact that his face was just pressing against the bars. "Bloooouuuuddd" He growled, in a princely fashion. "Bluuuuuud" He continued, - The Prince.

"Yare, yare, Fake Prince-chan, please do stop that, you'll ruin your face is you continue to try to squeeze in between the bars...Oh~ that sounded so naughty." His partner in crime cooed. - Lussu

The Prince used all of his princely might and ripped the bars apart, and sprinted in, grabbed the peasants face and licked the blood. "Ushishishi, peasant blood!" He sang. - The Prince.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew" Nagi chanted in her mind as the kidnapping weirdo started licking her. "You're just a dog" She cried, pushing him away. - Chrome

"Ushi? The PRINCE? A DOG? HOW DARE YOU!" The Prince cried, taking out his knives, he planned how to cut up the peasant in front of him. - The Prince.

Hibird. Bite cage to death. POOF! Dragon! FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. - Hibird

Chrome just stared at the post it in front of her. She blinked, rubbed her eyes, and tried to find any trace of an illusion in the room. When she found nothing and saw the innocent post it with shaky looking printing, she could only do one logical thing any Vongola woman would do.


In 2 seconds flat, Hibari Kyoya came flying in the room through the windows [yes, my friends, the same window that Fran came flying in before] and landed perfectly on his two feet, his dangerous steel eyes immediately scanned the room for any sort of danger that could possibly make the Vongola female Mist scream like a herbivore.

Finding no immediate danger, he raised an eyebrow and relaxed a bit. "What were you screaming about, Herbivore?" He asked.

"B-B-B-Buh … w-w-whaaaa, lu..." Chrome stuttered, shaking and pointing at the one post it in front of her like it had killed her box weapon and fed it to [the now dead] Daemon Spade. Finding no other words that could fit this situation, the purple pineapple could only continue …

"HIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and wave her arms up and down.

Like a true herbivore.

Quickly getting annoyed, Hibari slammed his Vongola cloud ring into Roll's box, summoning the small animal, he quietly commanded "Cambio Forma", going through a few forms, he soon held spiky handcuffs in his hands.

"Shut up, herbivore, you sound like the herbi-boss, and stop waving your arms, I'm getting dizzy just looking at you" He hissed, quickly cuffing the cuffs on her wrists. That took care of the arm waving, now to stop the "Hiiie"'s.

Raising an eyebrow, he 'gently' shoved Chrome to the side, and took a look at what made her so scared.

Hibird. Bite cage to death. POOF! Dragon! FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. - Hibird




"Don't ignore me Kyoya, and I'm calm now, get the cuffs off..."



"Kuromu! Kuromu!"

"Eh? Hibird! Perfect timing! Go bite Kyoya back to reality"

"Shut up. Hibird, come along, you deserve to get sunflower seeds"

"Seeds! Seeds! Bai, Bai Kuromu."


[A-Areee? Hibird managed to write something? How unexpected, Cloud Person, give us translations.] - Fran

[Don't give me orders] in a flash of yellow and orange, the bird cage was no more; all that remained was burnt ash. In Hibird's place was one golden scaled, black eyed dragon. In a blink of an eye, the once-a-bird-now-a-dragon opened its mouth and turned the disgusting tri-colored herbivore in front of it into crisp. Turning its head, it gave a small hop and used its claws to tear off the fake prince from Nagi. Once the fake prince was separated from Nagi, Hibird turned the fake prince into crisp as well. - Hibari

[I'm still so shocked … and Kyoya, you still forgot to un-cuff me X ] Nagi stared in shock, the once cute yellow fluff ball now turned into a golden dragon. Then the Prince's words rang in her head. "Don't underestimate my pet. He'll be your bodyguard until the day I can wed you" … he had said, excluding that last little part, she realized that she really shouldn't have underestimated that 'carnivorous' (idiotic) Prince's words. - Chrome

[Silence. I do not simply 'forget' anything.] Hibird blinked and gave a happy growl once he deemed that everything was safe and there was nothing else needed to burn. He turned to Nagi for further orders … like their escape. - Hibari

[Wuh...TT~TT] Nagi was fascinated with Hibird, and so, she patted him on the head, and decided to tickle his nose. - Chrome

Hibird's eye twitched. "Ah …" He started, "Ah!" He snapped his eyes shut. "ACHHHOOOOOOOOOOUU" He sneezed, and out came flames, all over the room, at least he made sure to keep Nagi safe. - Chrome

[ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?] Nagi snapped her eyes shut as the flames danced, when she felt only heat and the smell of burning cloth did she open her eyes, to find herself sitting on top of Hibird … the dragon's head. "A-Ah...I don't want to burn here … Hibird I'm sure you don't want to become roasted chicken … err, dragon, either, let's get out of here..." She quietly suggested - Chrome

Hibird scoffed at the herbivorous woman and smashed the wall before taking off, flying away as they saw the tower to burn for all he cared. - Hibari

as the great Pineapple Wizard made his grand entrance down the stairs, he oddly felt that it was hotter than usual; it was probably just his amazing imagination, the usual. As the door to the 'jail/cell' place came into view, he let his 'Kufufufu' slip out as he dramatically kicked the door open … only to face the wrath of flames and burning pineapples. He found the burning bodies of the fake prince and his partner in crime slowly inching towards the door, and only 'kufufu'ed before slamming the door closed and made sure to put a few evil spells up to keep the door from opening. - Mukuro

[Wow! How expectedly cruel and gory you are, Shishou. Anyway...] The Pineapple Wizard could care less about the deaths of his stupid acquaintances, Nagi and Hibird have already safely escaped, and all that was left was the Pixie and Prince Hibario's own quest to the tower. - Fran

"...Is that a golden dragon?" the Pixie asked, taking a good look up in the air. - Mammon

"...No. It's not." Hibari answered. "It's Hibird" He said, ignoring the look the pixie tossed at him when he announced that, he merely whistled, a silent command for his one and only bird … slash dragon. - Hibari

Hibird recognized the familiar whistling, and immediately began to drop his altitude. Once low enough, Hibird turned back into a fluffy yellow bird, Nagi forgotten. - Hibari

[You really are trying to kill me, aren't you?] Nagi barely held the scream back, barely, as Hibird turned back into a small bird, and she was dropping in the air. - Chrome

[Silence, stupid herbivore] Hibird landed softly on Hibario's head and the prince himself moved and caught the dropping Nagi into his arms. - Hibari

[Continue your love quarreling somewhere else, please. Or pay me a few million and we'll all tolerate] The Pixie ignored the to-be-romantic scene that was just about to explode, and immediately went straight to the question. "Did you kill the pineapple wizard?" The Pixie asked. - Mammon

"E-Eh? Well, if it had been a little longer i … uh, Hibird, might've...but we, uh Hibird, killed the … kidnappers." Nagi explained. "The Pineapple Wizard was coming soon, but I wouldn't have been able to do anything so … "She mumbled off. - Chrome

"...What a stupid girl" The Pixie grumbled. "Alright, you two have no choice, we're still going to the tower to kill off that stupid bastard" The Pixie declared. - Mammon

"Don't order me around" Hibario said. - Hibird

"...I-I wanna come too. I want to know why he's … so … (scribble, scribble)

"Insane? Retarded? Pineapple-y? Crazy?" The Pixie offered. - Mammon

"...Unique." -Chrome

"Hmpf. Very well, suit yourself, I won't be paying for your services. Oh, that reminds me, you owe me 40000 euros." - Mammon

[CUT!] ...And with that, the three - Hibario, Nagi and The Pixie - began their quest to the tower once more, this time with each of their own personal goals, will the pineapple wizard be able to escape death? Will the three encounter more problems? Will the epic-battle ever come? Ma, I've run out of things to ask, ta-ta for now. - Fran

The end of Fairy Tale REMIX 5.

There's a lot more of the Fairy Tale than the outside, if you get what I mean, because I don't think I want to stretch out the REMIX up to like … 10 or something, If all goes well, I suspect that I'll only go up to 8 … 7 if I'm lucky.

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