"Fine dei-chan, if you lose you wont have to start dressing like a girl BUT you have to call me danna for the rest of your life"

I told my new friend as I challenged him to a race. The deal is that if I lose I have be his personal slave for the rest of my life… psh HELL NO! I wont lose to that brat I know I'm gonna win, which is why I agreed to his terms, I also made my terms a lot less harsher than I intended to, he just has to call me danna until the day he dies. I smirked inwardly at the thought of how mortified he'll be when he loses.

"Alright Sasori lets get this over with so we can go home and you can make me a smoothie" he smirked

I scoffed and rolled my eyes "lets go"

Our new friends Kisame, Itachi, Pein, Konan, Kakuzu, Hidan, Zetsu and some freak named Tobi had went home claiming what we were doing was lame. So all we had to signal the start of the race was throwing a rock in the air and running as soon as it hit the ground.

We walked up to the starting line and Deidara threw the rock in his hand high up in the air and we got into position.


I flew forward sprinting as fast as my tiny six-year-old legs could carry me I took a quick glance behind me trying to see how far behind the blond was but I saw no one. Confused I looked forward and again nothing I then heard soft laughter and I looked beside me and to my shock I saw deidara running alongside me in perfect sync with my running feet.

Scared by the thought of losing and becoming a slave to this idiot I ran even faster pushing all my limits but to my horror deidara started speeding up and ran ahead of me 'oh no' I thought as I saw the blond in front of me and the finish line not so far away 'noooo I don't wanna be a servant I'm not even 7 yet' I screamed in my head.

To my surprise relief, and happiness the blonde started to slow down until he was a couple inches behind me.

'Heh must be tired' I thought smugly

I used my last bit of energy to sprint through the finish line.

"Yes!" I yelled and sank to my knees then fell onto my back panting hard. I heard a faint thud and turned to see the blonde lying beside me breathing heavily with an annoyed expression on his face I laughed.

"Hah I beat you now you have to address me as danna"

he turned his head to glare at me then he pouted "fine congratulations DANNA" he said the last part sarcastically.

I laughed, "Come on dei-chan i'll drop you home, where do you live?"

He told me the address and I gasped in shock, then a huge grin broke out on my face "hey we're neighbors!" I exclaimed " I live in the house next to yours" he looked at me shocked before he as well broke out grinning

"That's awesome my and my parents just moved here yesterday, so I don't know anyone in the neighborhood, I'm glad I met you Sasor- I mean danna."

I smiled "me too, well lets get going"

he nodded and we took off. When our destination arrived he turned to me smiling "would you like to come in?" he asked

I thought for a minuet then nodded slowly "sure I can stay a little while, my grandma is out of town for a week"

He broke out into a huge grin " okay come on in" he said unlocking the door

" lets go to my room" he said cheerfully I just nodded we only got two steps past down the hallway when


"ow, what did I slip on" he muttered.

I just stood there giggling. The sight of him falling was just so funny. The way his facial expressions went from wide eyed shock, to scrunched up in pain then to curiosity he dipped his fingers in the liquid on the floor and a look of horror swept across his face

"b-b-b" he stuttered.

"What, what is it?" I asked curiously as I knelt down trying to get a look at the mysterious liquid it was hard to see since the lights were dimmed, it was dark red it looked a lot like-

"blood" I heard deidara whisper he shot up, completely ignoring my calls of protest behind him, and started running through the house.

"Mom, dad, mom, dad WHERE ARE YOU!?" his screams filled the silent house

I quickly ran after him not wanting to be alone, I found him stopped in front of the living room staring in shock before gagging and collapsing to his knees and sobbing.

I ran up to him to see what was wrong, there was a man sitting on the couch sobbing into his hands, but that's not what caught my attention there, in the middle of the room lay a woman with long blond hair covered in, and lying in, a pool of blood there were 4 knives plunged in her abdomen I gasped in shock and felt myself gag as well and stood stuck there staring for God knows how long before running out of the house and Into my own I then proceeded to call 911.

"Hello, what is your emergency?" a calm voice asked.

I tried to control my shaking enough to speak

"m-m-my f-friend's mother i-is d-d-d-dead" I sobbed out

"okay hunny what is the address?" she said in a soft voice.

I told her

"okay stay calm the police and an ambulance are on their way"

"th-th-thank y-you" I breathed out before hanging up.

I started walking out and slowly making my way back to Deidara's house I needed to comfort Deidara he must be feeling way worse then I am. I found him in the same position I left him in, kneeling in front of the door with tears silently streaking their way down his face, I walked up to him making sure I avoided looking and the bloody scene in the living room

"Deidara" I whispered quietly.

He didn't respond.

"Deidara" I said again louder this time and shook his shoulder, that seemed to snap him out of it. He shook his head and blinked. Then sprang up and ran to his mother's body before collapsing beside her and sobbing into her chest.

"m-mommy p-p-please w-wake u-up" he choked out "p-p-please I need y-you don't leave me"

I stared at the heartbreaking scene not knowing what to do, I distantly heard police sirens but was in to much shock to care I was brought back to reality by the sound of my new friend letting out and anguished scream before collapsing on his mother and gripping on to her shirt sobbing into her chest.

I felt tears come into my eyes at the sight I remembered how last year my grandma told me my parents had died and I remembered how painful the news was, and I hadn't even known them that well it must be even worse for deidara I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see a police man looking down at me sadly

"it'll be alright kid" he told me before walking up to deidara and prying him away from the body of his deceased mother.

I watched him kick and scream.

"NO, I WANT TO STAY WITH HER, NO, PUT ME DOWN, PUT ME DOWN" he shrieked punching and kicking blindly.

I felt tears sliding down my face at a fast pace. Deidara stopped screaming and started sobbing into his shoulder as the man led him and me out of the house. When we got outside I saw 4 police officers and two paramedics with a stretcher waiting to go in, the man gave them a small nod and they went in.

The man took us to the ambulance and sat us down on the seats inside he looked to deidara and opened his mouth as if he was going to ask him something before thinking against it, and instead turned to me.

"Can you tell me what happened"

I tried to find my voice "w-we were walking home and he asked if I wanted to come inside I agreed and we went in I saw deidara on his knees staring into the room and he looked scared so I went to see what was wrong and I saw his dad on the couch crying then I saw a lady on the floor with knives in her stomach and a lot of blood around her, I got scared so I ran out and called 911 then I remembered deidara so I went back to comfort him and when I tried talking to him he started sobbing into his moms shirt, I didn't know what to do he looked so sad and there was s-so m-much blo-blood" I started sobbing remembering his mothers bloody body on the floor.

He looked at me somberly and nodded

"where do you live?"

I pointed to my house with a shaky finger

"okay is it alright if you and your friend go in there and rest for a while"

I nodded and he stood up and picked up the still sobbing deidara and held out his hand for me I grabbed it and he led us out of the ambulance and into my house I forgot to close the door I led upstairs and showed him where my bedroom was.

I pointed to the door at the end of the hall he nodded and opened the door and lied deidara down on the bed.

"Why don't you lie down beside him and comfort him" he said

I nodded and lied down next to him, before slowly and cautiously wrapped my arm around deidara and pulled him closer he wrapped his arms around me and started sobbing into my chest and just stroked his hair and let him cry it out.

The officer looked at us sadly and then said "I'm going to talk to his father stay here I'll come get you when we're done"

I nodded and he left I looked down at the small shaking form in my arms

"deidara it'll be okay" I said

"n-no it won't she's gone, now nobody will protect me from him"

He sobbed I looked at him confused "protect you from who" I asked.

He just shook his head and started sobbing harder "it's okay Deidara I'll protect you" I said quietly.

He just looked up at me sadly before whispering a soft "no, you can't" and fell asleep

I stared at him before whispering quietly "I will protect you, always" before succumbing to a deep dark sleep, with the memory of the bloody dead body burned into my brain and the shrieking of my friend ringing in my ears.

********************The next morning DEIDARA'S POV***********************
I woke up with a huge headache and looked around at the unfamiliar room.

'Where am I?' I thought to myself then I noticed I was pressed up against something warm and there were arms around me I looked up and saw Sasori 'why am I here' I thought. Then all the events from yesterday came rushing back and a sob wretched out of my throat this caused Sasori to jolt awake and the arms he had wrapped around me tightened.

"I'm so sorry deidara" he said quietly.

I just grabbed onto him and sobbed until my throat felt raw. After what felt like hours I stiffly got out of bed and started to go home

"wait" I heard Sasori call I turned around

"for what" I asked with a scratchy voice

"the police officer said we have to stay here until he comes for us" he told me.

I sighed "alright" I said, secretly I was glad. I didn't want to go back now that she was gone.

I went back to the bed and sat down. I found myself staring fixedly at a wall.

I heard the door open and the man from last night walked in, he stared at me for a second before crouching in front of me and said

"I'm sorry about your mother, we will look hard for the person who killed her and I will personally make sure they get the punishment they deserve"

I nodded sniffling.

"Your father is waiting for you at home, would you like to go?" he asked giving me a sad smile

I nodded while inwardly I was screaming 'NO'.

He stood up and grabbed my hand, before we walked out I gave Sasori a hug and said "thank you danna"

he wrapped his arms around me and whispered for the tenth time that day "I'm sorry deidara."

I just nodded into his shoulder before letting go and walking back home with the man.

I saw my dad sitting on the porch waiting for me as soon as I saw him I shocked myself by running up to him and wrapping my arms around him while sobbing into his stomach

"thank you" I heard him tell the officer before he picked me up and carried me in I heard the police car leave and I felt myself being carried upstairs.

All of a sudden I was dropped to the floor and I landed with a loud


I groaned as pain shot up my back I looked up at my dad before gasping his face was red and contorted into an angry expression

"its your fault" he whispered

I looked up at him in shock 'what? What was my fault?' I thought

"I killed her…because of you" he said quietly I looked at him shaking my head in denial then I flinched as he shouted


he started mumbling and I faintly heard "leave me" "had to stop her" "didn't wanna be alone" "no"

Then I felt a sharp pain in stomach as he kicked me then I felt myself being lifted and slammed into the wall "SHE WAS GOING TO LEAVE ME BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU WORTHLESS BRAT!" he spat in my face.

I let out a whimper.

"SHUT UP! DON'T MAKE A SOUND YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" He slammed me into the wall again. His other hand came up and started to punch me in the stomach.

All I felt was pain as my head slammed back into the wall with every punch. I suddenly felt very queasy and turned my head to the side before emptying my stomachs contents all over the floor he dropped me like I was a hot piece of metal and stared at me in disgust

"Clean that up you worthless piece of shit!" he screamed before stomping away

I sat there in my own vomit, sobbing quietly before going up to get a mop to clean this mess up. The only thought in my head was 'it's my fault my moms gone'

************************2 years later**********************

Time passed but my father just kept getting worse. He started beating me more and drinking heavily. When he wasn't in the bar, he spent at home in the living room passed out on the couch with empty beer bottles scattered around him.

He also forced me to start cooking and cleaning, only a day after my mom died. If he found anything wrong with the food or house he would beat me even more or worse... he would put me in that room.

He cleaned out the basement and made it into a torture cell. He would lock me down their for days, sometimes without food or water. Other times he would pee on me and leave me there without any way to cleanse myself. After a while it permanently started smelling like blood vomit and urine. He even made it sound proof I would sit there sobbing, shrieking and screaming.

Then one day he came in and slapped me across the face, he tossed a knife at my feet and told me to cut myself. He kept punching and kicking me until finally I broke. I picked up the knife and pressed it to my arm, after a second of hesitation I pulled I felt a little bit of pain but it was nothing compared to what my father put me through. I watched as little droplets of blood started forming and growing into little streams sliding down my wrist and making little drip drip drip noises.

My father smirked in approval and before leaving he said "you will make a cut on your arm once every week or you will be locked in here for two days"

I just nodded relieved of the fact that a simple cut would keep me free from this torture cell.

Now I just spent most of my time in my room crying into my pillow or hiding in my closet.

Today I was walking home from school with Sasori; we didn't live far only a 5-minuet walk from the school. I was doing a pretty good job hiding the bruises and cut marks from Sasori. We were in 2nd grade now and he hadn't noticed anything different. My blonde hair had grown and was now down to the middle of my back since my dad wouldn't pay for me to get a haircut, I also had a fringe covering my left eye, it was to hide a scar I got when my dad got angry and threw a beer bottle at me I narrowly dodged it but as it shattered a shard flew straight into my eye.

I was up to Sasori's nose now. He was pretty tall for a second grader. His red hair had grown from a buzz cut too a messy hairstyle his red locks were almost to his shoulders and his bangs hung in front of his eyes. We were the best of friends, as close as anyone could be.

"Goodbye danna" I waved smiling

"goodbye dei-chan" he smiled before we walked into our houses.

I opened and closed the door silently, praying that my dad was either upstairs, sleeping, or out. Luck was on my side, as I heard snoring coming from upstairs. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I had been holding and walked into the kitchen to start on dinner I decided to make spaghetti and meatballs.

I turned on the stove and started to fill a pot with water. While waiting for the water to boil I decided to clean the house. When I was done, the house was spotless and the spaghetti was ready. I poured the sauce into a pan that was already cooking the meatballs. After it was ready I poured it onto the spaghetti and put it into two bowls I took one bowl and a bottle of beer and crept up the stairs before knocking on the door. I heard a grunt indicating I could go in and I opened the door.

My hate for the man was always raging inside me ever since I found out HE had killed my mother, but I was always too scared to actually do anything. I set the food and beer bottle beside his bed and turned to leave I heard the doorbell ring and went to open the door but I was shoved to the side by father and he stomped down the stairs and swung the door open.

I heard him talking with a man. That alone confused me my father had no friends and he was unemployed so it couldn't have been a co-worker. Who could my father be speaking with then?

My thoughts were interrupted when my father came back up the stairs followed by a strange man.

The man grinned down at me "hello cutie, ready for some fun tonight?" his slurred voice indicated that he was drunk.

I looked at my father confused "moneys tight so you're gonna have to be a good little whore and help out got it?"

my confusion grew "what are you ta-" I stopped mid sentence and yelped as my dad yanked me up and dragged me to my room and threw me onto the bed

"100 dollars for every ten minuets" he said to the drunkard and closed the door.

The man turned to me "well I guess we'll have to be fast then won't we?" he sat down on the bed picked me up by my hair and threw me to the floor, in the next instant I was on my knees in between his legs with his now unclothed member pressing against my lips

"open up and suck" he demanded

I shook my head rapidly and tried to pull back but his hands were in my hair holding me down with a quick yank my head was pulled back and my mouth opened in a shocked gasp, he then proceeded to shove his organ right into my mouth hitting the back of my throat, I gagged in disgust and discomfort.

"Now bob your head and suck you slut, I'm paying good money for you" with tears pricking at my eyes I reluctantly started to bob my head and sucked softly, his head fell back and he groaned in pleasure I continued to suck and bob my head until he pulled it out of my mouth and flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees I heard a RIIIP and felt a rush of cold air and before my thoughts could process what was happening I felt a sharp pain in my behind.

I let out a loud scream "STOP, PLEASE THAT HURTS, NO, TAKE IT OUT PLEASE" I felt warm liquid slide down my legs and to my horror I realized it was blood, my blood, he kept ramming into me, occasionally moaning "ohh yeah so tight, that's it good little slut take it like the bitch you are"

I stopped my screaming and protests and just stayed there collapsed on the floor with my butt still in the air as the mean drunk man pounded into me. After God knows how long I felt something strange shoot into me and he pulled out.

I collapsed fully onto the floor shaking, in shock, pain, fear, and disgust. He zipped up his pants and walked out leaving me on the floor, body shaking with sobs, and blood mixed with semen sliding down my thighs and onto my bedroom floor.

My dad walked in looked down at me and laughed "good job brat you just made me 200 dollars, now you will be a good little slut and keep making me money, got it? Good."

I let out an OOF as he kicked me in the stomach hard and walked out slamming the door closed 'why' I thought to myself weakly eyed blurry with tears, lying bloody and naked on the floor I eventually slipped into a light and uneasy sleep.

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