I looked down at the sleeping form beside me and smiled.

Sasori looked so beautiful when he was sleeping. The mop of messy red hair that framed his face so perfectly was sprawled on the satiny black sheets, I just loved the contrast of the two colors. How the red would stand out on the black, but at the same time blend in perfectly.

I leaned down and placed a small kiss on his forehead, I couldn't help it! He just looked so adorable.

His chocolate brown eyes fluttered open and a small smile graced his usually impassive face.

"Morning dei" He greeted in a sleepy voice, "what time is it?"

"Morning Danna!" I chirped cheerily "Sorry for waking you but it's 6:30 and I know how much you hate being late"

His eyes widened "CRAP!"

I watched amused as he scrambled out of bed -falling onto the floor in the process- and ran across the room to the washroom.

I sat on Sasori's bed staring at his bare, white wall, waiting for him to get out.

After what seemed like forever, I heard the washroom door open.

I craned my head to the side and opened my mouth to say something, but stopped.

There, stood Sasori, clad only in a towel, glistening with the water droplets that both clung to, and slid down his smooth, toned, and tan body, smirking at me.

"Hey brat, it's rude to stare."

I snapped my mouth shut. Crap, was I drooling? I brought my hand to my mouth, no, thank God!

I smirked and shrugged my shoulders, rising from my spot on the bed.

"Sorry Danna" I said, strolling my way over to him. I slid my hand down his warm, defined, chest and licked my lips, "you just look so… delicious." And he did, the water from the shower made him shine. That plus the way his body felt was so amazing, it was almost as if he was a puppet that was carved until perfection. (A/N: Sorry I couldn't help it XD)

Sasori grinned and wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me closer so that I was pressed against him. I could feel the warm water from his body seeping into my shirt.

I don't know whether or not it was the heat from his body or not, but I suddenly felt extremely hot.

Sasori leaned his head down and I felt his warm and wet tongue slide its way down from my ear to the little junction between my neck and my shoulder.

A shiver ran down my spine at his touch. On the inside I was fighting the desire to curl up and cry, but this was Sasori; I could trust him with my life and more.

I relaxed my body and I felt Sasori's lips curl up into a smirk. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and bit my lip to keep from groaning as his lips latched onto my neck and sucked.

It was the best sensation I had ever felt in my entire life.

Most of the times someone tried to pleasure me that way I was to disgusted to feel any pleasure, they would just end up getting enraged and biting my neck-luckily those scars healed.

Sasori nibbled on my collarbone before sucking harshly on it. At that point I couldn't hold in my moans and one especially long one slipped out.

Sasori chuckled and gave one last suck before licking it and pulling away. "Actually Dei, You're the one who's delicious"

I felt heat rising up into my cheeks and I quickly coughed and turned around, so that I was facing the window. Real men didn't blush. (A/N: No offence to blushing men)

"Brat…are you blushing?" My eyes widened. Shit! He saw me.

I shook my head and scoffed, "No Danna, of course not!"

"Then why are you hiding your face from me?" He asked,

"I am not! I just thought I saw something outside." I replied

I could practically feel Sasori's smirk in the back of my head "yeah. It's called the backyard"

I whipped around-the blush must of faded by now- "I know that Danna! I thought I saw something else." I cringed inwardly at my whiney tone.

Sasori rolled his eyes. "Whatever, we're getting late hurry up brat"

I smirked, "Danna, I'm not the one wearing nothing but a towel."

Sasori glanced down and growled, "Damn it brat! This is what happens when you distract me! Now we're going to be late."

I closed the distance between Sasori and me so that our chests were pressing together and inwardly smirked at the fact that I was almost as tall as him.

"Oh but Dannaaa" I sang and pressed even closer so that he was forced to step backwards "All I did was compliment you. You were the one who got carried away"

Sasori narrowed his eyes and all but growled "You're acting as if you didn't like it brat."

"Oh no, I enjoyed it. A lot actually" It wasn't a lie, Sasori had made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven.

I pressed myself closer to him and he kept on taking small steps backward.

I stopped once he was right beside the open closet door and inconspicuously slipped a finger into his towel.

"Well Danna, I don't want to make you any later than you already are so…" With one hard yank I pulled the towel off of him and he went twirling into the closet butt naked.

I heard a sadistic chuckle come from behind the now closed door "Brat, I hope you know that I will eventually get you back"

I gave a nervous chuckle "oh come on Danna! It was just a joke"


Well that definitely wasn't a good sign.

I heard the rustle of clothes being put on and then the door opened.

I prepared myself for the worst but nothing happened.

Out walked Sasori with an innocent yet creepy smile. His honey brown eyes sparkled with controlled mischief.

"Alright. I'm ready now let's go." I almost flinched at the sound of his sugary sweet voice, but decided to let it slide. When Sasori wanted revenge he would get it. No one could do anything to stop him. Yeah, I'll just suck it up and take it like a man.

I gave my own version of an innocent smile. "Okay" I chirped and slipped on my backpack.

"Okay students settle down!" I raised my head from its position of lying on the desk to stare at our principle Miss. Tsunade.

It was incredible how she was able to shut a whole class of idiot niners up with just one icy glare.

Tsunade had been the principle of our school for over 30 years; the weird thing was that she didn't look a day over 25.

She had long bleached blond hair. She wore it tied into two loose ponytails that hung down her back and long parted bangs that framed both sides of her face. Her face was beautiful. She had fallow brown eyes that always seemed to twinkle and shine. Her rosy cheeks stood out on her light skin. She wore no make-up other than some light pink lipstick that brought the perfect shade to her plump lower lip and her thin upper lip. Her body was one that all women would die for. She had the perfect hourglass figure and breasts that could make males of all ages drool.

Once she was sure she had the whole classes attention she continued.

"I have some bad news. A wild dog attacked your teacher Mr. Peterson last night and he will be taking the year off." She paused and glared the class as they let out whoops of joy immediately shutting them up. Once satisfied she continued, "Starting tomorrow you shall all have a temporary teacher. His name is Orochimaru and he's very close friend of mine. I expect you to treat him with respect!"

Everyone gave jerky nods.

"Good. You've all been given a free study period today. Class dismissed"

Everyone grabbed their books and flew out of the room with whoops and cheers of joy.

I slowly rose out of my chair and grabbed my books.

Orochimaru…why did that name sound so familiar? I sighed and dismissed it as nothing.

I walked down the busy hallway and tried not to cringe at all the smelly teenagers who kept bustling around going from one class to another.

After shoving my books into my locker and slamming it shut I started my way over to the study hall.

All of a sudden someone wrapped their arms around my waist and I was yanked into darkness.

I heard a door slam shut and I was pushed back into a wall.

I realized dimly that I was in one of the schools many supply closets.

I could feel the panic start forming in my body and it started to tense up, preparing itself to fight off the attacker.

I clenched my fist and was about to punch him in the stomach when I saw the flash of white teeth and the familiar dim outline of messy red hair.

I relaxed and shoved him back into the shelves.

"You dick! What's wrong with you? You almost gave me a fucking heart attack!" I all but screamed at him

Sasori chuckled "Sorry Dei. I told you I would get you back."

Before his words could even register in my brain I was shoved up against the wall with Sasori's body pressing up against mine. His mouth was hot and wet on mine.

It felt like only a couple of seconds but I knew it was more. I could already feel the blood pounding in my ears and the only sounds were our short and raspy breathing.

We barely pulled away and when we did it was only so Sasori could attack my neck with short sucks, kisses, and light nibbles.

I felt like I was floating on clouds though that was probably because I was so light headed.

Sasori sucked on my lower lip and I opened my mouth granting him permission to enter. His tongue plunged into my mouth and my tongue greeted with just as much enthusiasm.

As our tongues tangled I was dimly aware of how Sasori's hands were sliding lower and lower down my body, nearing an area where I was starting to feel extremely tight.

My vision started to blur and I pulled away gasping for breath.

Sasori used that as an opportunity to pop open the button on my jeans and yank down my pants.

I was about to protest when he pressed the heel of his hand onto my still encased member and started to massage it.

I let out a grunt and dug my fingers into his back.

He pulled down my boxers and they joined my pants around my ankles on the floor.

I let out a relaxed sigh as my length sprang up finally free of its confines.

Sasori planted soft kisses on my neck and moved down my shirt with each button he opened he would place another kiss on the newly revealed flesh.

I clenched my eyes shut as his lips neared their final destination and let out a gasp as he wrapped his warm hand around my stiff member.

I cracked open my left eye just in time to see Sasori's pink tongue poke out and swirl around the head of my length.

I tangled my fingers into his blood red hair and pushed him down so that my head was touching the back of his throat.

He made a choking sound and glared up at me, though the look was quickly replaced with one of mischief.

He pulled back slowly grazing the sensitive skin with his teeth and I let out a hiss.

"FUCK!" I cried out as he started bobbing his head and humming deep in the back of his throat, the vibrations that I felt put me at the brink on pleasure and just as I was about to release the darkness of the room was replaced with a bright light.

"OI! What the fuck are you sluts doing?"


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