So yay. A Santa Clause Fic. In this series there will be four books, a spinoff during the events of the third movie, and three collections of drabbles. But let's just focus on book 1 of the Frozen series. So here we go, Frozen; Book 1- The Lost Elf

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"Bernard, I'd like you to meet the Everest Family," Bernard's mother introduced. Bernard tugged at the ends of his loose sleeves. He hated the big Snow Elf gatherings that Vonaera and Naer Frost held every hundred years. Okay, so he'd only been to five... but he still hated them. His curly-haired father and fair mother were smiling at a family of five.

The man who Bernard assumed was the father had the whitest hair that Bernard had ever seen, ice-like blue eyes, and tan skin that somehow worked with his white hair. The mother had very long, bright blonde hair that went past her elbows, styled in typical elven fashion with two braids connecting in the back and a silver circlet. Her pale blue eyes shone in the light of the candle chandelier and her very fair, almost white, skin seemed to glow. The eldest child was a boy who seemed to have inherited his mother's hair, which went to his shoulders, his father's skin tone, and pale eyes. He seemed to be at least two thousand years old judging by his appearance as a human teenage. The eldest of the two girls appeared like a human pre-teenager, she also inherited her mother's hair, flowing to her elbows just like her mother's, but also inherited her mother's skin and her father's ice colored eyes. Then there was the youngest child of the Everest family. Her white hair reached her chin in a very choppy fashion, her skin was like her mother's; pure white with a faint glow, and her father's ice like eyes made her cold appearance complete. And she had to be no older than one thousand.

"Bernard, this is Ull Everest, head of his house, his lovely wife Skadi, and their three children; Dragomir, Nevada, and Inora. Everest family, this is our only son, Bernard, heir to the Petersburg line," his mother stated. Bernard hated being called the heir to his house. He was only five hundred! He was still so young, by elven standards at least.

"We're all pleased to meet you Bernard," Skadi told the young elf. "Perhaps you would be interested in spending some time with my youngest daughter, Inora? I could see the two of you as friends." Inora rolled her eyes as she brought the shoulders of her etheral white dress up a little.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, mother," Dragomir agreed. "Perhaps I should go to where those very pretty looking girls are..." And with that, Dragomir left to go flirt with girls. Nevada sighed and walked off. Bernard neither knew nor cared about where she was going. Soon after the Petersburg and Everest couples walked off, leaving Bernard and Inora alone.

"Hello," Inora greeted. "Inora. Bernard, right?"

"Yes," Bernard responded. "Do you suppose our parents left us alone on purpose?"

"Probably. Never too early for grown-ups to try and pick out matches for their kids, you know? Nevada's already promised to Volos Tully."

"Him? Isn't he the one that almost killed Jack Frost?" Bernard asked in amazement.

"No. That was Trysha Ice. A girl. Closer to that idiot's age."


"Yeah." The two kids were silent, Inora still as cold as she appeared. "I hate these events. I'd rather be training."

"Training?" Bernard asked. "I didn't think girls were allowed to become warriors."

"I'm not training to become any old warrior. I'm training to become a Warden. I'm going to keep stupid, short-lived humans out of our home," Inora stated. "I feel naked without my katana..."

"Why didn't you just bring it?"

"My mother wanted me to be a proper lady for this event. And a proper lady doesn't carry a katana with her," Inora replied. "She said nothing about daggers, however..." Inora looked at Bernard suddenly and smirked. "I guess my mom was right this time. I could see myself hanging around you. Maybe teach you some battle techniques. You'll be ready for training before it official begins for you."

"Thanks... I guess... but fighting isn't really my thing. I take after my dad more than my mom. He's more a tacticial, engineer, brainy kind of person," Bernard told Inora.

"You still need to know how to fight whenever the time comes to defend yourself," Inora snapped. "Meet me at the clearing in the forest with the little ice pond. We start at noon." Inora then turned on her heel and towards the exit.

"Where are you going?" Bernard asked.

"Out. I want my katana."

"Block, parry right, dodge, head strike- no that was the foot dumbass! I said head!" Bernard put down the wooden training stick and sighed. "What is it now?"

"I'm just no good at this."

"Well quit whining about it and work towards getting good. We've only been working for a hundred years. It took me at least three hundred to get an actual blade. Now shut up and head strike." Bernard aimed at Inora and met her strikes in a flurry of blows. The wooden sticks hit each other, bark flying off the edges. Then finally, Bernard hit Inora in the shoulder with his stick. Inora smiled and set her stick aside. "Good job. Always work towards perfection, even if it initially seems hopeless. You'll never get anywhere unless you work towards it. Giving up is for the weak, got it?"

"Got it."

The years passed. Throughout the next three hundred years, Snow Elves slowly converged into the new breed of elves' Christmas elves. Snow elf numbers dwindled down to a mere few hundred. Those few hundred were given a choice by Mother Nature; head to the south pole and never see the northern families again or join the Christmas elves. Inora and her family, as well as Bernard chose to remain up north and join the Christmas elves. One member of Inora's family chose to head south; Dragomir. And Bernard's parents wished to head south as well. So Bernard was alone, now adopted into the Everest Family. The Council of Legendaries chose to create a council of ten Snow Elves to uphold the old traditions, as well as give guidance to the newer Christmas elves. The council was made up of Ull and Skadi Everest, Vonaera and Naer Frost, Tysha Ice, Daethall Evergreen, Ballon Snow, Shaon and Generys Chill, and Inora. The only reason Inora was on the council was because of her new position as the head of Santa's Secret Security, known now as the SSS.

Bernard walked with Inora to their old clearing to work with their katanas. Inora brought her jet black blade, named Soot, in it's jet black scabbard. Bernard got his recently, and decided to name it Frozen Pond, after the ever-frozen pond in their clearing. Over the past three hundred years, Bernard found himself with growing emotions towards Inora. But he was too young for her right now. He was only one thousand, too young to think about relationships. Besides, Inora would probably get promised to another soon. Nevada had recently married Volos Tully.

"Ready to work with real steel, Bernie?" Inora challenged.

"Um... I'm not sure..."

"Come on, you're ready. Trust me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Inora responded. She drew Soot from its scabbard and held it in ready position. "It's just like the wood, only sharper."

"Okay..." He got ready to do and overhead strike, which Inora blocked easily. She aimed for his neck and froze, right before she would have hit it.

"Dead." Inora replied. She continued to drill him with the actual blade for the next three hours. Each time, she made the killing blow. Bernard was covered in little frozen beads of sweat.

"Can we just stop for a bit?" Bernard asked. Inora sighed, not even having broken a sweat yet, and reluctantly put Soot back into its scabbard.

"Whatever. I should probably get back to my post anyway," Inora replied. Suddenly there was a loud rustling in the forest behind them. Both of them snapped their heads to the sound.

"What was that?" Bernard asked.

"I"m not sure..." Inora replied. Her hand gripped Soot, and she stood, completely frozen in her spot, listening for the sounds. The rustling grew loud for a minute, but began to fade away, as if moving away from where Bernard and Inora stood. "I'm going to check it out."

"I'll go with you."


The words hit Bernard like a steel snowball.

"But I'm ready, I can defend myself-"

"If you could defend yourself I wouldn't have nearly killed you thirty-four times within the past three hours," Inora snapped. "I don't want to risk any casualties. And whatever that was didn't sound like any old woodland creature, not even a polar bear. I'm thinking it may have been a humanoid creature. Stay here while I check it out. If I'm not back within an hour, get out of here and send for help. Got it?"

"But Inora-"

"That is an order, Bernard." Bernard was dead silent. He knew perfectly well what Inora was like when she suspected something was a danger to the North Pole.

"Okay." Inora gave Bernard a short hug and went off into the evergreen forest, silent as snowfall.

If only Bernard had realized then that this was the last time he would see Inora Generys Everest.

Bernard shook his head as he snapped out of his trace. He was thinking about her again... Inora. It killed him to not know why she disappeared that day. He had no idea where she was, if she was alive or dead, if she was alright or not. Not even the Legendary Council could locate her. Her disappearance that day, one thousand, five hundred and eighty-nine years, six months, two weeks, and three days ago was a mystery to everyone. No one seemed to have a motive, idea, or reason behind it.

And Bernard hated not knowing for so long.

His romantic emotions for her faded long ago, but not his friendship emotions. He glanced at Frozen Pond, hanging from his wall, not used in nearly fifteen hundred years. Inora would skin him alive if she knew how out of practice he was. He ran a hand through his messy mop of black hair and focused back onto his work. He needed to get this production report done A.S.A.P for Santa. That, and a Council of High Snow Elves meeting was supposed to occur in two days. The council only had nine members now, Bernard included. Generys Chill died of a fever a thousand years back. The same fever which claimed Volos and Nevada Tully. Their daughter Eira still lived. Bernard truly felt sorry for Ull and Skadi Everest. They had lost all of their children.

But Bernard supposed that was life.

And life meant work. He had to work harder, always. To become perfect in his new position as Head Elf. Like Inora always told him, giving up was for the weak. And Bernard still had to prove to the eight other high elves that he wasn't as weak as he would appear.

Which is why after one thousand, five hundred and eighty-nine years, six months, two weeks, and three days, he still hadn't given up on finding Inora Generys Everest.