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"Who ever said that people who are from completely different backgrounds, completely different worlds, couldn't fall in love," yelled Relena.

"Miss Relena, I'm sure he'll call back and apologize," comforted Lt. Noin.

"No he won't," she sobbed, "no, he won't."

*ring ring*

"Hello," Noin answered the phone, "Miss Relena you might want to take this call."

"I don't want to talk to him," she yelled.

"Umm Mrs. Relena," Noin tried to tell her, but Relena grabbed the phone and screamed

"I hate you Heero Yuy!" She slammed the phone down.

"Miss Relena," spoke Noin, "That was your brother."

"Oh Shute."

"Miliardo, I'm so sorry, I thought you were Heero," apologized Relena when she finally got him back on the phone.

"What has that good for nothing done to you now," growled Miliardo.

"Nothing, we just got into a tiny fight," Relena lied.

"You were never a great liar," he told her.

"Really, it's nothing."

"If he ever does anything, anything to hurt you, just tell me."

He began to mumble death threats under his breath.

"Brother, I love you, and I'm fine. And if anything real ever happens, I'll let you know, but I don't want to start anything."

"All right, I'll take your word, but you promise me that, ok?"

"All right."

"Well, I wasn't calling for anything special, I just wanted to call and check up on you. So you're ok now?"

"I'm fine. Do you want me to put Noin back on?"

"Just for a few."

"Noin, Miliardo has something to say to you!"

Noin rushed back to the phone and she listened to the talk away, about things that were meaningless to her, but it kept her mind off of Heero. She wished they would get off the phone so that she could call him and apologize, though she had done nothing. Actually, it was Heero that had screwed everything up, or so she had convinced herself. But, somehow, she had to get him back, even if she had to get on her knees and grovel, she couldn't go through this without him.

Relena Darlin Peacecraft had fallen hard for the young gundam pilot, Heero Yuy, from the beginning. Back then, it was only puppy love, or so they told her, all because she was only fifteen. She would have been wiser to have taken their advice, but she believed in one true love, and she believed hers was Heero Yuy.

No one ever said that it was easy to be in love with someone of the exact opposite, in every way. She was the perfect, innocent, pacifist princess; he was the tarnished, cold hearted, headfast, strong willed gundam pilot. She had waited for the wars to be over. For she thought, if she could outwait the wars, he could be hers, but little did she know how wrong she was. The wars forced them to be in contact with one another. Heero was always there to save or kill her, but now, he had no reason to draw near to her.

Heero was never one to wear his emotions on his sleeves, but everyone knew how much he cared for Relena. No one ever understood why he didn't go after her, but no one ever understood many things that Heero did. He had his own way of going about everything. Nothing anyone ever did was sufficient. No one could satisfy him. Truly, I believe the reason for such was that he was afraid for anyone to. He heart was cold and hardened from war. Love couldn't soften it, no matter how tender, or could it?

'Love them and leave them...'

"Eighteen year olds should know better," Relena scolded herself, "I should have known it wouldn't make him stay, but I had to take the chance! Whatever I do, I shouldn't assume anything. I almost dare to hope." She took a deep breath, "Only time will tell the truth."

'Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?'

It had taken Relena three long years to realize it would take something drastic to make Heero stay. She knew he loved her, and she knew that wasn't enough. He needed motive! She had set up something to keep Heero on his toes, what she had all ready sprung, had all but backfired. But little did she know, how little she would have to do to bring him to her. For now though, All she was left with was a cold trail of tears.

'My eyes are crying a million tears.'

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