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{ Relena }

"Maybe he'll call., no he won't. I'm just filling my head with dreams. Why? Why after all he's put me through." A teardrop slid down her cheek, but before she could even really begin to cry, she heard a crash in the hall. She rose to investigate, but Noin burst into her room.

"And stay in there!" Yelled a man she had never seen before. He was dressed in a military sort of uniform, but not exactly military.

She rushed over to Noin and heard the door lock, from the outside. "What's going on?"

"Someone is breaking in, taking over. I'm not even sure how all of them got in, but they overpowered our security." Noin's voice trailed, but Relena could put the pieces together.

She had been able to get away, but not for long, Robert obviously wasn't going to give up that easily.

Robert had been a friend of hers, well, not really friend I suppose, but more of a political acquaintance for some time now. She had been in numerous meeting with her. He had always seemed a very domineering young man, in his late twenties with hazel eyes and light brown hair. She had always thought he looked very clean cut but never attractive. She had never assumed that he had held any interest in her. He always seemed very professional and to the point. He had never really ever talked to her outside of meetings, not more than a few words at most.

Her eyes went back to Noin. They had been drifting around the room, thinking, wondering, but when Noin began to speak again, she looked directly at her.

"I don't know any way to get help. You brother is hundreds of miles away, and we have no phone lines. They cut them before they ambushed."

"The system? I know that Heero keeps taps on the security system, if he sees something going wrong, he'll come."

"How can you be sure?"

"I'm sure"

{ Heero }

Dangit! Why did he leave? If he had just stayed, he could have protected her, but she was probably all ready gone. Robert had probably taken her from the house, but the house was the first place he was going to go. He didn't think Robert was very skilled in kidnapping, so he had probably left clues behind.

He picked up the cell phone and dialed the boys back, Duo picked up. "Let me talk to someone else."

"Hey, Buddy, why'd you run out so quick before?"

"Relena's about to be kidnapped again, let me talk to someone else." He repeated the phrase louder.

"Ah, going after the princess again! Any reason you called, in particular?"

"Duo! Let me talk to someone else!!!" He nearly screamed at the phone.

"Ok, ok, don't go postal on me. Here." He handed the phone to Trowa.


"Trowa, I need you to run something for me. I need everything you can find on any Robert. I don't have a last name, but he is known by the name Robert. About 5'11, medium build, light brown hair, hazel eyes, probably someone Relena knows from work."

"Got it, call you when I have something."


{ Relena }

"What do you think he wants?" She was questioning Noin. They were both sitting on her floor, propped up against the foot of the bed. If they were going to be stuck somewhere, at least it was her own room, and at least they were together.

"You." She answered simply.

"Why me? What could he want with me?"

"Well, considering that you are probably one of the most important players in the political world, it may be a power play. Or, I suppose, it could be love, but if it is, he had a funny way of going about things."

" what can we do? We can't very well break out, seeing as how there are most likely guards everywhere. We can't call for help, because we have no telephone. I think I have a laser pointer around here somewhere, or maybe we could coax a pigeon into taking a message for us." She was trying desperately to lighten the mood, but so far, she wasn't doing very well. She just felt more and more worried as the minutes passed.

Noin laughed, slightly, trying to make Relena feel better, more than herself.

'Why aren't you here' she kept asking herself. 'Heero, I need you!'

{ Heero }

"Heero, I need you!" He heard Relena's voice, but he wasn't at the Sanq Kingdom. He also knew Robert wouldn't have been stupid enough to take her closer to him. The lat key factor was that, he couldn't feel her. Whenever she was anywhere near, he knew it, he could feel it. Nonetheless, this made him push his foot down farther on the gas, 100 wasn't fast enough, he couldn't get to her quickly enough.

{ Relena }

They sat in silence a while. They would look at each other from time to time, but there was really nothing left to say. They were surrounded by a force of people that they had no idea if they were there to harm them, or simply hold them hostage, but either way, it was against their will.

The silence was stiffening. With every breath she took, Relena was sure that would be her last. 'They must be filling the air with something,' she kept thinking, but truly, they had done nothing, yet. They were just preparing, keeping watch to make sure the Princess and her dear friend were kept safely in that room. They had allowed her the pleasure of having Noin around, for now, but they would not need her later, and the plan was plain and simple, execution.

{ Heero }

He finally reached the Sanq Kingdom, and upon arriving, found it was surrounded by men in uniforms he had never seen before. He took a picture with his mini camera and sent it, via his laptop, to Trowa. There were too many of them, he needed a plan, but he needed one quickly. If he tried to break in himself, there was a good chance he would run into a guard. Not that he couldn't handle himself with one, well not that he couldn't handle himself with one-hundred and one, but he needed a well thought out methodical plan.

He knew the navigation of Relena's house, better than headquarters. He knew every escape route and secret passage, some that even Relena had no idea existed. He wanted to simply charge at the house and rescue her, but he knew better, so he stayed in wait, a good distance from the house, the car in park so it would not make any noise, carefully hidden behind some greenery.

It was night now, so he was thankful his car was black, it would blend in just fine. He stepped out, ever so carefully, and took a look around, trying to memorize where each guard stood. If he could watch long enough, he could see when and where exactly each one changed shifts. He waited and waited, but they seemed to be like robots, never tiring, never moving.

'Perhaps they're statues. Maybe they're not real, I haven't seen a one move in the last two hours,' he thought to himself, but one looked up. 'Ok, maybe only that one's real. One guy I could take out no sweat.'

Then, at precisely 10:18:07 they switched. "Bingo," he mumbled and got back into the car. He sped back to base, without even being noticed, or so he thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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