"So, Skulduggery, are you pleased with the bedroom?"

"Honestly, I'm having rather distressing thoughts about how terrible things will be now that I have to do laundry on a regular basis."

"You wash your clothes, don't you?"

"Well, obviously, but that's just manipulating water. For this, I actually have to, you know, strip the mattress and change the sheets and so on and so forth."

"Good point," Dexter says. "You would get bored with the same bedclothes all the time."

"As long as it's the same person lying in them, I don't think I'd care, to be honest."

"Did you never get tired of the upholstery on your chairs or the pattern of your wallpaper or something?" Dexter asks.

"On occasion," Skulduggery says, shrugs.

"What did you do then?"

"I changed the living room where I spent most of my time. Obviously."

"Obviously," Dexter echoes, rolling her eyes.

"In addition to minor concerns over laundry, I am predicting a future in which we spend most of our time talking. I find this worrying."

"We can stop talking now, if you want," Dexter says, smiling.

"It really isn't now I'm worried about. Though that would be fine too."




A/N: It occurs to me that instead of bringing a moving van to the second date, Dexter brought arguments for the construction of a bedroom to the first one.

This amuses me to no end.

~Mademise Morte, September 30, 2012.