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Summary: Cardverse/Chessverse AU. King Alfred never got along with his Queen. After a fight, Arthur flees the Castle and is captured by a new royal from across the sea. When Alfred finally gets Arthur back, he finds that their relationship takes a huge turn. The American desperately tries to fix their relationship but how can the King trust his Queen when the other won't stop lying to him?

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Chapter 1:Time and Time again

Time was and still is a curious thing. There is no way to prove or disprove it. Some say God made it, others that humans invented it for their own reasons. What we can all agree on is that time has become an important part of human life. To measure time, humans created clocks. Curious devices clocks, they come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

It is well known that the Kingdom of Spades has two important clocks, The King and Queen Clocks. They choose the next rulers after the previous royal family dies. However, there is one clock they don't tell you about: The Joker Clock. It is a very small clock, a cuckoo clock to be exact. The Joker Clock's job was to wake up the Queen when something important was about to happen, be it big or small. So when it went off in the middle of the night, Queen Arthur was awake and ready for anything.

Queen Arthur was a shorter man than most; his build was meant for speed and flexibility. His blond hair fell in waves, green eyes that were like an emerald, and huge eyebrows completed the look. He hailed from the Kirkland Family, who ruled the county of England, none of which liked him very much.

Seeing that he was safe, Arthur grabbed his knife from under his pillow and checked his room. No one was there. Silently grabbing his sword from the wall, he stealthily went to go check on his King. The King actually lived several halls away from the Queen. He crept down the hall silent as a shadow, his mind thinking about the King.

The King's name was Alfred F. Jones, a commoner from the America County who the King Clock had chosen to be the next ruler. He was tall, had blond hair, blue eyes, and a bright smile that could outshine the sun. Alfred was very friendly and kind but he was famous for not doing his work leaving the Queen to do it for him.

The King and Queen didn't get along very well. In public, they would be civil but in private... well things didn't go as smoothly. In deed they were married, fife years in fact, but it was a political marriage. Their personalities just clashed! So you could imagine Queen Arthur's shock when he realized he loved the younger blond!

It was around the third year of the marriage when Arthur finally accepted it. He wanted Alfred. Alfred with the stupid bright smile, those stupid sapphire blue eyes and the stupidly tan skin! So what could the problem be? Well simply Alfred wanted nothing to do with Arthur. The younger always complained that Arthur was too strict and boring. It hurt Arthur deeply when it was said but he carried on with a stiff upper lip.

Waking up from his thoughts, Arthur realized that he was at the King's room. Arthur took a deep breath as he slowly opened the door a crack. His green eyes widened as he found Alfred, his King and husband, trapping one of the maids against the wall. Their faces were only millimeters apart. The moon gave the whole room a soft glow.

Hearing the door open, Alfred whipped his head to find a shocked Arthur at his door. The maid used this time to run away before the Queen recognized her. She needed this job.

The King sighed and turned fully to his Queen. He had not intended for Arthur to find out about his maids this way. "What do you want Arthur?" He asked in an angry voice. The smaller always ruined his fun!

Arthur was frozen in shock, eyes wide and mouth agape and nerves rattling. It was difficult for him to comprehend a single bit of this newly discovered information. His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, and his hands trembled if examined closely. When he tried to form the words, the sounds did not come out. He was completely, utterly, horribly, and terribly shocked.

"W-Whot were you doing to that girl?" The words finally flowed from his lips, shakily but out nonetheless.

Alfred starred at him. "I WAS having some fun before you ruined it all! Now I will have to find her all over again!" His hands tightly gripped a chair in front of him. His blue eyes looked over his Queen.

The smaller was in his usual bedtime clothes, but there was a sword in his hands. Alfred knew that if this went wrong he might be facing an armed enemy. His hold on the chair tightened.

Arthur saw Alfred's grip on a chair tighten, and instincts took control as he now gripped his sword with both hands. He wasn't afraid of Alfred one bit, but he had witnessed the King's anger several times. He knew what it looked like, and despised it extremely, but if he had to fight the American, he would.

"We're married...and you would rather go off with maids that work under you instead of going with someone who works eye level with you?"

Alfred's eyes narrowed as the sword was held with both hands. He thought of a retort before he responded. "It's a political marriage. Besides, who would want you compared to a lovely maiden? You are very feminine but she is a true beauty. You also seem to forget I come from a small town, I don't find her low because she was born in the lower class."

Arthur's blood boiled and his muscles tensed in anger. How dare Alfred say that to him! Just because Alfred was King and Arthur was Queen did not mean that it was okay for Alfred to be so rude to him! He would never remember what exactly he said to Alfred.

"Just because our marriage is political does NOT mean you have a right to treat me below dirt! You're uneducated, you think you're so great and wonderful because you rule a kingdom, you're lazy and irresponsible- I'm surprised you're even seen as a King, because the only thing YOU seem to master in is childish behavior, immaturity, disrespect- and not to forget, the inability to keep your dick inside of your pants!"

As soon as Arthur yelled at him, Alfred saw red. He didn't hear what the other yelled at him but it didn't matter. Who was Arthur to think he knew Alfred? Arthur knew NOTHING! "At least I am not a stuffy know it all, who throws himself a pity party because no one likes them! You are the most annoying person I have ever met! No one likes you because you are a prideful bitch! Gods! Why did I have to get this Queen?! The only thing you are the Queen of is your fairy friends!"

Arthur blinked in shock once he realized that he said something that he had always kept bottled inside ever since they had started to work together. Alfred was too young and too uneducated to rule the Spades kingdom. He hardly did any work, and Arthur always ended up signing laws that Yao, the Jack of Spades, presented to them. It was even more embarrassing when the other Kings of the kingdoms- Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds- or their Queens told Arthur how sad it was he had to do most of the work while Alfred slacked. Luckily, the Spades' king had never heard them, but right now, Arthur didn't care what his selfish king heard.

"At least I have respect for others, even when I don't like them! And you don't even know what the others say about you to me behind your back! It's extremely embarrassing when other kingdoms' rulers say how terrible it is that I do most of the work while you slack off! You may be the King of Spades, but in reality, that position and work and responsibility always falls down to ME!"

A chair flew past Arthur's head. Alfred stormed up to Arthur, putting their faces only centimeters in distance. "Do you think I am stupid? I know what they say about me, and let me tell you. I don't give a fuck! I help this country in ways that you don't even know. After all, how could you when you are constantly a whiny bitch! Why don't you grow some balls and do something?"

Taking a deep breath, Alfred walked backward towards his bed. His voice now filled with sarcasm. "It has been nice talking to you my Queen." A low bow was given in mock respect. "Now why don't you act like a good little wife and go away."

Arthur was shaking as the chair flew past him and his eyes were met with cold blue. He didn't what to say. The words stabbed into his heart without any mercy, ruining him on the inside. He was hated; everyone hated him, why was he so hated, why? What did he do to deserve such treatment from someone whom he cared deeply for? His family had banned him of ever coming to see him again. His King hated him. The Jack of Spades didn't mind him very much, but then again, Arthur could tell Yao was tired of their arguments at every meeting they had with the other kingdoms.

Arthur couldn't live with this King anymore and continuously be harassed by him. He didn't care what the Queen's clock told him. If Alfred didn't want him as a Queen, he would not have him as a Queen. He could have one of his maids do so. In fact, he would not have Arthur even as a citizen of the Kingdom of Spades. Arthur would live on the water, just about twenty miles or so from here. He had a house that his family had bought for when work was too stressful, and although it was not a permanent settlement, he would have to make it as such.

"If that's what you would like... I apologize for disturbing you with my presence. I promise you won't have to hear from me again." Arthur gave a furious yet sad glare at the King of Spades, and he turned around, sword still held firmly in a taut grasp, and he left the room to return back to his quarters, and pack his bags. He would leave just as the sun was rising. He would have to tell Yao. Yao, he could definitely trust, both of them having gone to school together. Alfred would have to find out himself.

He didn't know what was worse, the fact that Alfred would always hate Arthur or the fact that Arthur would always love Alfred.

Alfred sighed as Arthur left. He collapsed onto his bed. "I should not have said that." He punched the pillow in front of him. "Shit! What am I gonna do?" Lying down, he thought of a plan. Tomorrow he would apologize and bring some Spades Roses. Happy with his plan, King Alfred let himself be taken to dream land, full of maids and his favorite food.

As soon as Arthur was back to his room, he let whatever block he had built for himself fall and bury him, allowing him to finally relax and let the rest of the water fall down his cheeks. Tears had already streaked down his face as he walked back, but everything came crashing down onto his unprepared shoulders as soon as he was back inside his quarters, and he openly sobbed, unable to cope with the fact that he was greatly hated.

He was completely alone now, save for the large white cat he had saved from the alley- he had named it Illumi, since he was so friendly and joyful, and brought a smile to anyone's face- that now purred against his leg, tail swishing against him and head lightly nudging his leg. Arthur bent down to scoop up his pet and held him, cradling the sweet feline close to him for comfort. Soft hums from the cat comforted him only slightly, but it was enough to have him gaze down at the blue-eyed face.

"I'm not that bad, am I?" He whispered, petting back the silly strand of fur that always stayed up. Illumi purred and rubbed his head under his chin. Arthur chuckled weakly. "At least you think so..."

Setting his dear pet down, he started to rummage through his closet. There was about three hours before sunrise, but he wanted to be out in about two. He would need time to pack all of his stuff, get it on the carriage, hook his own horse Flora- a gift from, ironically, Alfred for their first year as King and Queen- to said transportation, write a letter to Yao and secretly slide it to him under the door. Some of the knights (or the two that didn't despise him, Mathias and Lukas), could definitely help him if he needed it. When he finally found anything to hold something, he sent down a quick note down the chute that was put in so that if something was needed, you could send a letter without having to go down and get them yourselves.

Arthur must have double-checked everything, maybe even triple-checked. Most of his belongings had been brought down by Mathias and Lukas, as well as a few more knights, and Flora was properly hooked up to the carriage. He would be bringing himself to his house, putting everything in the seats and having Illumi by his side. All he had was a personal bag, his cat and his belongings, and the letter to Yao left. He left the key on the bedside table, dressed in his informal wear, Illumi stealthily and quietly padding beside him. He slid the letter to the Jack under the door of his personal quarters, and started for downstairs, the foyer, and his exit.

However, when he went past Alfred's quarters, he stopped. There were no sounds coming from the room, even when he gingerly placed his ear against the door. He gave a quiet sigh, looking down at his bare finger where the boy from the country had once put a ring. The object was now sitting on his made bed perfectly. He would try to forget the King. He would, even though it would not be easy. "I hope you end up happy in the end... for that…is all I care for..." His hand slid down the frame, and he wiped away the last of a few stray tears before turning and walking away.

"You tell no one of this," he stated clearly to Mathias once everything was in its proper place and he was in the seat, holding the reigns. Illumi had crawled into the back to snuggle into some pillows and sleep, and Flora had nuzzled him affectionately when he greeted her.

The tall knight grinned, features sharp yet the trusty eyes glowing in the light of the lantern. "Since when have I ever been untrustworthy?"

Arthur nodded in agreement. Lukas, apathetic as always, gave him a salute. The hated Queen returned the gesture, snapped the reigns, and left back five years of regretted memories.

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