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Summary: Cardverse/Chessverse AU. King Alfred never got along with his Queen. After a fight, Arthur fless the Castle and is captured by a new royal from across the sea. When Alfred finally gets Arthur back, he finds that their relationship takes a huge turn. The American desperately tries to fix their relationship but how can the King trust his Queen when the other won't stop lying to him?

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Chapter 28: Damn it Alfred!

After the moans had subsided, the peace was restored to the Arthur's room. Both Arthur and Rachel relaxed against the sheets with the Queen running his hands through his girlfriend turned lover's long blond hair as she quietly drifted into sleep with her head on the Queen's chest.

He was pleasantly surprised as he enjoyed what had just occurred as much as he did. Rachel had been extremely kind and patient with him. She even helped him a bit when he was too confused or nervous to continue. He was thankful that she, at least, knew what she was doing. Arthur smiled at the memory that was just created. He used a single finger to delicately trace swirling patterns against her beautiful pale skin. "Mmmm, so beautiful. What would I do without you?"

She smiled in her sleep, shifting to fix her position beside him. He quietly chuckled; he had never thought that he would have ever been with a woman sexually, never mind one that worked for him. He was glad that it had happened in a way. However differently he felt at first, it certainly was a good experience for him, and he was positive that whatever he had done had made her have a pleasurable memory as well.

He had been almost a sleep when a strong, urgent knocking sounded throughout the room. The Queen groaned, carefully easing Rachel to the side of the bed. She shuffled a bit in her sleep, but he pecked a kiss to her cheek. He threw on a bathrobe that covered most everything, and went to the door. "Yes?" He asked calmly as he opened the door.

It was Toris and he was in tears. The brunette's eyes were red and puffy from crying. The tears had left streaks and pooled under the servant's chin. "M-My Q-Q-Queen..."

Now worried, Arthur opened the door and stepped out, shutting the door just as quickly. "Toris? Whot's wrong?!" Almost instantly, he thought of Alfred. Had something bad happened to the American? Was it his wound? Did the infection spread?! 'I will never forgive myself if he died from the wound that I cleaned out.'

"T-The Ki-ing. He is dying!" Toris eventually got out, his breath coming in very rapidly.

The Queen was already moving as fast as his legs could move to get to the King's chambers. His heart hammered in his chest, his hands trembled, his eyes blurred. This couldn't happen to him! Not Alfred! Not his best friend! Arthur used his arms to keep the robe in place as his blue bathrobe's strings came undone but he didn't let that slow him down. 'I don't understand! His shoulder wound wasn't that bad! I cleaned it!' Seeing the King's door, he felt a burst of energy. Yet when he got inside the extravagant room, Alfred wasn't there!

This time, the water refused to listen and started to escape from his eyes. He choked back a sob, and turned towards the Lithuanian servant, who panted for breath against the door frame. "W-where is he?!" He demanded, angry and afraid that something terrible had truly happened now.

Torus shuddered as he tried to speak Arthur had run like Death was at his own heels. "Med-Medical Ward." The last part came out as a gasp but it was loud enough for Arthur to hear. "H-He is at the roy-royal room… I found h-him."

Another sob left the Englishman's lips, this time followed by several others. "N-n-no!" He dashed out the doors again, sprinting and ordering himself to go faster. His lungs burned and his breaths left his body in loud gasps. 'Oh dear gods, Alfred, please, I need you to be alright, please.' He nearly cried out in relief when he stepped foot into the medicine-scented ward, and stopped the nearest doctor, even though he did not look like the proper Queen at all. "W-where's the King?!"

The doctor seemed frightened by the sight of the normally very composed royal but pointed toward an open door down the corner. The room was only for the High Royals and the best doctors in the land.

Arthur didn't have the ability to thank him as he ran into the open room. "Alfred?!"

The King was lying on the bed. Alfred looked fine, just asleep. However it was the doctors that worried Arthur. He collapsed to the edge of the bed, hand intertwining with the King's larger hands. He whimpered at the lack of heat Alfred contained and pecked the top worrisomely; emerald orbs unable to tear away from the peacefully slumbering expression. "Wh-whot's wrong with him?" He asked the doctors quietly, his voice slightly shaking.

The eldest doctor spoke after conferring with his associates. "We don't know, my Queen. One of the servants found him like this. There are no wounds from what we can tell. Poison maybe but for how quick the symptoms came on, it is not causing death as fast as it should. Perhaps he hit his head hard, but we cannot tell anything at this point."

"Oh gods..." Arthur let out a hiccup and placed his head against the other male's arm, trying to suppress his cries as he quietly wept into the other blond male's arm. "Alfred, can't leave me...!" Without Alfred, he could not be Queen. He needed Alfred by him and Alfred only. He pressed nearly a dozen kisses onto his hand and sighed shakily. He needed his King to survive this. Yet Alfred didn't give any response. He just kept sleeping as if he would wake up tomorrow. The Queen rubbed beneath his nose and sniffed, and then moved the covers aside before he settled against his best friend silently. He pressed a kiss to Alfred's cheek, embracing the King as if he would move away at any second.

The doctors eventually left. Arthur spent his time guarding Alfred, wondering what went wrong. Eventually, Rachel came to him with a tray of food and a small smile. Setting down the food, she sat on the edge of the bed. The servant held Arthur's hand that wasn't holding Alfred's. "Hey, how is he doing?"

Arthur hummed in thought, looking at her and then back to an unusually pale Alfred. "I suppose, he is fine... It's hard to tell. They say he's dying by poison, but...he doesn't seem like he's dying externally. He looks as healthy as ever. I can sense life force. His brightness is dimmed, so to speak, but not gone or going. I don't understand."

Rachel squeezed his hands. She knew that Alfred meant a lot to Arthur. "In my hometown when I was seven, there was a young man that fell into a river and banged his head and body pretty bad. He was the son of a wealthy merchant. The young man slept for an entire month before awaking to his parents' surprise. He was as good as new once his injuries healed up!" She meant the words to be encouraging but it only seemed to make the Queen even more depressed.

"A whole month..." He gazed at Alfred with silent curiosity and worry. "I can't live that long without him. I barely lasted a day."

Rachel frowned for a bit before smiling. "My Queen, be reasonable. Alfred only needs rest; he will wake when he is good and ready. Your Kingdom needs a leader now, their Queen. Call the Lords and Ladies that have gathered in the Capital. I will watch over the King for you." She tried to rub his shoulders to relieve tension.

"Ask Isabel." He moved closer to his friend. "I'm not leaving him."

"Please my Queen? For me?" She pleaded, squeezing Arthur's hand.. "The people need you. Some of the servants are already saying the King is dead. They need leadership, they need you."

Arthur let out a frustrated sigh, giving his King one last hug before he stood up groggily. His head spun slightly as he moved too quickly. Shaking it off, he gave in. "If he wakes up, you are to wake me. I don't care if I am in the meeting or even the bathroom. I'll be bashing skulls in if you need me, luv."

Rachel gave a huge smile and placed the older man in a comforting hug. "Thank you, it means a lot for you to trust me this much."

He smiled albeit weakly, returning the hug for a few seconds before letting go and stepping back from his girlfriend. "Of course, darling."

She moved into Arthur's spot, making sure the Alfred was tucked in well. "Go get'em tiger."

The Queen simpered, and hurried his way. He first sent a letter- by magic- to the servants' quarters, where he threatened all of them to never talk of their King as dead again or else they would find themselves without work or home- hopefully one of them could read. Next, he gathered all of the Lords and Ladies into the main hall, where the Royal Court held big meetings. He had dressed to proper clothes, and now sat in his throne regally, waiting for everyone to gather before he would speak.

Eventually the wait was over as everyone quickly hurried to their seats. Arthur could tell they saw his anger. All talking died down before the Queen even had to call for silence

"Unfortunately," he murmured loud enough for them to hear him, "In the same day that the Kingdom of Hearts has been attacked, our beloved King has fallen ill. He has not died, thank the gods, and I will severely punish anyone who says so."

One royal stood up on the right hand side of the room. His clothes indicated he was from the county of Denmark. "My Queen? What is going on with Hearts? I have heard many rumors from pirates, to a fool-hearty Hearts naval captain, or that Diamonds is sending ships to terrorize the beaches of all other Kingdoms."

Another man stood up. "I heard it was Clubs' sneak attack, that the rumors of their own attacks were simply ruses."

"Are you serious?" Another voice called out, this one very feminine. "It all Heart's fault!"

From there, it all became a disaster. Several Lords and Ladies stood up and started yelling at each other about what they heard and when. The noise level only increased as rivalries sprung up. It got to the point where some couldn't even hear themselves think.

"Silence!" Arthur shouted once, standing up to get attention focused on him. Almost instantly, the room quieted. The Queen moved over onto the platform angrily yet gradually, as if stalking the crowd for his next meal. "Hearts has been unexpectedly attacked. We do not know by whom yet. I am sending a letter tonight and hoping they can answer. If I hear any rumors on who attacked them that I can trace back to you, you will be removed from the Spades Court of Lords and Ladies, your family will be publicly embarrassed, and you will not live in my Kingdom!"

The hall quieted immediately. There was only silence as Arthur continued to pace the floor.

"As for our King...he is sick. That is all we know. We are not sure if he is dying or, as much as it pains a Wakeless Sleep...all we are aware of is he looks as healthy as usual and he seems to be at peace. Any rumors that contradict these, the previously stated punishment will be the same: I will remove you from our court, your family will be publicly humiliated, and we will transport you to another Kingdom.

"What we need is a plan. The men that have attacked the shoreline of Hearts are obviously not like-minded individuals. We will send aid to their coastal line. Our Jack currently traveling to Hearts as of right now to help in any way that we can. For the front on our land, I want you all to find anyone you know with experience with the navy and send them to Seaport Watch. We will reacquaint them with ships, and then send them to the coasts so we are prepared when the pirates or whoever's ships arrive here.

"After that, what do we do?" A small voice that came from the front asked.

"We wait. Our King will be fine, I assure you. If not, I will tell you all privately. For now, everyone is to keep their mouths quiet about these issues or else there will be serious hell to pay." He looked at the crowd one more time, before waving his hand as if they were servants. "You are dismissed."

The Lords and Ladies did as he commanded, not wanting to test their Queen's patience at this time. They didn't even stay to chat as was custom. As they quickly left, Arthur saw Toris come in after everybody left.

The Queen walked calmly over to the servant, meeting him in the middle of the Great Spadian Court Room. Quietly, he let himself relax. "How is he?" It had been less than an hour and a half since he had seen his dear friend, but he hadn't been able to get the King's current state out of his mind.

Toris frowned, his eyes still a dark red from crying. "He stays the same," was the subdued response. "The doctors can only say it's not a poison they are aware of." He sighed as he rubbed his eyes. "Isabel sent me to you. She requests your immediate attention to discuss something."

Arthur rubbed his eyelids as well, groaning beneath his breath. "Dear gods..." All he wanted, no, needed to do was go back to Alfred and everybody was delaying that. He sighed, glancing up at Toris calmly. "I'm going to see Alfred. She can see me there in the Medical Ward."

Toris shook his head. "My Queen, she is only in the Parlor room. It is close to the Medical Ward. She wishes to discuss matters in person."

The Queen's eyes narrowed. "I am going to see my King! She can come to me. I will not say it again, and I will not change my plans. You tell Isabel to meet me in the Medical Ward. I will make sure no one else is in there when she arrives."

The servant wisely bowed. "Yes my Queen." With that Toris ran away, leaving Arthur all alone on the large empty hall.

Arthur, once again feeling miserable, started to walk forward with his head bowed and attitude subdued. He made sure to nod to servants that bowed, and assured the maids that Alfred was alright, that he was just in a Wakeless Sleep, that he wasn't dead and to believe in him. Some of the maids went off in tears, others dry-faced but clearly worried. He grabbed a collection of Spades roses from the gardener (who nearly fell to the ground dead by being asked to pick the flowers from Arthur's side of the garden) and when he got to the ward, he ordered all medical personnel out and placed the flowers in a vase that was sitting beside Alfred's table.

"Hello, dearest friend," he smiled weakly, and placed a kiss against his forehead.

A voice came from behind him. "Oh stop that, you're making me jealous..."

He didn't have to turn to tell who it was. "He's very dear to me. I'm sorry, but...I don't know whot I would do if I didn't have him."

Rachel hugged him from behind. "You'd still have me."

The Brit rested his hands on hers. "I know, but...we've come so far, he and I, I...I feel like if he were to l-leave this world..."

"Have heart, he will awaken when he does and not a moment before. Remember, this is Alfred we are talking about here."

Arthur's trembling hand reached over and cupped his young King's face. "It worries me think he's only twenty and has so much ahead for him..."

Another feminine voice came from behind them. "Our King is strong, he will pull though."

The Queen turned to see Isabel walking to them, and then patted the top of Rachel's hand. "Would you mind cleaning my chambers, luv? I need to talk to Isabel in private, please."

The servant gave a strained smile. She knew that Arthur was having a hard time and was trying to be understanding. "Of course love..."

"Thank you, dearest." He pecked her cheek and gave a weak rise of his lips. "I will try not to be long. Eventually, I will make it back to our room."

Rachel frowned. "Really? You promise?" She asked.

"I will try. I cannot promise because I do not know whot has to be discussed. I will need to see but I will try to."

Rachel gave him a hug and whispered in his ear so that Isabel didn't hear. "I promise to make it worth your while if you do..." With that, she hurried away.

Arthur sighed as she left, and then plopped himself down on the bed beside Alfred, gazing at the Ace over the length of his body. "Whot is it that you wanted to talk about..."

"Traitors and whores."

The Queen simpered. "I know of the maids, Isabel. I know whot they do."

Isabel raised an eyebrow. "That was not the whore I was talking about but there is one more important measure before we get to that. Traitors."

Arthur was silent for a moment before he sat up, scooting up to shift Alfred into his lap peacefully and carefully. "Whot of them? Have we found any extreme issues with them lately?"

"A few cooks and squires tried to escape with horses and large amounts of gold as rumors spread that the King is dead," Isabel informed, sitting down on a nearby chair in the room. "A chambermaid was found spying on Royals in the West Hall and we found a violent gang against Spades in a town next to us that is trying to gain a foothold here in the Capital."

The Brit cringed, and rubbed his forehead with a groan. "Gods damn it...bring the cooks and squires to the jail, have a few guards keep an eye on them. If we can, do the same for the maid. I'll have someone speak to them before we eat. Also, we shall send about twenty guards over to the town to gather the gang. When Mathias and Lukas return, I'll ask one or both of them to lead the guards and have them returned here with the gang members in tow."

Isabel nodded, her darker green eyes flashing over the King before looking into the Queen's eyes again. "Of course My Queen. As you command." Her left foot started to move up and down in a pattern.

"Now, as you suggested before, for the whore problem..."

Isabel bit her lip, a sign Arthur knew only appeared when she was nervous. "Um...I don't really know how to say this." She looked down at the ground and rubbed her arm. The Ace knew that she had to tell Arthur know but how she would actually bring in up into a conversation smoothly was eluding her. After a few more minutes of indisicion, she looked up and cleared her throat.

"Whot is it?" He carefully slid Alfred off of his lap, and sat on the edge of the bed. "You look nervous." The female's movements were making him nervous.

"Well, speaking about whores, I wanted to um... Oh gods give me strength." She muttered looking to the sky. "I wanted to talk about... Rachel..."

Arthur's eyes narrowed. It didn't take him much to figure what she was about to say. "Whot about Rachel?" 'Is she really going to suggest this to me, at a time like this?!'

Isabel shifted for weight a few times before answering. "She a whore, my Queen. I thought you only were going for friendship, but I saw the hickeys you left on her today." The Ace stared into the Queen's eyes so that he could see the truth in her eyes. "I didn't want to say anything but I think she has overstayed her welcome here.

"That's ridiculous!" He snapped, anger instantly coursing inside of him. He stood up and marched over to the woman, his fists clenched. "How dare you state such blatant lies! Why would you call her that?!"

"B-Because she is one." Isabel stated calmly as she could. She stood up as well, coming to the same height as Arthur. "Do you think it's normal for a woman like that to not be married or curious why she is sterile?"

"I don't see any proof, Isabel! You can't call someone like her a whore without physical proof that she is!"

The female took a step back. "I know she is a whore because I found her in a whorehouse! I was the one who brought her to the Castle!" Then she seemed to pale and cupped her hand over her mouth.

The Queen only seemed to become angrier. "Now you listen to me. I need absolute proof- on paper and Rachel telling me that you are right- before I can believe you. And until that happens, she is a lovely individual who is nowhere near whore standards!"

The Ace let out a snort before storming out of the room.

Arthur plopped down beside Alfred again, looking at his King's peaceful expression. "I can't believe her..." He reached over and cupped the American's face. "You know Rachel isn't a whore, yeah?" He whispered, and then simpered to himself. "I can't believe I'm talking to a body in a Wakeless Sleep." He pressed a kiss atop the other's head. "Sleep peacefully, my dearest friend." He snuck under the covers, and settled into the slight warmth with a sigh. He pulled Alfred close to him, resting his head against Alfred's shoulder, and fell asleep himself.

By the time he woke up, it was dark outside. No one came to wake him up! Blinking, Arthur looked around. The moonlight fluttered through the curtains, illuminating an empty room. It was oddly quiet with the door shut. All the other patients in the Ward must have been asleep at this point in the night.

The Queen let out a yawn and sat up, half-aware of where he was. He looked beside him, and smiled at the sight of his best friend. "Hello there, sleepy," he grinned, and leaned over to press a kiss against Alfred's pale cheek.

The King didn't move or give any sign that he heard Arthur. His breathing was steady as his chest rose and fell. Nothing seemed better nor worse. Alfred simply lay there without movement.

Arthur stretched over the other, resting against the other's chest sadly. "Do me a favor, Alfred, and wake up soon, yeah?" He hated the fact that he couldn't have any contact with his best friend. It hurt inside him deeply that he wasn't able to talk to the King like he normally did.

Again, he got no response. Arthur looked around and listened. There was literally nothing but the sound of their breathing to fill the room. The Queen was so used to the quiet that the protest of his stomach for food frightened him. He rubbed his stomach with a pained expression. He wanted to get food, he knew he needed it, but he didn't want to leave Alfred. It was clear there was no one around. He would have to leave, if only for a bit. He stood, wincing when he realized that his muscles were sore from having a little amount of movement, and started on his way to the kitchen.

Arthur then noticed a shadow. Turning, he paled. It was at that point, he truly understood the saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' Standing in the door way with a frown stood Rachel with a tray of food. She did not look all.

"I am so sorry," he started to say, but was cut off.

"You promised!" Rachel cried as she strode forward. Setting down the tray on a nearby table, she crossed her arms. Her face was set in a deep frown.

"I didn't promise, luv, I said I would try and see whot I could do. I never promised anything."

The female's eyes narrowed. Her voice came out as a hiss, "And what pray tell were you doing?"

"I was here with Alfred. I fell asleep for whot was supposed to be a little while before I came back to our room, but turned into something worse altogether." Arthur explained, trying to sound reasonable to his lover. "I didn't mean to. I appologize that I over slept. You know how my energy has been off because of my starvation."

Rachel still glared at him. "Fine, I brought you food." She turned away and spoke with a sour voice. "I'll see you tomorrow." Strutting out of the room, she didn't look back at the Englishman.

Arthur groaned, rubbing his eyes with the soles of his palms. "Why must everything happening right now be wrong?" He grumbled, taking the food and sitting on the bed again. He glanced over at Alfred, but then turned back and started to eat slowly. The food tasted delicious. It was a simple meal of meat, soup, and bread with butter yet it gave Arthur strength to continue his watch.

The Queen finished his meal a while later, going to the washroom in the ward before situating himself beside Alfred once again. "I wish I could feed you more than just small amounts of broth and honey," he sighed, embracing his friend with a sigh. "That way, you'll be at least a bit healthy when you awake." The King still didn't respond. It was like time had stopped where Alfred was. Arthur, however, did not pay that fact any mind. "Wake up soon, dearest friend, yeah?" He smiled at the sleeping American, settled beside him once more, and slipped into slumber once again.

Soon he was awakened by the doctors. Startled, Arthur opened his eyes blearily and weakly, giving a soft moan in confusion and exhaustion. "Whot is it?" He mumbled, trying to clear his eyesight.

One of the younger looking females gave the Queen a gentle smile as she placed a hand on Arthur's shoulder. "My Queen, we need to check the King for any signs of change. However, you are making it hard for our King to breath."

The Briton scrambled to his feet and stepped away from the bed. "O-oh dear gods, I'm so sorry!" He gasped as he looked down at Alfred, worried that he did something that might set back Alfred's recovery. "Is he alright?"

The eldest doctor laughed deeply, grinning at his Queen. "Yes, of course. You were just lying on The King's chest."

"Oh," Arthur gulped, inwardly sighing with relief that nothing was terribly wrong. "I'm sorry." He bowed his head in silence before giving a small simper. "It's just hard to see him in such a state...don't you agree?"

The old doctor looked over the King as the younger doctors did several tests. "The King is a strong man. It would take more than this to keep him down. I am positive he will awaken soon."

"I'm glad. How high are those chances?" Arthur asked, trying not to give his hopes up. He didn't want to be disappointed.

"Very high."

Arthur's grin seemed to grow bigger. "That's amazing!" He laughed loudly.

The younger doctors backed away and most of them exited the room once their job was done. More doctors were being trained in Spades than ever due to how Arthur and Alfred has steered their country. It was great to see the young learn and discover. Hopefully, this would lead to new knowledge in the medical field. "Nothing has changed though my Queen," one said to him on the way out.

"I'm still happy." As soon as the others were gone, he stretched beside his best friend again with a sigh. "To think that you'll be awake soon..." He laughed a bit louder this time, cuddling into his King's arm with joy.

A loud cough interrupted the happy time. Still with a grin, he looked over at who had interrupted the moment. At the door way was a very angry Ace. Arthur rolled his emerald eyes with a smile. "Yes, yes, whot is it Isabel?"

"The Lords and Ladies have assembled. They await you once again." she said in a strained tone. The Ace's darker green eyes glared at the Queen. "This shall be one of the last times you meet as some people need to travel back to their homes. The more Northern County leaders wish to leave before the harvest. Also, Yao will return tomorrow morning."

"Of course, thank you for telling me." He quickly gave Alfred a kiss on the forehead. Then he moved to bow in front of Isabel, taking her hand and kissing the top of the tan skin. The Englishman quickly left to attend the Lords and Ladies' meeting, trying to pat out the wrinkles in his clothes as he walked.

By the time the Queen got to the Great Hall, an air of seriousness hit the room. Quietly, he made his way to his throne, but did not take a seat in it. Feeling the uneasiness that radiated from the group, he tried to smile and easy away the tension. "A good morning to you all," he greeted. "Whot news do we have for today?"

The man seated in the very front stood. His name was Lord Wold. He was designated as the Speaker of Spades, meant to rule the Royal Council if the King, Queen, Jack, and Ace were gone or indisposed at the same time. The older man wore dark gray robes with a gold broach on his shoulder. "My Queen, the Kingdom of Hearts has sent us two letters: one from the Queen very late last night and one from the Ace that came during my breakfast. I have a squire in the rookery should another message arrive."

Arthur nodded. "Alright. Would you mind presenting both to me, please?"

Lord Wald shook his head. "I burned them my Queen. However, I have memorized both of them." For a man of almost seventy years old, that was impressive.

"Very well," responded Arthur, who was slightly worried that some important fact would be lost but he couldn't do anything about the burned letters now; Even magic couldn't help him. The Queen sat into his throne smoothly, as if it would break by even the slightest breath. "Would you mind paraphrasing the contents of the letters and presenting that to the rest of the Court?"

Lord Wold nodded, his gray beard bouncing. "Of course. The Letter from the Queen stated that Hearts is okay. The only harm done is to two ships in total. With the exception of ten people that couldn't swim, there are only about twenty men and women that were injured. Damage was minimal as the ships that fired were too fast for the Heart's Navy to catch up. The Ace's letter, excluding all the swearing, gave the same story but led me to believe that it was a proud captain of Hearts that was at fault. The ship passing through was a battleship but it was sailing as an envoy ship to somewhere."

"Hm..." Arthur rested his chin in his palm before speaking. "It is great news to hear they are okay. I will send flowers to them in remembrance for those lost. As for the envoy ship...I can say nothing morebut we shall be ready if they most definitely head here. Thank you for informing me of this, Wold. Any news of those with naval experience?"

Lord Wald gestured to another that stood as he sat down. Arthur looked to see it was one of his eldest brothers, Andras. He was one of the only one that was somewhat kind to Arthur. Andras was currently substituting in place of their father, Lord Kirkland. "My Queen, we have searched the surrounding area and found at least 100 able men with experience. The rest are too old or crippled. However more will be found near the coasts, if we look."

He smiled kindly at his brother, older by one year. "That's good. If we can draft the men, put them into a bit of training and then to the coast, that would be very helpful."

"My Queen!" Called a voice from higher up. "If these are envoys as the Ace of Hearts says, then why are we still gathering troops?"

"To prepare for an attack if this ship is not an envoy. We are going to make sure we are ready if an attack is launched, and if it is not, then we will let the men return home."

"How much will this cost?" Another voice called out. "Where will it come from?"

Arthur bit his lip. He knew these questions always came up, but he was never one to answer them correctly. Plus, he was never any good with numbers; that was Alfred's specialty. "Yao is the one who deals with finances. I do not know the exact amount and do not want to disappoint you if I am wrong, but when he arrives back here, I will make sure that question will have an answer."

"My Queen, at least give an estimate!"

"I am not giving an answer to that question, in fear that I will be wrong and it could be more or less than whot I have said. I will talk to Yao when he returns tomorrow morning, and have an answer for you by tomorrow evening."

Silence and stares were all he got in return.

He sighed. "Any other reports to be made besides those we have covered?"

"The King!" Almost everyone cried.

Almost instantly, he grinned wide- and, to witnesses there, dreamily- at the mention. "It has been confirmed that it is highly possible that Alfred will be awake from this cursed sleep in a few days, perhaps two."

A sigh of relief swept through the room.

"I have spent all of my time with him. It's very strange, this Wakeless Sleep; he seems as if he will wake up at any second."

The tension in the room lessened at that. Lord Wold stood back up. "My Queen, may I speak for the council and give you condolences for these troubled times ahead."

The Briton smiled. "I thank you from the depth of my heart," he responded, placing his hand over his heart.

"Of course."

"I'm sure everything will end up alright in the end, especially with Alfred rising up from his sleep." He looked off to the side in a dreamy state. "You are all dismissed."

The people left quickly. Eventually, Arthur saw Rachel approach him, carefully maneuvering her way through the large crowd of Lords and Ladies who insisted on mingling as quick and dysfunctional as they possibly could. With a weak smile, the Queen started to make his way towards her "Hello," he greeted solemnly, his stomach slowly twisting in to knots.

"Hello," she responded slowly, stopping right in front of the steps.

"How are you this morning?" He asked, reaching forward to take her hand.

Her hand instantly had his hand in a vice grip. "Fine, how are you?"

He grinned. "Perfect. Alfred is expected to wake up in no less than two days."

"Good," she responded. "Will you spend the day with me?

"Well...I was going to spend a bit of time with Alfred in case he wakes just he isn't lonely!" He could tell that was definitely the wrong answer.

Rachel's whole body stiffened. Her lips thinned and her eyes flashed hurt. "I see. Very well."

"Only for a little while, though! At least until our midday meal. After that," he smiled, hoping she would notice his sincerity, "I'm all yours."

She smiled. "You better, mister!"

He laughed, hoisting her into his arms. "I can assure you, I will- and I promise this time. And if I don't, you have every right to drag me to my bedroom and do with me as you please, my darling."

Rachel practically purred with satisfaction. "Good and trust me when I say; if you don't come back, I will make it the longest night of your life."

The Queen chuckled and winked. "I wouldn't mind that."

The servant smiled. "Okay then. Put me down and away with you."

He dropped the maid down delicately, kissing her lips and then walking in the direction of the ward. "Anything for a beauty such as yourself!"

She laughed and walked the other direction.

Arthur hurried to the medical ward with a smile to everyone passing him, and a bow to the ladies. He didn't care if, when he walked off, servants whispered behind his back. He was going to visit his best friend, Mr. Wakeless Sleep again.

When he got there, the doctors were all gone. Alfred, however, was still there, still in the same position, still sleeping, still unresponsive. It didn't put a damper on his mood, however; he entwined their hands with a smile, and pecked his cheek. "Hello again, luv," he smiled. "Sorry for leaving. The Lords and Ladies, you know how they are. They needed a few questions answered."

Due to an open window, Alfred's hair blew into his face. Arthur sputtered in surprise, feeling a bit of hair fall into his hair. He moved away with a sigh, and pushed the other male's hair back, accidentally pushing down his cowlick. Alfred's nose widened and took in a deap breath. Slowly blue eyes opened a fraction before closing again.

"Alfred?!" Arthur moved closer to the King, hands cupping his face gently yet nervously. "Alfred! You- ah- but- Alfred, come on, open your eyes again!" He pleaded with the once more unconscious body. Slowly, he started to shake the King with increasing force. "Alfred, please come back! Please!" Tears started to run down Arthur's face. "Alfred!

Yet it seemed Alfred went right back down. A younger doctor came in hurriedly, rushing when he heard his Queen's frantic tones. "Something wrong my Queen?" The younger male went to Arthur's side and gazed down at Alfred.

"He was awake. Alfred was awake!" The Englishman turned to the doctor, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. Shock filled the Queen's mind as the realization swept in. "It was just a small crack, but it happened! Alfred opened his eyes!" His head and heart hurt to even look at Alfred now. The American was so close to awakening but the illusion was cruelly shattered

Two more doctors rushed in, this time older than the first responder. The three hurried to check the King. Taking off the sheet that covered Alfred, the American's chest was bared for the doctor's to see. The ugly sword wound had finally scabbed over completely, this time thankfully without any pus. One doctor checked Alfred's temperature, the other his heartbeat, and the last doctor opened Alfred's eyes. After a few minutes of discussing and a switch of who checked what, the oldest doctor turned her body to speak to the Queen. "There seems to be an improvement in Alfred's state."

"How? Is he doing well?" He bit on the edge of his fingers, a habit that he had had since he was a child and only returned when he was anxious. The longer time went on, the longer he realized that Alfred wasn't going to wake up today.

"His vitals appear to be better than yesterday, but that's all that I can tell you currently. It is a good sign."

"O-oh...whot the hell does that mean?"

"He is closer to waking up but still asleep, my Queen." The doctor explain simply "The King shall wake up soon if he heals at this rate. Perhaps he merely slipped from Wakeless Sleep to sleep. All we have to do is wait."

Arthur moaned and ran a hand through his already ruffled hair. He felt uncomfortable and guilty in his own skin: uncomfortable because of the situation and guilt that he could do nothing to help his friend. Magic had many uses but none but what had already been tested should be used. The human body was too fragile, too intricate for any mage to correctly use a spell to wake Alfred. Even if it was successful, Alfred could be mentally damaged his entire life. Therefore, Arthur would have to wait uncomfortably. "Will he be awake by tomorrow?"

"Perhaps. If the gods are good," piped up the male who first came into the room when Arthur called out. "I can stop by the royal temple and have the High Orisha and Babaalorisa say some prayers." Orisha were priestesses and Babaalorisa were priests. In Spades, the religious was completely separated from the State. However, as a large part of the Spadian population had belief in Balancism (the belief in the two gods and two goddesses that balance each other out), there was a large temple in the Capital.

"That would be the best we can do right now. I can't think of anything else that could help... Just assure me he'll be alright for now, and tell me whot I can do to help him."


"Anything else? Will he be alright by tomorrow?"

The doctor speaking shook his head. "I don't know, my Queen. No one can know except the gods."

Arthur nervously reached over, grabbing Alfred's hand and squeezing. "I'll stay with him for now, I suppose..."

"That is best."

The doctors bowed and exited the room. As always, Alfred lay completely disturbed by the world's comings and sat beside him. "You have no idea how much you worry me," he whispered. "I should be an old man by tomorrow when you wake me." Arthur could almost hear Alfred's laughter in his mind.

His voice echoed in his mind in an endless cycle. He didn't even have the chance to say anything to put them in a good position. The last interaction he had was when the King had been returning from the Black Cells, where Alfred had pushed him down. He could remember those hands, harsh and dominating and so...determined to get him out of the way and on the ground.

"I'm fine!"

Arthur winced, plopping down beside the cot and suppressing his cries of anguish into the arm of his friend. Yet Alfred was unable to give him any comfort. His cries went unheard as he sobbed. For a long time, he just let out every frustration he had. "Alfred... come back to me. Please Alfred..." He shook from his unleashed feelings, hands trembling as he reached up to cup the other's face. "I-I need you. Oh gods, I need you so much. I miss you." He sniffled, another sob breaking out past his lips as he leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Without Alfred, he felt emotionally unsupported.

Oh gods, this was so...terrible sounding!

He slowly crawled beside Alfred's sleeping form, all the while crying and trembling quietly to himself. With that he cried until he had no more tears to shed. Soon enough, exhaustion pulling at him, he rested his head against Alfred's chest, steadily rising with the rhythmic heartbeats that rang in his ear. It soothed Arthur down, brought his anxiety down. He could stay in that place forever, if he wanted, with his dear friend and no one else.

But he promised Rachel he would leave to come to her.

With a final gaze at his best friend and a kiss to his forehead, Arthur got up and started on his search to find his girlfriend, heart aching with each step he took. A nurse had showed up as he was leaving the ward, but he still looked behind him as he walked away.

The nurse was trying to coax some broth down Alfred's throat.

Arthur stopped in the doorway. "I-is he...taking the food in easily?"

"Yes my Queen." She gave a small laugh as she let a little drop of broth drip down Alfred's throat before pressing down on a certain part of the King's throat. "Even in his sleep, he is a glutton. It is a slow process so we don't make him choke but so far the King has done very well despite being unconscious."

This was able to not only send relief into him, but it also raised Arthur's spirit and smile. "I'm glad." He laughed lightly, shaking his head. "We should prepare his new favorite food for when he wakes. I'm sure he'll be hungry for it."

"Of course my Queen. I am sure he will love my soup. We need to start off small at first but then he can have the hamburgers."

"Knowing him and his appetite, he would eat the soup and bowl in five minutes."

"Well…perhaps not the bowl..." She stated before going back to work.

Turning around, Arthur saw Rachel approach him again.

"Hello, my Queen."

He smiled. "Hello, my lady," he bowed in front of her and pecked her hand. There was an actually smile on Rachel's face, giving Arthur a more relaxed stance. Hopefully their fight from earlier would be looked over. It wasn't that bad, so maybe his lover had gotten over it?

"I am no lady, Arthur."

"Says who?"

"Says me!" Rachel complained, crossing her arms.

"Alright, alright, I apologize." That was strange. Why was she so defensive so suddenly? When Isabel had confronted him yesterday, had she been correct about Rachel being a whore? Is that why she refused to be called a lady? Should he, perhaps...question her about it?

The teenager smiled softly. "Oh, my Queen. You know nothing." She started to lead him away by the hand. "But I can teach you."

"Rachel," he began as they started to walk, "can I..."

"Can you...?"

Arthur stopped walking, staring down at the floor in silence. He didn't want to ask, for he knew it would be false and, therefore, a waste of breath. However, there was something about what the Ace had said that had started to make him think. Deciding to push Isabel's accusations out of his mind, he grinned once more, this time with more lust, and leaned forward. "Can I pleasure you?"

She hurried the pace and shoved Arthur into one of the many servant's quarters that littered the lower floor. The vacant room would be perfect. Another push got him on the bed. She smirked as she straddled him. "You know nothing Arthur." Rachel kissed him passionately. "But I can teach you."

Arthur smirked and rested his hands above his head. "Teach away, luv."

She smirked in return.

Loud moans that echoed from the black and white designed room were covered by the creaks of the large ship.


England's long, thin fingers dragged into the younger's caramel hair, twirling and pulling lightly as the American sucked in his cheeks and took in more until he was at the base of England's cock. The green-eyed male gasped as his lover once again sucked hard. "My King!" Throwing his head back, the Queen writhed on the bed. Sweat ran down his face and body as his sexy lover did terrible things to his body.

The King of the Chess Kingdom- better known as America- hummed in pleasure, shutting his sapphire eyes as his lover thrust into his mouth. From his place in between England's thighs, America smirked around England's cock as he teased the other over and over, giving one harsh suck before going back to a teasing, slow lick. Giving a long suck, he backed away and licked the tip slowly. "Do you like this?" He asked huskily, delivering another erotic lick to the very tip, "I am sure you do..."

England groaned, nodding slowly. " this," he panted slightly and then pulled America back, thrusting in the American's hot and wet mouth. England's cock kept twitching as his stomach warned him that his orgasm was close. "Stop talking and start working your mouth," he demanded harshly, although no hint of malice entered his eyes. Only love, adoration, and lust sparkled in the older male's emerald orbs.

The younger smiled at the dominance that his smaller lover expressed. He loved that about his England. Deciding to please England until the Queen couldn't take it anymore, America shifted himself so that his legs could support him in between England's thighs. With one hand he steadied himself while America's other hand went to play with balls. 'Come for me' he demanded with his sapphire eyes, never once breaking the sensual eye contact with his lover.

Whether or not that England understood the meaning behind the look, England could do nothing but see white as his body convulsed with the strength of his orgasm. "A-ah! America!" The Queen of the Black Chess Kingdom gave one last groan and finished, spilling his semen into the other's mouth. Once all of his seed was released, England's body slumped down onto the bed. He panted harshly as he felt weightless and satisfied beyond belief.

The taller tried to swallow all of his lover's semen but some dripped down from his lips onto the black sheets. Before the blowjob, England made him release as well so that was the end for now. Still smiling, America cuddled up to the older, laying his head on the Englishman's chest. His head rose up and down quickly as England tried to calm his breathing "D-Did I please you, my Queen? Every urge satisfied?"

Said person grinned with a chuckle, and brushed off the stain from America's plump lips with his thumb. Feeling slightly naughty, he placed his thumb on America's anus and smeared the semen against the puckered entrance. "Very, my dear. You can never disappoint me."

Surprised at the feeling, America looked down on his body before settling back down again. "Good..." He nuzzled into England's chest as the smaller male's roaming hand went around his waist. This was quickly becoming normal for them. Not that you would find America complaining, he loved the feel of their skin-to-skin contact. "How long until we get there?"

England hummed in thought, rubbing his lover's back with his thumb slowly. "I would say a few days, perhaps four or five. It depends."

"Depends on what? How many times we fuck?" America asked knowing the vulgarity would get to the other. "It might take an entire fucking month."

The Queen scowled, slapping the other lightly on the King's ass for his language. "I was going to say the weather, before you rudely answered. You're very lucky that I even let us do whot we do. You're so vulgar; I should wash out your mouth."

"But I thought you liked it..."

"I do, it's just..." England entwined their hands with the one currently not on America's waist, squeezing them tightly with a sigh. The unsaid words spoke volumes to the King. Despite how fast their relationship became sexual, England told America his past and his fears due to his past. Thankfully, America understood completely and told England time and time again that he wouldn't pressure the Queen. Sex was with the consent of two people. As he told Arthur, he was a killer, not a rapist.

America squeezed back. "I know... You don't have to say it."

The older smiled with a sigh. "Thank you, dear."

"Of course luv," America replied trying to get the other's accent. "Olive juice."

England chuckled, and leaned in to kiss his lips gently. He was proud that he and his King had managed to fix a confused relationship and succeed in becoming lovers. It seemed, at first, that they were hopeless, but they soon sealed away their previous fears and managed to fix their relationship for the better.

America didn't resist. "I do love you..."

"I love you as well, my love," he smiled, pulling America closer. "For as long as time is constant."

The King laughed, "And beyond?"

"And beyond, of course."


"Even if someone catches your eye and decides to entertain you more than I. I'll still love you, even if your heart does not belong to me."

"You mean Arthur?" America looked up into England's eyes, his eyes much lighter than five minutes ago. His finger stopped tracing his lover's skin. "Arthur isn't you, similar but not you."

"He may be like me, by whot you've told me, but I don't trust him like you do."

"You are more aggressive though. I like that about you." America grunted as he shifted in England's hold. "You would like Arthur. He likes tea too!"

"And? America, luv, if I have one thing in common, I am less likely to go towards him. Whot else is there of him that reminds you of me besides appearance?"

"You both are kind and both of you are not afraid of me." America said thinking. "Um... You both give great blowjobs...?"

"Oh yes, because as soon as I meet this friend of yours, I'll pull down my pants and stuff my dick in front of his face." It was clear on his face that England was not amused still. Emerald green eyes slightly glared at the King. The Queen gaze didn't waver as he waited for the American to come up with a response.

"You asked..." America grumbled, looking away from England.

The older male used his fingers to make the younger look at him. The cute puppy dog pout that America wore so well stared back at him. Feeling his irritation ebb away, the Queen sighed before saying, "Well there's got to be something else. I hate that discouraged look on your face."

"You both fight well!"

"Yes, you've mentioned that to me before. Whot about how he treated you?"

"I don't understand what you are getting at. He treated me like a friend."

"Well, yes, I figured that, but I mean was he good to you? How did he treat you?"

"He treated me well. We talked to each other a lot. He seemed to know a lot, very smart."

England looked away to hide the smile that twitched on his lips. "I'm glad. Otherwise, I might have to verbally teach him how to treat my beloved."

The younger laughed. "He could dish it back."

"I can go all night, if I had to."

"I would love to see that!" America stated, envisioning it in his mind. "I wouldn't mind a three-some between us."

"Oh I'm sure you wouldn't;" England shook his head. America had his moments of innocence but for a majority of their time spent together, he was always suggesting perverted and vulgar audacities. It was a complete shock at times to hear his beloved talk about his kinks and carnal wishes so freely. Sometimes just hearing what his King wanted England to do to him was enough for them to fall into bed for the entire night. However, they never did anything penetrative but it lead them to become creative in the time that they've been together.

"I like everything with you in it." the taller said softly, his eyes meeting England's orbs with an intense emotion behind it. America began to focus on their bodies. By now, he was practically on top of the Englishman. "I don't mind and deep down, I don't think you do either."

The Queen blushed with a huff and a scowl. "Why the hell are you always so..." He looked away from America, his scarlet blush spreading to the tips of his ears.

"Because sex feels good, and I want you to always feel good."

"Stop being so goddamn perfect," England murmured with a deeper scowl.

"I am not perfect."


America straddled England's hips, a smiling gracing his lips. Towering over England, he leaned down and kissed England's chest, chin, nose and then lips gently. "I think you are perfect in every way. No one, not even Arthur can compare to how I feel about you. My Queen, my love, I wish you could understand the depth of my love for you. I want and need you like ying needs yang, like the moon needs the sun. My love is as eternal as the revolving planets."

England's cheeks glowed even more red at the straddle and the romantic words, but he replaced his surprise with a smirk of mischief. "I am nowhere near perfect."

America leaned down and kissed his lips again. "You are," he insisted as he moved to nibble on England's neck. His earlier territorial marks made a wonderful red hue on the normally pale skin but he wasn't finished. "You are mine and that makes you perfe- oh!"

The Queen smirked and switched their positions so that he was now the one on top, pinning his lover down with the King's arms above his head. "In whot ways, dearest?" He purred as he leaned down and returned the favor to America's neck. "Mmmm?"

America blushed a bit. "In every way."

"My eyebrows are large."

"They make you look dashing."

"Dull green eyes?"

"I think they are brighter than the night stars."

"My body's scrawny and thin, and much too short for my liking."

"You are lean and fast. You're at the perfect height for me to hold nicely."

"My personality is cold, and I make anyone want to leave me where I am."

America gave a small comforting smile. Deep down, he understood the loneliness that the Queen felt. It was the same he endured before their relationship. It was pure loneliness at the top of the ladder. Who could you trust? Most people lied to get favor or hated you straight out. "I'm still here and I always will be. One day, you'll discover that my love for you isn't as temporary as you think."

England returned the gesture. He wrapped his arms around his lover and pulled the King into a tight hug. The fact that America knew his deeper thoughts without having him voice it was amazing and assuring. "And I am thankful you are, for no normal human being would be able to. I-I just have some trust issues."

"We are human England!"

"Of course," the older blond stated with his mind drifting off at first then coming back into focus. "I'm glad that you are the one of many who have not denied me because I denied them first. Just be patient with me, Poppet. Everything will fall into place eventually."

"Of course."

England leaned forward and, uncharacteristically, rubbed his shoulder against America. "Thank you...from the very bottom of my heart."

"I love you."

"I love you as well, dear poppet."

America smiled. "Wanna' go to bed?" Then he smirked. "Or another round?"

"Either or. Whotever you're up to, dearest."

"Well, you are on top of me babe."

"Then perhaps I should pleasure you to your heart's content...hmm?"

America spread his legs with a pleading look in his sapphire eyes. "Of course!"

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