Hello, all! This idea came to me whilst perusing other fics, so I hope you like what I've done here! I don't really have a complete game plan, so we will see where things go with it!

It was as if a searing knife had been thrust into Blaine's eyes. But it wasn't all at once, no - it was a dull, searing pain that pulled Blaine out of the darkness into consciousness. His immediate reaction was to bring his hands up to his face, rub his eyes, make the pain go away, but his arms felt so heavy.

A soft voice reached his ears, saying his name over and over. "Kurt," he croaked out softly, turning his head in the direction of the voice. His head hurt so much, his eyelids felt so heavy, but he needed to hear that voice.

"Yes," Kurt said softly, his voice thick, "Blaine! How do you feel? I should get the nurse-"

"No," Blaine mumbled, "'M fine. My head hurts, though..."

"I bet it does, baby," Kurt smiled weakly as he sniffed, rubbing his nose. He reached out to grasp Blaine's hand, patting it nervously. "I just want you to know everyone's outside. They've been here all night. Well except for Sebastian," Kurt said, venom in his voice. "He ran, the coward...But- but we called the cops and they are out looking for him and Santana said that she would get her dad to call someone and they'll press charges against him and-"

"Kurt," Blaine said, lacing his fingers with Kurt's, "Slow down. What are you talking about?"

"You...you don't remember?" Kurt said, squeezing his hand a little tighter.

Blaine tried to shake his head, but that proved to only bring about another wave of pain. "Mmm no. We were...singing, right? I remember that then...nothing."

A small noise escaped Kurt's mouth and Blaine heard a thump and felt Kurt's hair on his arm. "Honey, what's-" Blaine said, trying to open his eyes for the first time to see if Kurt was alright only...he couldn't. "Kurt, why can't I open my eyes?"

He felt Kurt stir again and heard a chair scrape across the floor. He felt Kurt hand run up his arm, up through his hair as what sounded like a choked sob come from his boyfriend. "Maybe I should get the doctor or something-"

"No," Blaine said, voice laced with rising panic. "Kurt, please don't leave me. Tell me what's wrong. Is there something on my eyes? In them? Stuck together or- or something?"

Blaine felt Kurt's hand on his cheek, his thumb rubbing across his cheek gently. "They are open, sweetie," Kurt said softly, sadly.

Blaine attempted to open his eyes again. Blinking, something he'd done countless times, thousands of times a day, suddenly became an impossible task. No, something was just stuck to his eyes, on his eyes, right? He brought his left hand up to his face, far to quickly, and the pain was enormous, but he didn't care - he wanted whatever was on his face gone. But there was nothing. Nothing there but the darkness.

"Kurt," Blaine said in a small voice, turning towards his boyfriend slowly. "I- I can't see."

"I know, baby."

"Kurt, why can't I see?" he said, panic rising in his chest. "Kurt! I can't see you. Why can't I see you?"

"Shh, calm down," Kurt said, feebly trying to rub Blaine's shoulder. "Everything's going to be okay."

"Kurt! No! What's wrong with me?" Blaine said, nearly yelling now. His head was throbbing with pain, but he had to get out of here. He had to escape this place, something was wrong and he needed to just get away.

"Everything okay in here?" a woman's voice Blaine had never heard before said. "Seems like our handsome lad has woken up, hasn't he?"

Kurt sniffed loudly, rubbing his nose on his coat sleeve and retracting his hand from Blaine to dry his eyes. "Yes, it seems he has," he said, forcing a smile.

"Wha-" Blaine began, but was cut off by this woman attaching something on his arm - a blood pressure cuff?

"You are in the hospital, Blaine," the woman said cheerfully as the cuff tightened. "My name is Nurse Mary. Your handsome boyfriend here hasn't left your side for 18 hours," Mary said, winking at Kurt, who smiled weakly back at her.

"Why can't I-"

"Blaine," she said, taking the cuff off of Blaine's arm, "I hear you have been through some traumatic events tonight, but the mass of people in our waiting room tells me that you will not have to go through this alone."

"What don't I-"

"Alright, hun," Mary began as Blaine felt his bed dip in and he could only assume Nurse Mary has sat down on the end. "I'm going to give it to you straight and you're going to have to trust me that everything's going to be okay. Can you do that for me, Blaine?"

"Yeah, I guess, but what are you-"

"Blaine," she began and Blaine felt a hand on his knee. "Both of your cornea's suffered extreme abrasions tonight in an accident involving a...slushie? Is that right?"

"Yeah," Kurt chimed in, "But it was definitely not normal. I've been hit dozens of times and nothing like...this ever happened."

"Right," Mary said, nodding. "Well, whatever happened scratched your cornea severely. Usually just a small piece of sand is enough to cause pain, so whatever happened must have been big." Nurse Mary sighed a little and Blaine could hear the rustling of paper. "Anyway, as of right now, Blaine, your vision will be severely impaired. Can you see anything right now, sweet heart?"

"N-no," Blaine stumbled, his fear clearly showing.

"Okay," she said, a little sadly. "Well we won't know for sure if this is permanent or if the abrasions will eventually heal and you will-"

"Wait, what? Permanent?" Blaine said loudly. "You mean I may not be able to see forever?"

"It's a possibility," Mary said, walking around to the other side of the bed. "You could also gain back some of your sight in time, but we don't believe you will ever truly see perfectly again." She sounded terribly sad, but trying to be as optimistic as possible at the same time - it wasn't helping Blaine very much.

"We are going to do everything possible to help you, Blaine," Mary said, moving next to Kurt. "And I know an absolutely darling boy who I think will be at your side the whole way through, isn't that right?"

"Yes, of course," Kurt said, reaching out to clutch Blaine's hand again.

"I'll leave you two alone for now," she said, smiling a little at Kurt. "I'm going to go tell the mob of people outside that you are awake, if that's alright."

"Yes, that's fine," Kurt nodded.

"Great! I'll be back in a little while." Nurse Mary pat Kurt on his shoulder as she exited the room.

"Kurt, I-" Blaine said, resting his head back against the pillows of his hospital bed, gripping Kurt's hand tighter, "I can't see."