A week later and Blaine's still not at school. Mrs. Anderson has spoken with Principal Figgins, Ms. Pillsbury and Ms. Barnes and everything is set for Blaine to return to school next Monday - but until then, Blaine continues to spend his time held up in his room listening to music alone.

It's peaceful in his room, Blaine tells himself. He can lay there all day, his eyes closed and imagine that he's just sick or sleepy and that nothing is really wrong with him. His sleep schedule is shot to hell, though, since he just sleeps whenever he wants, gets up when someone comes then goes back to sleep when they leave. All in all, Blaine hates what his life's become but he doesn't really want to do anything else with it right now.

It's Saturday and Kurt can't sit around watching his boyfriend whither away anymore. "Alright, sleepy head," he tells a half asleep Blaine, rubbing his lower back gently as he slips out from under their covers. "We're going out!"

"Kurt, you know I can't-"

"I did say we, you know. We are going out! As in you and me. As in I'll be there with you the entire time."

Blaine lets out a loud groan as he rolls over away from Kurt. He knows Kurt has been holding back, considering his mother and brother have been begging to take him somewhere for a few weeks, with him always refusing.

"You are going back to school on Monday and I figured it would be good if you actually were around more than four people at any given time," Kurt said as he fixed his hair in Blaine's mirror. "Now you are going to get up and I'm going to take you out somewhere special!"

Blaine was about to argue again, but he felt Kurt get up already. He could hear him opening up his closet and rustling around in the clothes. That was one thing Blaine didn't really count on - better hearing. He heard that if you lose one sense, the others become more acute to make up for it, but he never actually believed it. But he realized he could tell who was coming to his room just by the way their shoes sounded on the wooden floor of the hallway: his mother's high heels, his father's heavy footsteps, the squeak of Cooper's sneakers and, of course, the click of Kurt's most fashionable boots.

"Alright, alright," Blaine groaned, motioning to get up, knowing he'd already lost this fight.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going?" Blaine asked as they drove.

"Not until we get there," Kurt said, smiling. "Now, what's next?" They always liked to play a game, well, not really a game, but they always switched picking songs whenever they drove.

"How about 'Call Me Maybe'," Blaine said grinning out the window.

Kurt smiled and shook his head as he carefully found the song on his iPod. They spent the rest of the drive chatting and singing along to the music and for a moment everything was just like it was before - sweet, easy and normal.

A few minutes later, they pulled up, singing "The Wizard and I" at the top of their lungs. "Alright, baby! We're here," Kurt said, smiling, as he got out to help Blaine.

Blaine unbuckled his seat belt and fumbled for his walking cane that they gave him. He hadn't gotten the chance to actually use it, other than in the hospital and around his house.

He jumped a bit when Kurt opened the door, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I guess I need to get used to people sneaking up on me," Blaine chuckled a little to himself as he got out of the car. He always felt just a little bit better about this whole mess when he was with Kurt - like he could laugh and joke and sing just like they did before.

"Do you wanna know something cool?" Blaine leaned into whisper to Kurt as they walked to wherever they were going.

"Mmhm. What is it?" Kurt said, tightening his grip on Blaine's elbow a little.

"It's bright outside. I can tell."

"You can?" Kurt said, looking at him a little confused and a little more hopeful than he should have. "But...how?"

"Not sure," Blaine said, shrugging. "But I can tell we're outside. It's brighter than when we're inside. It's like...this weird fuzzy haze, but it's brighter."

Kurt beamed, slipping his arm around his boyfriend's waist, accepting their awkward walk towards the doors of the mall. "That's so amazing! I didn't know you would be able to see anything!"

"Me neither. Kinda took me by surprise," Blaine said, genuinely smiling. "But are you going to tell me where we're going now?"

"We're at the mall! I thought maybe I could pick you out a new outfit for your first day back at school and you could get used to being around more than just 5 people for the first time in like a month."

Kurt had expected the looks, but maybe not this many looks and maybe not as obvious as the ones he and Blaine were currently getting. He figures it may have a little to do with the way Blaine's using his cane, which would be considered awkward at best. With so many people, he keeps hitting their feet, to which they grumble and then look, get quiet and quickly walk away. Kurt knows they're judging Blaine, maybe both of them, and he's just glad Blaine can't actually see their glares.

"There's so many people here, Kurt," Blaine said a little apprehensively, grasping Kurt's hand tightly.

"Yeah, I know. It's Saturday and there's not much else to do in Lima," he said, rolling his eyes as he lead Blaine to Banana Republic.

"Are they staring at me?" Blaine asked softly.

"No!" Kurt answered quickly, "No, of course not. Why would they be staring?"

"Well, because we're a gay couple, composed of an ultra-fashionable, gorgeous boy and an awkward, bind kid," Blaine said flatly.

Kurt laughed softly at that, patting Blaine on the shoulder. "Now why would that be a cause to stare?"

"Would you get out here already?" Kurt yelled at the curtain as he watched himself in the full length mirror, holding up a pair of grey slacks to himself.

Kurt heard Blaine sigh loudly as he threw open the curtain in a fuss, holding onto the door frame for balance. Kurt had to suppress a laugh as he took in his boyfriend - buttons not buttoned correctly, shirt tucked in messily, though the bow tie was tied to absolute perfection; he guessed Blaine could tie one of those in his sleep by now.

"What?" Blaine fidgeted nervously, "What am I wearing?"

"I'd call it kindergarten chic," Kurt said standing up, walking over to fix Blaine's clothes. "Other than the buttons and the tucking, you look absolutely wonderful."

"What color is it?" Blaine asked as he smoothed his hands over the button up.

"Hunter green," Kurt said, smiling as he ran his hands down Blaine's sides. "It goes really well with your skin tone."

Blaine smiles as he reached out for Kurt's shoulders. "I bet it does. It's really soft too."

"Of course it is! You deserve the best." Kurt turned around to pick up Blaine's original clothes, which he folded up. "Now, put on your regular clothes so we can go get frozen yogurt!" Kurt patted Blaine on the shoulder as he quickly turned back around, just like he'd done hundred of times before, except this time, a less than balanced Blaine was knocked off kilter and fell into the rack of return clothes.

"Oh my god, Blaine!" Kurt said, immediately bending down to help his boyfriend up. "I'm so sorry...I- I forgot and I thought you were okay and-"

"Kurt," Blaine said, groping around for Kurt's hand, "it's fine. I'm fine." Blaine stumbled a little bit as Kurt tried to help him up, groaning loudly because, damn, he fell right onto that bar and it hurt a lot.

A woman entered the dressing room looking very displeased at the two boys. "Excuse me, boys? What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm sorry, I just-"

"He fell," Kurt snapped back. "It's fine. Everything's fine, ma'am."

The woman eyed Kurt suspiciously, then looked to Blaine still struggling to get up. "What, are you drunk? Or are you just blind?"

Kurt's eyes narrowed, he face heating up with rage. "Actually, ma'am, he is blind, thank you very much. Now, I suggest you leave us alone before I call my lawyer to file a hate crime complaint against you and the entire store."

The woman looked terrified and probably a little sorry for what she had done, but she merely pursed her lips and turned on her heel to leave. Kurt hoisted Blaine up and put a protective hand on his lower back as he lead them out of the dressing room.

"Come on, baby," he said, loud enough for the cluster of women who worked there to hear. "Let's get out of this glorified thrift store." Kurt put his arm snugly around Blaine's waist, just to scandalize them a little more, and walked out of the store.

"Blaine? Are you alright?" Kurt asked gently when they were in the car on the way back to Blaine's house.

"Yeah...I'm alright," Blaine said, resting his head against the window, his eyes closed.

Kurt reached over and laced his fingers with Blaine's and looked over at him, frowning. "I don't think you are. I know that tone."

"Kurt," Blaine said, sighing a little, "It's just...that was...how am I supposed to exist in school if I can't even go shopping without causing a scene?"

"Oh, Blaine," Kurt said, rubbing his thumb soothingly on the back of Blaine's hand. "I'll be with you every second I can at school. I'll meet you at your class, I'll be with you during lunch-"

"Kurt, I don't want you to have to do th-"

"No," Kurt said, more forcefully than he meant to. "I have to. I want to." Kurt smiled over at Blaine, even though he knew he couldn't see. He knew he had to protect Blaine, to help Blaine and be with him as much as he possibly could...because he knew this was all his fault.