Chapter One

Kurt was nervous. This was his first day at his new school.

'Yeah, right' he thought.

He never wanted to change schools but the bullying at McKinley has been getting worse and worse and when Karofsky threatened to kill him his dad had decided that he would transfer.

But, he thought , at least it's an all boy school. There had to be at least one boy who was gay, right? When he lifted his luggage out of his father's car, his father just nodded.

"Take care of yourself, kiddo." Then he drove away quickly. Kurt had told him that he didn't want a sad goodbye. This school was very far away from home, so Kurt wouldn't be able to visit his dad and Carole and Finn on the weekends. He had already said goodbye to his friends from his old Glee club.

Kurt didn't watch the car leaving. He was sure that he would see the sad face of his father and he didn't want to see it. He was too distracted by the huge building that was right in front of him.

"That's not just a school. That's a castle. Looks like Hogwarts" he murmured and smiled.

Above the entrance door, there was a huge sign, saying: DALTON ACADEMY.

He entered and was immediately hit by someone walking out the door.

"Whoa, I'm so, so sorry. I should've watched where I was walking. Sorry, really sorry!" It was a boy who looked like he was the same age as Kurt. He was a bit taller, though. He had dyed blonde hair and he seemed shocked because his face was only a few inches away from Kurt's. Then he quickly moved a step backwards.

"Again, I'm sorry" that boy said. Kurt shook his head. "No, no, that was my fault. I didn't.. I was looking at that sign."

They both took a deep breath and smiled. Kurt held out his hand. "I'm Kurt." he said. "Kurt Hummel. I'm new here. Well, I just arrived." He pointed at his luggage that was next to him.

"You're Kurt? Oh, well, yeah.. I'm Jeff. I was actually sent here to pick you up. Mr. Shuester – He's one of our teachers -

he asked me to come here. You're the new kid. Everybody's going to pay you attention."

"Yeah, well, I'm not sure if I want that. I just want to fit in." Kurt's voice was even at rest high but right now, it was even higher pitched.

"Right, I know how you're feeling. That's exactly what I wanted when I came here. Come on, get in! I'll help you with your baggage." He tried lifting one of the two suitcases but it remained exactly where it was. "What the hell? Do you carry rocks around?"

"Not exactly." Kurt was smiling. "Those are my clothes. I need a lot of them, you know?"

The two boys went upstairs. It was a bit hard to carry the suitcases up the stairs but they mastered it eventually. When they walked around the corner of the hallway they suddenly heard voices. Someone was having a quite loud argument. One of the doors flew open and a boy came out.

"You better never talk to me again, you son of a—", he stopped shouting when he saw Kurt and Jeff.

Jeff tried to smile and failed. "What's up, Nick?" The boy – Nick – glanced at Jeff. Then he turned on his heels and walked away.

"Well, that wasn't supposed to end that way..", Jeff muffled. Just then another boy came out of the room Nick had been in. He stared at Jeff and didn't seem to notice Kurt at all.

"Jeff, would you mind not to tell anyone about this? It's kind of a personal thing and, well, just don't tell anyone." The boy was quite short and had dark, curly hair. He was handsome but Kurt couldn't look anywhere else but his eyes. They had a colour Kurt had never seen before. Some mixture of brown, gold and hazel. And they were sparkling. At least it looked like it to Kurt.

"Of course, I won't", Jeff said and then after a few seconds "Blaine, this is Kurt. Kurt – that's Blaine. He's new here, too, but arrived a few weeks earlier than you."

Now Blaine looked at Kurt for the first time and nodded. His eyes stopped a few seconds on Kurt's hair and his clothes, and then he turned around, walked back into his room and slammed the door.

"Geez, you could think I did something wrong.." Jeff shook his head. "Come on. Your room is right over there."

When they entered room 217 Kurt's mouth fell open. He knew that this room was actually for two people but he was going to be all by himself until someone new would be rooming with him. That's quite a big room for only one student, he thought. There was a bed standing on each side of the room at the wall and a door right next to it. Kurt walked over to the door and opened it.

"You gotta be kidding me! I have a walk-in closet? What is this place?" Jeff smiled,

"That was my reaction when I saw my room for the first time. But you will get used to it soon, and let me tell you – you will need the space." Kurt frowned,

"What for?" he asked and sat down on the huge couch in the middle of the room. Through the window he could see the sun going down. Jeff cleared his throat.

"Well, you got to put those rocks you carry around somewhere—" That was when a pillow hit him in the face. He threw it back but Kurt caught it before it could hit him.

"Well, I'm going to leave you alone now" Jeff said. "When you finished unpacking your things you can just come to the common room. It's just down the hallway on the left side. Then I will introduce you to a few boys from this dorm. We're gonna watch a movie, so don't be late."

Kurt nodded and Jeff left the room. Kurt sighed and started unpacking.

So this is my new home. I'm wondering if I will be allowed to leave for the weekends. Otherwise I won't be able to see Mercedes and the others again, he thought.

But now he was here and he had to deal with it. It was going to be okay. Everything was going to okay. When Kurt looked out of the window again the sun was already gone and the full moon was shining on the campus outside.