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Not Your Typical Princess

Chapter 1

A fanfiction by BlackLynx17

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Natsu's P.O.V.

I was never really interested in Fairy Tale's when I was younger. Fairy Tale's gave us dragons a bad name so I could care less about them. I mean if you were raised by a dragon who read you stories that bad mouthed other dragons saying they like gold and always guarded a princess or treasure wouldn't you get angry roaring dragons don't do things like that? Or well at least Igneel didn't. The only things he guarded was me, our home, and food.

It was ironic how even though I didn't like Fairy Tale's I ended up living in a guild called Fairy Tail. It was even more ironic when Jii-chan wanted me to go to a snotty rich girl's party to see if we should save her from our rival, Phantom, like a Prince would. If my life was a Fairy Tale I wouldn't be the Prince Charming that saves princesses, I would be the dragon that guarded the princess so of course I refused... at first.

"What do you mean you won't go!" Jii-chan yelled at me.

"Just as I said, I. Won't. Go. You know how many times you tried to set me up with girls before? All of them were stuck-up and wore WAY too much perfume. I thought I was going to barf each time I met one" I told him.

I didn't understand why he tried to set me up with a woman. I was only 17, I had no interest in marriage let alone a love life. My sole mission in life is to find my Father. I'll worry about finding a mate after I find him. Besides didn't he know I was crushing on Lisanna? Well maybe not crushing but ugh see this is why I don't want a love life. It's clogging my goal of fighting and finding Igneel. I don't need a woman clouding my mind.

"This is different, Phantom is on the move and his next target is the daughter of Jude Heartfilia, the owner of Kozern Corp."

"How is this different! Your still trying to set me up with her! She could be scary and mean for all I know! We haven't even met her!" I yelled at Jii-chan.

"This is not like those other times! Phantom is going through more and more women! His daughter is the next target! We need to save her unlike the others that we couldn't" Jii-chan said.

I grimaced. Of course he would bring up the others. I knew Phantom was a dark guild and rose to power in the shadows, or at least that's what Jii-chan says. We've recently learned that Phantom's Master get's his fortunes by preying on rich daughters and marrying them, taking all their money. Once he was done with them though he would just toss them aside and kill them. Sure we had agents there that saved most of them but still... some died.

"I still say we just march over and kick his ass!" I said.

"Remember the rules of the council, guilds cannot fight one another, we need evidence of his treachery that's why we sent Gazille and Juvia" Jii-chan said.

"Oh brilliant Ice Boy's girlfriend and Metal Face I'm sure they'll catch him. How long has it been though... TWO YEARS! Your way isn't working Jii-chan we need to fight fire with fire" I said.

And how my fire would burn the rest.

"Natsu adding fire to the flames with only make it burn brighter, not everything can be solved with violence. Another thing don't question your Master! Her birthday party is tomorrow, we are going and that's final! We'll see if Jose has an interest in her, I won't force you to do anything more, just show up" he said.

I knew his orders were absolute when he played the Master card.

"Yes, Master" I mumbled.

Jii-chan ran his hand over his face and sighed.

"You may go Natsu just be prepared to leave early tomorrow" Jii-chan said.

I nodded and stomped my way out his office making sure to slam the door. Stupid Jii-chan why can't he see I just want to find Igneel? I don't care about anything else other than finding him. I only joined his guild to have a home to go back to when I traveled, not to be his successor! Do I seem like the type that would want to run his company! His guild maybe but his COMPANY! It would crash and burn in a day, I would make sure of the burning part.

"NATSU!" my partner yelled. I looked up and saw he was flying towards me.

"How'd it go with Master?" Happy said landing on my shoulder.

"Horrible. I'm going to a party tomorrow" I told him.

"Party! I thought you liked parties" Happy said.

"Yeah our parties where we can destroy our home and fight among one another! This party will probably be laaaamee" I sighed.

"Aw well whose the party for?" he asked.

"This girl, Jii-chan didn't mention her name. It's for her birthday or something" I said.

"Oh well I just came to say good-bye" Happy said flying again.

"Going on that mission with Wendy and Charlia?" I asked.

"Aye, sir. It's going to be a long once since the whole town is sick and Wendy's the only one who can heal them. Are you going to be okay without me?" he asked.

"Me okay without you? You must be forgetting who I am! Natsu Dragneel the Dragon Slayer!" I laughed and roared.

"Aye, sir! That's my Natsu. Well I'll be going now don't want to have them waiting on me! Oh don't forget to bring a present for the girl your meeting" Happy said.

"Present?" I questioned.

"Yeah it its her birthday after all" Happy said before he disappeared around the hall.

Present? Hmmm I wonder what girls like? I don't think I've ever given a present before well... I did give Erza that one outfit. She seemed to like it but the chances of me getting another one by tomorrow are zero. Maybe I have something laying around my room.

I made a u-turn and started walking back towards my room. I'll train with Gray another time I have to find a gift first. I passed by a table with a vase of flowers on in. Girls like flowers right? I'm not good with flowers though, there so easy to burn.

I ventured into my room and started looking through my things. It dawned on my that I didn't really have things, only clothes. Even Gray had that necklace he's always wearing! I only had the scarf Igneel left me and I wasn't about to give a complete stranger that! I wasn't about to give anyone that!

Maybe I can asked Mira to make a bentou for her, she would like that wouldn't she? I knew Igneel would have loved it! I always remember us giving each other food as gifts... hold it didn't Igneel give me another gift? I searched around my room for another ten minutes and found it under my bed...weird. Igneel gave me one of his dragon fangs when I was still with him. We were eating one of his kills and pop it fell right out. Of course another fang grew in the next day but he gave me the old one probably as a keep sake or something.

Even though it was from Igneel it didn't really mean much... I guess I could give this to the birthday girl. Do girls even like dragon fangs? Yeah I'm sure they do I mean I liked the fang! Now to wrap it... I'll have Mira do it for me besides I'm starving. All this searching has made me hungry. I walked out my room and towards the dining room. I passed by Gray on the way, great.

"Hey Natsu what happened to our match?" he yelled at me.

"Oh something came up and I'm hungry now maybe later" I told him and walked down the stairs.

"What's more important than our rivalry?!" he yelled.

Just saying the word "Phantom" was enough to shut him up and make him understand. I don't think there is a single person here who doesn't know of Phantom's deeds. I think Gray has it worse seeing his girlfriend has been there for a long time. This is exactly why I don't need a mate. They just weigh you down. I walked into the dining room and took my seat.

"MIRA!" I roared.

Mira came walking in shortly.

"Yes Natsu?"

"Could I have something to eat?" I asked.

"Sure Natsu"

"One more thing wrap this for me" I said throwing her the fang.

"Of course Natsu may I ask what for?"

"Birthday present" I said.

Mira giggled. "Is it for a girl?" she asked.

"What does it matter I'm hungry!" I yelled.

She giggled more. "I take that as a yes then" she said then left.

Did it really matter who it was for? A fang was still a fang regardless of who gets it.

"NATSU! WAKE UP!" Jii-chan yelled.

I groaned in my sleep. I have no plans to be getting up so early this morning. Happy wasn't here so I don't have to worry about feeding him, I think I'll sleep the day away.

"NATSU!" Jii-chan yelled again. I was suddenly thrown off my bed.

"What!" I howled.

"WAKE UP!" he yelled.

I sat up and rubbed my head.

"Did you forget what today was?" Jii-chan asked.

"Sleep in day?" I answered.

"Ugh go take a shower, Mirajane will be here shortly to get you dressed" Jii-chan said and left my room.

I knew it was futile to disobey Jii-chan, I've learned from a young age that if Jii-chan wanted you to get up, you better get up. Before anything I layed on the floor and started stretching. Once I heard a few bones crack I started doing push-ups. Next sit-ups, then squats. Once I was finished with my morning exercise I went to take my shower. I turned the warm knob to the highest it could go and took my shower. I realized something... Happy wasn't here at the moment... so that meant!


"When you face everything head on with all you've got, to the point you almost collide, and send the sparks flying!
You'll find that the things that are precious to you, are really just right there by your side.
Be it sorrow, or weakness, you definitely will be able to share your burden"

Happy never aloud me to sing, since he said I was tone-death, I didn't understand. Igneel had always sang when we bathed, he sounded wonderful. He would roar and the whole forest would grow quiet just to hear him sing. So far I haven't been able to quiet anyone with my singing only, in Erza's words, 'annoy the crap out of them. I'm bound to get better one day though, but until then...

"You'll become stronger for sure The power of magic will continue to bind you all together.
Everyone has a different kind of dream, but all you have to do is to trust in your friends and there will always be a tomorrow, FAIRY TAIL!"

"Natsu your late" Jii-chan said.

It's only 12 in the morning and he's already complaining.

"Sorry Jii-chan" I sighed, no point of getting into an argument with him this early in the morning.

"Good now come on the carriage is waiting outside" he said.

I gulped. "Carriage?" I repeated.

Jii-chan grabbed me before I could run.

"Oh no you don't Natsu, there's no way your backing out of this" Jii-chan said throwing me in the carriage.

"Wait please, take pity on me!" I begged my Master.

Jii-chan sighed.

"Alright" he said.

The last thing I saw was Jii-chan's huge fist coming towards my face.

"WAKE UP!" someone yelled.

I felt myself getting kicked. I yawned, stretching my arms out.

"Glad to see you awake" Jii-chan said then kicked me again.

"OW! I was awake what was that for!" I yelled.

"You drooled on me, come on were here" Jii-chan said jumping out the carriage.

I followed after him and whistled. This place was huge, they must be really loaded. I snorted. Now I have to suck up to some stuck up daughter who thinks she's all that. Jii-chan and I walked in the mansion and was greeted by what I assumed was the owner of the house.

"Thank you for inviting us Jude Heartfilia" Jii-chan said.

I snorted. He was already sucking up to the man.

"Of course Markavok, welcome" Richy said then let us walk in.

"So where's the grub" I asked grinning at Jii-chan.

"Do you remember why were even here!? We have to find Phantom's Master and Mistress Lucy" he yelled.

"What? Whose Lucy?" I asked.

I swear I saw steam come out from Jii-chan's ears.

"The girl were here to save!" Jii-chan yelled.

"Alright, alright I'm on it" I said walking away from him.

Yeah right? No way I was going to waste my time looking for the two of them. Talk about boring! Jii-chan could just turn into a giant and spot them easily, no point of wasting my time. I lifted my nose and started sniffing around for the grub. I followed my nose and arrived at the buffet table. My mouth was already drooling, sure they had god food, but the drool worthy entree was the fire!

Looking around for the hottest fire I spotted it keeping a container of meat warm. I licked my lips. Look at that fire all for me. I picked up the container and placed it back on the table. Without a second thought I reached out and ate it all in one bite. I could feel the fire running down my throat heating up my entire body.

I grinned like a mad man, boy was that delicious. I put the container back on the fire and looking around making sure no one just saw me do that. I paused when my eyes saw blonde. The girl was staring right at me, with her big chocolate brown eyes. Her mouth was slightly open. Shit she saw me ate it, I knew I should have been worried but with the face she was making I couldn't help but smile and chuckle. The girl had closed her mouth .

"Mistress Lucy" a newcomer said walking up to the girl.

The girl had interrupted our staring contest which I knew I was winning wait hold up.

"Where have you been! Your Father's getting impatient and Ms. Supetto is yelling! Come on your Father wishes to see you" the newcomer yelled.

Wait Father? Was she the one Phantom had his eyes on now? Now it couldn't be, but then again the maid did call her Lucy and Jii-chan said the girl's party here was named Lucy. It was her. Lucy took a look back at me before letting her maid carry her away.

"Shit" I said and walked away looking for Jii-chan. I needed to talk to him, tell him I found the girl we were looking for. I have her scent now, I could lead him to her so we could talk with her.

"Natsu" Jii-chan called out.

"Jii-chan! I found her" Natsu said.

"It's alright, come with me" Jii-chan said walking away.

"Wait" I said following him.

"I saw her, she was eating at the buffet and she saw me ate the fire then she made the funniest expression I've seen in a while then her maids came and she left" I told Jii-chan.

"It's alright Natsu, were going to meet her now" Jii-chan said.

I realized Jii-chan had led us to in a line.

"What the hell we doing here for?" I asked.

"Were in line to meet the birthday girl" he answered.

"We need to wait in line to meet her! Why not punch our way to the front?" I asked.

"Just shut up Natsu and wait your turn" Jii-chan said.

"But it's boooooring!" I sighed.

"It's either this or I'll make you go inside the carriage and ride around until I leave" Jii-chan threatened.

"Wow this line's moving already, this is no wait at all" I lied scratching the back of my head.

God if your out there strike me down right now so I won't have to wait in this line, wait strike down everyone in front of us so that I don't have to wait, no actually strike down all carriages. That's better then any wish I could ask for. Destroying all the carriages in the world. Suddenly I saw her, she was at the beginning of the line with a fake plastered smile on her face.

I watch her, studied her as I got closer and closer. So this was the girl Jose wanted. Well she was certainly rich enough for Jose to go after but as for looks... I'll give her a 6. I had to admit there was something about her though, I can't put my claw on it. She just amused me for some reason. I saw the birthday girl look up and saw me. Strange I never noticed how brown her eyes was before.

"Natsu" Jii-chan said.

"What?" I asked.

"Were almost there, please remember what I taught you" Jii-chan said.

Really? I counted the people in front of me... hold on I counted the people in front of me, we were almost there.

"No worries Jii-chan I got this in the bag" I said smirking at him.

Jii-chan moaned and slapped his head. What? I wasn't always an idiot. I remember what to do in situations like this. Maybe I should give her the gift when I see her but she is with her Father. Might be a little awkward if I did. What am I thinking she'd probably wouldn't even want it with the size it is. These spoiled rich girls are all the same, even if this one seemed funny. Well let's get this over with.

We were in the front of the line now and Lucy had brought her hand out.

"Makarov Dreyer" Jii-chan said and kissed her hand.

If I was her I would have pulled back, scratch that I wouldn't have even held out my hand to this old geezer. I saw Jii-chan's hand go behind her waist then I heard the birthday girl well what I can only describe as a squeak? Can't go anyway with this perverted old fool without him touching some woman's ass. She's fricken 16 and he's like what... old?

I raised my fist and smacked him on his head. That will teach him to touch my girl.

"Behave Jii-chan" I told him. My voice was filled with warning.

He was worried about me embarrassing us and yet he was the one who made a move on the girl right in front of her Father. Lucy held her hand out for me next. I never liked the hand kissing mainly because I had no idea where her hands had been. She could have been picking her nose and not didn't wash her hands.

Well I did see her eating earlier, hopefully she didn't touch anything after that. I grabbed her hand and bent down to kiss it. Luckily for me I didn't see any dirt or boogers there. Another bonus was she didn't have an overpowering stench. Alright so maybe this girl had some class.

"Natsu Dragneel" I said introducing myself.

I let go of her hand and straightened myself out.

"Are you okay?" Lucy asked placing her hand on my head.

Hasn't she ever heard of boundaries?

"You feel really hot. Are you sick?" she asked.

I laughed. Boy was this girl amusing. Has she really never heard of me?

"What you could be sick since you ate that fire, let me go call our doctor" she said.

"Don't worry about it Ms. Lucy, Natsu here is a fire mage he's suppose to be hot, either that or it's due to his hot headedness" Jii-chan said.

Hot headedness? You are so going to pay for that one back at the mansion Jii-chan. I heard the girl sigh.

"Thanks good to know" she said.

Alright so the princess actually cared for me... a complete stranger. Maybe she wasn't as stuck up as I thought she would be.

"This is my daughter Lucy. Lucy this Makarov the owner of Fairy Tail and his successor, Natsu" her Father said.

I'm definitely feeling a weird vibe from this guy.

"It is a pleasure to have met your acquaintance" she said.

"Believe me the pleasure is all ours" Jii-chan said.

"Thanks for meeting my daughter" her Father said.

I guess that was our cue to leave and let the next people meet her. I looked at Lucy one more time before I left. Jii-chan led me away from the crowds.

"So what you think?" Jii-chan said.

"Not what I expected" I said.

"Well what do you want to do?" Jii-chan asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to save the girl?"

"Why should I decide? Your going to save her regardless aren't you?"

"Natsu this isn't really a birthday party, it's an auction party. Weren't you listening to me?" he asked.

"Huh?" I said. I wasn't understanding this at all.

"Jude Heartfilia is showing off his daughter. He's planning on selling her off to the highest bidder" he said.

... I let the info I just heard sink in a bit... still processing... alright.

"WHAT!" I yelled.

"Shhh quiet down" he said.

"What kind of Father would do that! That's his own daughter! What if some creepy guy bought her!" I yelled.

I was feeling strangely attached to the girl.

"That's why were here! Jose is after the girl and were the only ones who can out bid him for her" Jii-chan told me.

"Well get bidding! Bid the highest and add extra" I told him.

"So you agree on the marriage?" Jii-chan said.

Sink in... processing... alright.

"WHAT!" I yelled.

"God! Honestly Natsu do you ever listen to me?!" Jii-chan yelled.

"Um... yes?" I said.

Jii-chan sighed.

"Natsu if we save her your going to marry her" Jii-chan said.

"But I'm too young to marry, I still have to find Igneel" I said.

Getting a wife would only slow me down on my quest and even if I did have one, blonde here wouldn't be at the top of my list.

"Your not really going to marry her you idiot!" he yelled.

"Oooohh. I'm not understanding, explain from the beginning" I said.

Jii-chan slapped his head. "Alright Natsu listen very carefully. Jose, Phantom, is after this girl. Even if we bought her he's not going to stop. The only way to ensure he safety is for you two to get married which you aren't actually going to. More like stay engaged till we bring Jose behind bars" Jii-chan said.

"Ooooh I see. So we'd tell her everything and she'd be a new addition to Fairy Tail" I said.

"No. We can't tell her. She may reacted wrongly and jeopardize the whole mission plus we can't have this slipping out to Jose. She'd have to stay in the dark" he said.

"What do you mean react the wrong way?"

"Imagine oh wait you can't damn... well think... you can't do that either... alright so the girls going to get thrown out her house because he Father doesn't want her anymore. She's going to be forced to move in with complete strangers and your going to tell her 'oh hey I didn't buy you to marry you, some insane person was out to rape and kill you so I decided to save you life. We have to act like were in love but don't worry I won't try anything'. Really Natsu? Any sane person would freak out" he said.

"So what I'd have to act like I was in love with her?" I asked.

"Basically Natsu. You'd just have to keep up an appearance with her and not let her find the truth out"

That just sounded like too much work, that and shady. I mean, damn having to lie to the girl everyday and act like I was in love with her! I haven't even been in love yet! Well maybe... but still. I have better things to do like training and finding out information on Igneel.

"Jii-chan I don't see this happening. Can't you buy her and marry her off to Gray or something?" I asked.

"I introduced you as my heir, you will have to be the one who marries" he said.

"But that's the thing! I don't want to be married even if it is pretend and definitely don't want to be your heir! All I want is to find Igneel!" I said.

"Now's not the time for that conversation Natsu, choose marry the girl or leave her?"

"What happens if I leave her?" I asked.

"Phantom will get her and hopefully Gajeel and Juvia will get her out before anything bad happens" Jii-chan said.

Hopefully. I didn't like hopefully right now. I growled.

"Shit I don't know! I need to pee!" I yelled walking away from him.

How could he drop a bomb like that on me! Well maybe I should have listened but still! I'm only 17 for Christ sake and he's trying to marry me off to save a girl I don't even know. An attractive girl, with blonde hair, and dark brown eyes, who's kinda funny. I shook my head. Well anyway it's still her birthday today and I do have a present for her, might as well still give it to her.

I followed her sent around then room and spotted her at the buffet again. I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey how's it going?" I asked.

She looked around then looked back at me. What was she doing?

"Good" she responded.

Alright Natsu it's just a simple task. Give her the gift and pray she doesn't end up like the others.

"Is your old man always like that?" I asked.

No Natsu that was not part of the plan. Abort! Abort!... what does that mean again?

"You have no idea" She said taking about out of her... cake looking thing. I noticed there was crumbs on the corner of her lips. Funny.

"Seems he needs to loosen up a little" I said laughing at my own joke.

I couldn't tell if she was laughing with me our not so I toned it down. Alright gift time then I'm out.

"Since your old man was there I wasn't able to give you this" I said digging in my pocket and pulling out the gift.

"Happy Birthday" I said.

Alright mission accomplished. I saw her finish her cake in one bite then grabbed the gift. I resisted the urge to laugh.

"Thank you Pinky" she said.


"Um what did you call me?"

"Um well since your hair was pink I've been calling you Pinky in my mind and I'm sorry it slipped out please forgive me" she said and bowed lightly.

She's been thinking my hair was pink all this time.

"My hair isn't pink though" I told her.

"It isn't?"

"No it' salmon. If your going to give me a nickname at least get the color right" I said and smiled.

This girl sure was funny.

"So you want me to call you Samony?" she asked.

We both laughed again.

"Well aren't you going to open it" I asked.

Damn it Natsu LEAVE!

"Um sure" she said.

I watched her open the gift with a smile plastered on my face.

"Do you like it? It was a last minute gift since Jii-chan told me we were going to this birthday party for some daughter yesterday, but I still think it's a great gift" I said resisting the urge to pose at the end.

"It's lovely only... this isn't you tooth is it?" she asked.

"I wish no it's a dragon's fang, it belonged to my Father" I said.

I could only imagine if I had a fang like Igneel's. I'd be the greatest just like my old man.

"Your father was a Dragon?"

"Uh huh" I nodded.

"Like a fire breathing dragon" I asked.

I nodded again. Hadn't she heard me the first time.

"Like ones that flew and ate humans and junk"

Was it so hard to believe my Father was a dragon? Hold on did she just insult Igneel?

"Hey! My Father didn't eat human, Igneel was a nice dragon" he said.

I think I gave Lucy too much information. She just started at me like she was trying to process everything I've told her in her mind. Well I had time, maybe I could dance with her and answer them. How many chances to I get to brag about being a dragon? I couldn't leave her hanging either. I grabbed her hand.

"It seems you have questions come on let's dance and I'll answer all of them" I said.

I walked her to the dance floor. A nice slow song was playing which was good since I didn't know how to dance that well. I only knew the basics.

"So like was your Mother a human? I don't get how you came from a dragon and a human because you don't look like a dragon and yet your Father is a dragon and it's very confusing" she said.

"I was abandoned, or so I was told, and Igneel found me and raised me. I never met my real parents, if I even have any. Igneel is my real dad to me. He trained me Dragon Slaying Magic" I said.

Could you have imagine a human trying to mate with a dragon? So many problems with that one.

"So Igneel taught you how to slay dragons?"


"Is that why your able to eat fire? Because your Father was a fire dragon?"


This girl was catching on now.

"Well were is your Father now?" she asked.

I glared at the ground as I twirled her around.

"He left me some years ago" I said.

"I'm sorry" she said.

She really did sound sincere.

"Don't worry about it. I plan to find him again" I said and tried to smile.

I was going to do it. I was going to find him and hopefully learn the truth about his disappearance.

"Well good luck. Could you tell me about the old man?" she asked.

"Who Jii-chan? He found me lost and abounded so he decided to adopt me and make me his successor. I keep telling him no though since all I want to do is find Igneel. There are a lot of better candidates for the job, like his real grandson for instance, but he keeps bothering me about it" I said.

Why was I telling this girl my life story again? I had only met her today. I wasn't even suppose to be dancing with her but it kinda felt fun. I guess I had answered all her questions because we starting dancing in silence. I loosened my hold on her remembering I'm hotter than the average person. I hope I haven't burned her when we were dancing before. I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't notice when the song ended. If it wasn't for her letting go of me I would have kept dancing.

"Thank you for the dance and the present, it was nice meeting you and really good luck on finding your Father, bye" she said and ran off.

I stood in the middle of the dance floor. Wow did she just ditch me? So this is how it feels to be left high and dry. I shrugged it off and went to search for Jii-chan. Lucy Heartfilia. She was nothing that I expected her to be.

First off she was pretty which was rare for rich people. Second she was kind and actually cared for people, another rare for rich people. She was funny and smart, I sensed that she was a mage also. Lucy would have been perfect for Fairy Tail. I couldn't help but smile to myself thinking about having her on my team.

"Natsu! Have you decided?" Jii-chan said.

If I didn't buy her she would be bought by Jose and possible die. But if I did I would have to pretend I'm in love with her. She would live with me... she could amuse me everyday. She's also a mage, I bet she's strong. We could probably train together! Okay so a win-win there. Happy's gone so she'd be able to keep me company. I can't really see anything going wrong. All my doubt before had been wiped clean from my mind.

"Alright, I'm in" I said.

Jii-chan smiled. "I knew you would be that's why we've already won her" he said.

Always two steps ahead with this one. Oh well at least I had a new playmate, oops I mean wife.

"Come on our carriage is ready outside" Jii-chan said.

Damn. God if you were planning to grant my wish on destroying all carriages, now would be the perfect time.

BlackLynx17: Well this was the first chapter! I hoped you guys liked it. I've been worrying that it's going to sound to much like Screw Prince Charming so I'm trying to add more of Natsu's mind. Hopefully in the future chapters were Lucy isn't with Natsu so much, I'll really be able to tell his part of the story.

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~Not Your Typical Princess~