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Not Your Typical Princess


"OH YEAH! Do you hear that voice? OH YEAH! It's been calling out. OH YEAH! I can already hear the sound of your heart! OH YEAH! OH YE-"


Light giggles were heard after that.

"Come on Erza, he wasn't that bad" Lucy giggled.

Lucy! I walked downstairs and spun her around.

"Did you hear that Erza? I wasn't. That. Bad." I said.

"Anyways what to you want for you big initiation party?" Erza asked.


"Initiation party? What's that?" Lucy asked.

"Well it's like a welcome party. Every time Fairy Tail get's a new member we always through a big party for them" Erza explained.

Initiation party? Who was the last person to join Fairy Tail? I can't remember the last initiation party we had.

"But doesn't initiation mean a test of some kind to join the guild?" Lucy asked.

"That's right! You'll have to pass a task we give you and then we all celebrate and welcome you with gifts!" Erza said.

"But aren't I already in Fairy Tail?" Lucy asked showing Erza her hand.

"It's just an excuse for Fairy Tail to have a big party and laugh at people's stupidity. Your still in Lucy, but you still have to do the test" Gray said walking into the picture.

"What was your test?" she asked.

I busted up laughing, "he had, hahaha, to steal, hahahahaha, ERZA'S UNDERWEAR!" I laughed.

"WHAT!" Erza yelled.

Oops I forgot we were supposed to keep it a secret. Oh well.

"That sounds... a little childish don't you think?" Lucy asked.

"Come on Lucy, it's suppose to be childish. Now the question is what's going to be your initiation task?" I asked looking at her.

"The girls already came up with it, all we need to do is buy the presents and the party will be ready to go by tomorrow!" Erza said.

Tomorrow?! Like tomorrow, tomorrow? Why couldn't they have given me a head start or something?!

"HAPPY!" I yelled.

Happy came flying towards me a few seconds later.

"Aye Natsu?" he asked.

"We need to go, be back later Lucy!" I yelled running out the door.

"What's wrong Natsu?" my partner asked.

"I need to find a present quick for Lucy for that welcome initiation party thing" I yelled.

"Oh, let's go then" Happy said.

He lifted me up and we started flying towards the market.

"What did you get Lucy?" I asked him.


Why was I not surprised? Why couldn't I get Lucy something as simple as that?

"What about you?" he asked.

"I don't know, that's why were going" I said.

Hopefully I'll be able to find something for her this last minute. Then again I had all morning tomorrow too. How hard would it be to find Lucy a gift?


"Natsu, Natsu, Natsu. Why not flowers?" Happy asked.

"I'd burn them"


"I don't know her size"

"Shiny rocks?"

"I haven't been on a mission in months, no money"

"... fish?"

"HAPPY!" I yelled.

He snickered as he landed on my shoulder.

"I don't know then Natsu, have you tried food?" he asked.

Food? That could work. Lucy liked food.

"I guess I have no choice now" I said.

I put my hands in my pockets and continued walking. What kind of food should I get Lucy? Maybe a box of candy or chocolates or something like that. Maybe a- rainbow? I lifted my hand out and let the petal flying in front of me land on it. A rainbow flower petal? It was a rainbow flower petal. That meant!

"AYE!" Happy yelled digging his claws into my shoulder as I ran towards the park.

There they were, in full bloom. Dozens of rainbow sakura trees.

"Happy I think I found my gift, and it's free" I said.

Happy looked at my with a playful smirk.

"When should we get started?" he asked.

"At night, no witnesses then" I answered.

Welcome to Fairy Tail Lucy.

"How does it look Happy?" I asked.

"Perfect! Now we can go fishing under the tree!" Happy cheered flying around the lake.

It took forever for everyone in the park to leave but once they did Happy and I dug out the tree. We carried it all the way back to Fairy Tail and planted it at our secret fishing spot. I had to missed dinner but it was going to be worth it to see Lucy's face. I couldn't wait till tomorrow... or today?

"Ready to head back?" I asked.

"Natsu look" Happy said landing on my head.

He spun it around and made me look at the lake. The petals landed on the lake, showing mini rainbows glowing in the water.

"Hopefully the petals fill the lake by tomorrow" I said.

Now I was sure Lucy was going to love it. All I had to do was wait now.


"Huh?" I sighed lifting my head up.

Where was I? The dining room table? Damn, did I fall asleep? I lifted my hand and touched my cheek, I pulled off what looked like... bacon. I shrugged and stuffed it in my mouth.

"Did you hear a single word I was saying?" Jii-chan asked.

"Do I ever?" I asked yawning.

I was still tired from last night's mission. Just one more hour of sleep and I should be good.

"I was saying a sakura tree has been dug out and stolen from the park last night" Jii-chan said.

My eyes widened.

"Really? You don't say?"

"Natsu did you hear that? The rainbow sakura's are in bloom! Can we go?!" Lucy asked excited.

"Sure... we can go today if you like" I said.

Lucy screamed in glee.

"I'll go ask the chefs if they can make us a picnic basket" Lucy said getting up.

She kissed my cheek before running out. I smiled and started stabbing my plate. She kissed me, she was happy. Aw Lucy.


"What?!" I yelled

I was daydreaming about Lucy! I don't want you in our daydreams.

"Nothing. Just a warning though whoever took the tree, I expect it to be back there by tomorrow morning"

"Why are you only looking at me?" I asked.

It was true, his eyes were looking straight at me.

"No reason" he said.

By tomorrow morning? Did he have any idea how hard it was for me to get that tree over the gate?! It took all night! I had to think for once in my life! It involved planning and measurements and a lot of dumb luck and now he was asking me to get it back over?

I went back to eating my breakfast. Lucy's welcome party started at dusk, we had plenty of time to picnic around the sakura tree.

"Natsu! Why are we going to the lake? I thought you were taking me to the rainbow sakura's" Lucy said.

"Just come on Lucy" I said tugging her along.

Lucy pouted at me, so cute. I walked back and kissed her pout away.

"Trust me alright?" I asked.

"Fine, let's hurry" she said walking ahead of me.

I chuckled and walked behind her, I wonder if she'll still being saying the same thing once she see's it. I lifted up the picnic basket and sniffed it, the scent was absolutely divine. I wonder if Lucy would mind if I had a little bite... or maybe a big one. I lifted up the lid and dug my hand in; that's when I heard a gasped.

DAMN! I was suppose to be there to see her reaction! I pulled my hand out and started jogging.

"Natsu?" Lucy called out.

Once I made it to the lake I saw Lucy standing under the sakura tree. She had a hand on it, looking up at the blooming petals.

"W-what is this?" she asked.

I placed the basket on the ground and walked up to her, "it's your present. Welcome to Fairy Tail Luce" I said.

Lucy looked at me and smiled.

"It's beautiful Natsu, thank you" she said hugging me.

I smiled. "Glad you like it"

"Like it? I love it! It's perfect" she said and kissed me.

I closed my eyes and focused only on Lucy and our kiss. She was so warm, and she always smelt good for some reason. Her scent only increased my dark desires and I pushed her against the tree, kissing her with more force. Lucy moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Natsu" she moaned breathlessly as I started nuzzling her neck.

"Hmm" I hummed.

I loved how soft Lucy was, and squishy. Poke... so squishy.

"When do we have to be back?" she asked.

"Not for a long time" I said.

"Good" Lucy grinned pulling my head back to her lips.

God did I love this girl.

"It's getting late" Lucy said.

I tightened my hold on her, I honestly didn't care about the party anymore. This was nice, I preferred this. Lucy trailed her finger up and down my chest, sometimes drawing squiggly lines.

"It's beautiful Natsu, thank you" she said.

I stared into the late. The petals had all but almost filled it, a rainbow lake. That was new.

"Come on, we should be heading back" she said leaning up.

I groaned but leaned up with her anyway.

"The tree will be here tomorrow right?"

I groaned again.

"About that... somehow Jii-chan found out I did stole it and expects it to be back tomorrow" I said.

Lucy frowned then stood up and walked to the tree.

"Good bye sakura tree" she said.

I rolled up and started backing up everything in the basket. When I was done I saw Lucy doing something to the tree.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Lucy took a step back.

"I always wanted to remember this tree as ours" she said.

On the tree Lucy had carved a heart with a L and N in it. Our tree.

"Now next time we visit it, we'll know it's ours" she said smiling at me.

I kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Great idea, now let's get going to your party" I said.

Lucy nodded and we started walking back home. Now that I mentioned the party...

"Lucy, what did Erza make you do for your initiation?" I asked.

Lucy's heart started speeding up.

"You'll see" she said.

You'll see? What was that suppose to mean?


Lucy laughed and chugged down her drink.

"THANK'S GUYS!" she yelled.

Now this was a party! WHOO! As soon as we got back the music started playing and the drinks started poring. It seemed whatever 'test' Lucy had to do, she passed it.


I cheered along with many other guild members.


Dress up a guild member? Like what? A cat? More than half the guild shouted yes.


A hologram appeared in against the wall and I could not believe my eyes. My fellow guild member's laughter ringing through my ears. They were laughing, they were laughing... at ME! The picture was of me expect, I was in a dress? My face was covered in make-up, I looked like a girl? I was too sober to be seeing this. I grabbed the nearest drink next to me and downed it. A little better.


Another drink. It started working. I walked over to Erza and grabbed the mic from her.


More laughter erupted from the crowd. I scanned around looking for Lucy then made my way over.

"Sorry Natsu... at least you look hot" she giggled.

"When?" I asked.

"Last night, you knock out and it was the perfect opportunity" she said.

I was beat yesterday from hauling that tree around. I didn't feel a single thing, I just walked into our room and slept.

"Congrats on joining, a little warning though" I said before whispering in her ear.

"I'm going to get you back"

Lucy only laughed.

"Whatever you say my cross-dressing dragon"

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