Hey Everyone! So this is my new story. It takes place at the beginning of Justice League Unlimited although other characters may come into the picture every so often. Enjoy!

The Plans from Superman

"Come on Bruce."


"Its the only valid option left."


"It could actually benefit you both."


"Is it worth loosing her from the league?"

He paused for a brief moment, "No, but there must be another option."

"There isn't. All of the male members of the league are either in a relationship, married, or not the appropriate age. Plus you two have been seen in public together on more than one occasion."

Bruce sighed before breaking his gaze at his monitoring screen and turning to face Clark, "I don't know if you noticed, but batman is not exactly the marrying type."

"But Bruce Wayne could be."

Batman stopped typing, "You mean Bruce Wayne the playboy? He isn't exactly the marrying type either."

"Sure he is. Plus its not like you'll be in wedlock forever. You can get a divorce once we figure out how to keep her here and why Cadmus wants her deported so badly."

Bruce returned his attention to the screen, "It will never work. No one will actually believe we're couple."

"Oh really?" Clark crossed his arms, "I can see the headlines now, Bruce Wayne, Gotham's billionaire playboy, engaged to the most beautiful superhero in the world!"


"Well, it would be a real shame if Bruce Wayne's biggest secret somehow slipped into the press."

Batman stood up to face him and growled, "You would compromise my identity?"

Superman shrugged, "Maybe, but their are other options. Bruce wayne is an obvious womanizer who's longest relationship has lasted two weeks tops. So maybe he is hiding something else. Like oh I don't know... his true passionate feelings towards men."

The Bat was shocked for a split second before he glared at The Man of steel, "I could turn around and do exactly the same thing to you."

Superman decided to change strategy, "Come on. Marrying Diana would not be so bad. She's smart, kind, and probably the most beautiful person on the world."

"Then you marry her," Batman said as he sat back down and continued typing.

"First off, I'm not really a national born citizen, and I'm kinda involved at the moment."

"And I take it Diana has already heard of your little plan," this caught Clarks attention.

"Well no... When the team, minus you and Diana of coarse, came up with the idea after she told us about her situation the other day."

"I don't know why you keep pushing this, Diana and I don't exactly see eye to eye. And I am perfectly aware that we both have very strong personalities that often clash resulting in less then minor fights. Now if I actually agreed to your little plan, I'm pretty sure we would kill each other.

"Oh come on. You'll barely see her more than you do already. Granted she will be staying in your manor."

"I have not yet agreed to this yet," he growled through his teeth while giving Clark his famous bat glare.

Clark sighed, "Just please think it over. I have to go. I've got a date to catch. I'll see you tomorrow."

Bruce gave a small nod before Clark flew out of the caves secret entrance.

"You should do it."

"Oh really? And why is that?"

"You deserve something good in your life for once," Dick said as he walked out from the shadows, "You really are like a father to me and I believe that Diana will be good for you."

"You don't honestly believe that do you?"

"Umm yea! Why don't you do something for yourself just this once. I've seen the way you well... don't completely not care about her."

"Oh Ple-"

"Don't deny it. You are always first to her side when she's down in a fight or in some type of trouble. And you know you enjoy your little bantering sessions. Not to mention all of the flirting you two do at all of the Wayne foundation charity events."

"Thats not the real me and you know it."

"You're right and maybe you should let someone else in to see the real you and how amazing that you is. And who better then the princess of the Amazon herself! Plus I think you need someone who knows both sides of your life and respects them. Not to mention that I'll have to move out of the manor eventually and you need someone looking out for you," he said with a smirk.

"Tim and Damian are here along with Alfred. And you invite Barbra over enough to say that she practically lives here."

"Point taken. Just consider what I said," Dick smiled before turning to head up to the manor.

When he heard the door shut he let out a sigh before he started assessing the options he had and the pros and cons to each decision.

"Well? What did he say?"

"Nothing much."

"Has he gotten back to you? Its been a whole day," Bart Allen whined to Clark, "Before I was dating Iris, I would have killed for a chance with her."

The man of steel laughed remembering all of the attempts the Flash made at Diana on many of their beginning missions, "No, not yet. He seams to still be on the fence about it. I always thought those two might get together but certainly not in these circumstances."

"Are you telling me you never had any feelings for her?"

"Yes Clark, do tell?" Batman swooped and took a seat across from Superman and next to the Flash.

They both stared at him until Superman spoke up, "Well?"

"I have decided to agree to your proposition, but you are going to be the one explaining all of this to her."

Superman gave him a huge smile before responding, "That's fine, but you have to be there to."

Batman scowled.

"Oh lighten up bats," the Flash gave him a clap on the back, "And I call throwing the bachelor party!"

Batman glared, "You are to tell no one about this. She hasn't even heard about this."

"Batman's right. Only the people who came up with the idea can know. That means this secret has to straw between GL, Hawkgirl, J'onn, Diana, and the three of us."

The flash rolled his eyes but nodded none the less, "Yea yea. I get it. My lips are sealed. But I'm still helping throw the bachlor party," before Batman could respond he got up and darted down the closest hallway at lightning speed.

Batman growled as he swiftly stood up, "I take it back Diana won't be the death of me, he will."

Clark chuckled at his friend as he watched the black figure disappear deeper into the watch tower.

"Diana," Bruce called as he saw the Amazon preparing for her normally scheduled workout session by doing a few simple stretches.

She looked up as the Bat was striding over to her.

"Come to the manor tonight at 7,"

"Oh? This is quite forward of you. But we've gone over this, you're not my type," she smirked as Batman stared at her in bewilderment. She gave an small chuckle that snapped him out of his shock.

"No. What I meant was to talk... Just talk," she raised an eyebrow as she went back to stretching her hamstring's, "With Clark and I. We may have a solution to your current predicament. If you will agree to it that is."

"Ugh! I had almost forgot about that."

"So you'll come," it was more of a statement than a question.

She paused for a moment, "Yes."

"Good, wear something nice. Oh and don't be late." and in the blink of an eye he was gone.

Diana smiled to herself as she thought about the night ahead.

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