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Flashbacks and #19

It took Bruce all of ten minutes to take a quick shower and put on his expensive Giorgio Armani suit And grab his Black coat. He straightened his tie and took a something out of his private safe before walking downstairs. He entered the kitchen area to find Diana and Alfred laughing over two cups of tea.

"Yes, and at the meer age of eight, Master Bruce dressed up in a pink cape and actually attempted to fly by jumping off the first story balcony."

The Amazon practically choked on her tea as she laughed and coughed at the same time, " Once a hero, always a hero," she responded after regaining her composure.

Bruce smirked and cleared his throat from behind her causing her to almost drop her teacup.

"I think that would be enough embarrassing stories for one lifetime." Bruce commented as he glared at Alfred. The old butler didn't even flinch.

"Well sir, she is part of the family now."

Bruce sighed knowing better then arguing with him.

"Well? Shall we?" He offered Diana his hand as she stood up before leading her out the front door.

"I take it we can't ride in the Batmobile?"

Bruce gave her a dark chuckle before responding, "Unfortunately no. And I wouldn't get your hopes up. Besides Robin, no one gets to ride shot gun. But I hope a Lamborghini will suffice for the night."

She rolled her eyes at how protective men could be over cars then smiled and waved back to Alfred who was standing in the door way. Bruce revved the powerful engine as a clear sign for her to get in the car.

A million thoughts were flying through her head. She had known Bruce for quite a while. In the form of Batman rather than the richest playboy in Gotham of corse. But that wasn't the real him either. It was almost like he was balancing two fake lives. She could only catch rare glimpses of his true self. But when she does, those scarce moments brought a smile to her face. Diana smiled to herself as she remember one of their most recent missions.


They had just finished rescuing the last couple of people from a huge fire that had set the children's orphanage ablaze. A small boy, no older than 8, was being restrained by an officer as he attempted to climb into ambulance. She walked up to the police man and was about to go ask what the problem was when Batman silently stepped in.

"Batman!" the boy cried as he stopped struggling and lept to the Dark Knight.

Bruce went down on one knee so that he war eye level with the boy before asking, "What exactly is going on here?"

The officer was about to respond when Bruce silenced him with a glare reserved for some of the most injust criminals in world. He turned back to face the small child and waited for him to begin.

"Its-its my sister. She has a breathing problem and I barely got her out of the smokey building when she passed out. The hospital people said they are taking her to the hospital and not letting me go with her. But I have to! We're all each other have!"

Bruce nodded once before taking the boys hand and standing up, "Can I tell you something?" the boy nodded, "You have one of the best and most rare quality that people have these days. Bravery. And that alone makes you a true hero. I promise I will do everything I can."

He then turned the medics in the ambulance who were quickly packing up to leave. He picked the boy up and placed him on one of the side seats next to his still unconscious sibling. The medics were about to protest until they saw who had put him there.

"There isn't a problem with this is there?" he asked in a near threatening voice. They all shook their heads no as they got in the back.

Right before the door slammed shut the boy leaned over the head doctor and smiled with a sweet toothy grin, "Thank you Batman!"

Diana smiled as she turned to talk to Bruce. He had disappeared. Without a trace.

The next day

Diana flew to the hospital carrying an assortment of colorful stuffed animals and other small treats. It was a slow day for crime so she decided to spend the day with the kids who were now housed there after the fire. Luckily the league had gotten to the fire relatively early so there were no fatalities but there were still a few people who got injured.

She landed outside the front of the building and was about to open the door when it swung up and something came crashing into her.

It was man. Surprise surprise.

He had caught her off guard and accidentally knocked both of them to the ground. The pan was pinning her to the ground and gave her an apologetic yet charming smile. She rolled her eyes and was about to push him off her when he got up himself and offered her his hand.

She looked up at him skeptically. He seamed familiar. but she couldn't put her finger on it. The man wore a dark pair of glasses with a classic business suit and a dark trench coat.

He looked at his expensive watch then back to the Amazon. He didn't seamed as stunned as most people who see, let alone run into, a superhero would.

She gave the man a scowl and helped herself up. She bent over and started picking up all of her gifts that were now sprawled all over the ground. She could have sworn that the man had rolled his eyes and mumbled something that sounded an awful lot like "Typical princess" before he bent down next to her and collected the remaining presents.

"Thanks," she offered as he handed her the remaining stuffed animals.

"My pleasure," he said as he flashed her a smile, "Sorry for knocking you over before. I sort of can't be seen here," he looked surprised at himself after he let that last comment slip.

Before she could respond, the man was briskly walking away. She shrugged her shoulders and entered the hospital without a second thought.

It had been a long day and the last patient Diana planned to visit was the little girl with breathing problems who was taken away in the ambulance with her brother last night.

She entered the room and looked around. No one was there. As she turned to leave a nurse walked in. She gave a surprised gasp at the heroin in front of her.

"Wow! Wonder Woman. Umm... Can I help you with something?"

"Yes. Can you tell me where the girl staying in this room is? Oh Hera! She's not..."

"Oh! God no! She fine. Actually she's in the process of lung surgery."

"Wow. I didn't know the orphanage was that well off."

"It's not. A very generous donation was made for all of the kids in the accident last night."

"Interesting? You don't happen to know who he was do you?"

"Well I'm not actually supposed to say," she replied as if sharing the latest gossip, " Buuuuutt... It was Bruce. Bruce Wayne."

Diana was speechless.

"I know! Mmm! That man is fine! He was actually only here for a little while. He specifically made sure that the girl in this room got treated. Without his donation, she may not have been able to receive her surgery and she might not have survived."

Diana smiled as everything became more clear. Batman always kept his promises. No. Bruce always kept his promises. The real Bruce.

End of flashback

Diana let out a soft sigh. If she had to marry Bruce she would make it her personal mission to find the real one.

"So," Bruce started, dragging her out of her train of thought, "We have to get to know each other for when the deportation officer asks us about each other. And sense I already know just about everything about yo-"

"Wait. What? You do not know everything about me!"

He smirked, "Sorry Princess, but I kinda do."

"There's no way... Ok. Fine. Favorite color?"

"Easy, its dark blue followed closely by a deep scarlet red."

Blink. Blink, "Yea. Well... Yours is black," Diana responded as she crossed her arms in defense.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a small smile, "Nope."

She glared at him as he kept his eyes on the road, "You're obviously lying. It doesn't take the world greatest detective to figure that out."

"Just because that is the base color of my uniforms attire, doesn't mean I love it. My actual favorite color is navy blue or a dark green. Depending on the day."

The super heroin rolled her eyes. Before she could respond, the car stopped and Bruce hurried to the other side to open the car door for her.

Normally she would never let anyone do that for her but under these circumstances she sure as hell wasn't going to say anything. So she smiled in Bruce's direction and let him take her arm and usher her into the restaurant. He returned her smile as he opened the door and let her in first.

Diana didn't mind. It was actually kind of nice. Granted she got this kind of treatment from men all the time. With Bruce it was different. As Batman he never did any of these things and as playboy Bruce... Well... He pretty much just hit on her. Still she couldn't tell if this was the real Bruce or the fake wedding Bruce. Great now there's four of them.

Diana's thoughts were put on pause as she took a look around. The Fox Garden was breathtaking. And even that, was an understatement. Their were high ceilings with crystal chandeliers hanging over every table which were set with gold lined china and silk-like table cloths. Fancy paintings were hanging on every eggshell white wall and a classy band was playing in the corner

"Ah! Mr. Wayne! I'm so glad you're joining us with..."

"Diana," she responded with a smile.

"Diana? As in the Wonder Woman?" Well that got everyone's attention, "I thought I recognized you from somewhere. And I can't say its a surprise that you have Mr. Wayne on your arm tonight . You're quite lucky, most of the woman would die for that chance."

Diana was about to respond when Bruce cut her off, "I believe I'm the only lucky one tonight." He said simply as he gazed onto her eyes lovingly. Diana gave him a soft smile before returning her attention to the hostess who was in awe of the stunning couple.

Bruce cleared his throat.

"Right... Umm... This way to your table," She escorted them to a more private table as all the eyes in the room followed them to their destination.

As soon as they got to the table, Bruce made his over to the nearest chair and pulled it out for Diana.

"Awww," Diana looked back to the hostess, "Oh. Right. I'll just be leaving. Have a nice dinner."

"Wow. We have quite an interesting effect on people," Bruce chuckled as he watched Diana sit down before taking his own seat.

"One of the many reasons I try not to make so many public appearance, but I guess I can't say the same for you. Can I?

"We'll one of us has to keep up a facade."

"Is it worth it?"

"Is what worth it?" He responded as he took a sip of his water.

"You know. The whole double life," She said is a hushed tone.

"Well it was either that or I kill myself off."

"You were thinking about suicide?" She whispered in alarm.

"What! No! What I meant was going to fake the death of Bruce Wayne so I could take the full role as Batman."

"Oh. And why didn't you?"

"Well for starters, I'm pretty sure I would have either gone insane or worked myself to death in the first year. Not to mention all the women I would have to pass up."

Diana rolled her eyes, "Yea well, sorry for the inconvenience but there will be none of that until we get a divorce."

"I wasn't planning on it."

Before Diana could respond the waiter came up, "Are you ready to order?" Diana was about to answer when Bruce cut her off.

"Yes, I would like the 15oz Filet mignon, medium rare and My date will have the Thai Chicken Salad. Oh, and your fined bottle as well please."

"Excellent choices Sir. Your meal will be with you shortly," He took the menus and left the couple alone.

"Not bad. But not my favorite."

"I know. Your favorite is the number 19 on the Jade Palace takeout menu."

"Now that's just creepy. How do you even know that? I only ever order that when I'm alone in my apartment."

"You're forgetting one little detail... I am... The Batman."

"You are aware that you don't get a stalking immunity every time you say that. "

" What are you saying. Of course I do. It's my job to know other peoples secrets."

Diana shook her head, "Yea, the bad guys. Not mine. Should I even ask what secrets you know about me?"

Bruce smirked, "Probably not. Besides, it makes great blackmail."

Diana just groaned and put her face in her hands. She peaked through the cracks in her fingers to see Bruce looking at her in amusement, "This is no way to treat your new fiance you know."

"That reminds me," Bruce reached into his pants pocked and pulled out a small velvet box. He opened it and reveled an elegant yet relatively simple diamond ring, "I would get down on one knee but then all these people might not think we have been engaged for three months."

Bruce motioned for Diana to give him her hand. He delicately took it and slipped the silver engagement ring on her finger. A perfect fit.

Diana was speechless, "Wow. I-I don't know what to say," She admired the ring up-close.

"To be fair, you already said yes so don't even think about rejecting me now."

Diana gave him a light laugh, "I suppose you're right. Besides, If I said no I wouldn't get to keep the ring."

Bruce smiled as he watched the Amazon admire her newest accessory. The ring was his mothers. His father gave it to her after only 5 months dating. It was true love. With no complications in sight. At least himself and Diana were like them in one way. Both pairs were very passionate about helping others.

"A medium rare Filet Fignon, and a Thai Chicken Salad, with our signature wine the Chteau Margaux," he poured two glasses, "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"No thank you," Diana replied before digging into her salad as the man left.

Bruce chuckled as he took a sip of his wine, "Looks like you've got quite an appetite."

"Hmm. Well unlike most of your dates I'm not just another anorexic barbie. I got to keep up my strength for when I have to kick your ass for when you try to blackmail me."

"Great. Exactly how did I get myself into an abusive relationship?"

Diana whacked him on the arm.

"You're not helping your case Princess," He smirked as the Amazon glared at him.

The rest of the meal went smoothly as Bruce told her about his life, past, likes, dislikes, and anything else he thought that the deportation officer might ask her. Bruce occasionally asked Diana about the things he didn't know about like her family details and about Themyscira.

Before they knew it, it was 9:05. Bruce paid the bill and took his napkin off of his lap.

"Ok Princess, ready to go?" Bruce asked as he stood up and grabbed his coat.

Diana sighed. She liked spending time with Bruce. He was easy to talk to and seamed interested in everything she said. Granted he was extremely witty his Playboy side peeked through every once in a while, thats what made him a little interesting and actually quite funny. He was beginning to change her thoughts about men. Nothing jurastic, but he was proof that men did have some hope.

"Earth to Amazon, we have go."

"Ok, I'm coming."

Diana was surprised when Bruce took her hand and gently started leading her out of the restaurant.

Before they got to the door, Bruce leaned over to Diana and whispered, "Relax, And no comments to the paparazzi."

Diana slowly felt herself unstiffen as she was lead out the door.

The cool wind hit her harder then expected. Before she knew it a thick coat was being wrapped around her shoulders. He gave Bruce a thankful smile before taking his warm hand again.

All of a sudden the press was surrounding them.

"Wonder Woman! Over here!"

Dozens of flashes went off.

"How long have you been in this secret relationship with Mr. Wayne?"

Bruce let go of her hand and wrapped his strong arms around her waist and tried leading her to the car, which the valet just drove up in.

"Are you pregnant with Bruce Wayne's child?"

Diana was appalled. It took all of her strength just to not punch that reporter square in the jaw.

Bruce finally managed to get the door open and Diana practically leaped in. Bruce jogged to the drivers side and started the engine as quickly as possible and drove away.

Bruce looked over at the Amazon. She seamed both livid and mortified.

"Are you ok?"

"Yea, just a little traumatized," Bruce gave her a small laugh, "Hey, do you mind if we drive to my apartment and collect all of my thing now."

"Don't mind at all. I just have to get back by 11 o'clock for patrol."

"Thanks. I don't have many things so I think we should be able to move it all tonight."

"Sounds good," he gave her a genuine smile, "Now tell me more about the Themyscira," Diana raise an eyebrow, "Please?"

She laughed, "Well, Ok. Because you begged.

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