Shawn stumbled into the chiefs office.

Just another day, Gus thought. Shawn staggered over to Gus and leaned on him.

"Get off me, Shawn!" Gus exclaimed, shoving Shawn off of him, expecting him to bounce to his feet and do some kind of dance and sputter a vision. Instead, Shawn rolled with Gus's push, and flopped onto Lassiter. That was when Gus knew something was wrong.

"Spencer, dammit, use your legs!" Lassiter barked, shoving Shawn off of him. Shawn stood on unsteady legs and looked around the room with his glazed green eyes. He took a shuddering breath then glancing from person to person, for the first time in his life Shawn's eyes settled on his father and, in a hoarse tone rasped, "Help." His legs buckled and he fell do his knees, foam spewing from his mouth.



"Spencer!" everyone yelled at once rushing toward him. Shawn's eyes rolled back and his body began to convulse, he fell on the floor, a seizure racking his body.

"Guster hold him down!" Lassie yelled.

Gus flung himself on top for Shawn and held his best friends thrashing body down on the floor. Lassiter shoved the tip of a belt in-between Shawn's top teeth and bottom teeth, while Karen dialed 911 and Henry screamed commands at Lassiter and Gus. Shawn's body stopped seizing and his eyes focused for a brief moment on Gus.

"Shawn, everything is going to be okay, and ambulance is on its on its way. Stay with me, Shawn! Shawn keep your eyes open!" Gus yelled.

Shawn's eyes rolled in his head and when they focused on Gus's face, his lips moved.


"Ice cream…." Shawn whispered, "The…ice cream…"

"What? I don't understand, Shawn, what do you mean?" Gus's eyes searched his friends face franticly. To late. Shawn began to convulse again, slipping back into another seizure. In the distance sirens blared and even Lassiters gruff yell sounded far away. Gus was focused on trying to save his best friend.