I slowly come to consciousness my eyes fluttering open the last thing I remember was my arrow hitting the force field in the arena. My vision is blurry at first but it slowly comes into focus. I become aware of the metal restraints on my wrists and I try to squirm free with no luck. As I try to break free one thought forms in my mind - Peeta. His name passes my lips in a whisper before I can stop it. I look around the large room for any sign of him, my eyes landing on Johanna, Enobaria, and the mad girl from 4 - Annie. I see them all still unconscious and I start panicking, my feet restrained as well. "Peeta" I say his name loudly, and Johanna slowly raises her head beside me "He got away" I turn to her my breathing increasing as I try to get free of the restraints. "Then where is he?" My voice is shaky as I speak there was no hiding my fear, but what was the point? "He was saved. He's in thirteen now" Confusion crosses my features as I take in her words, but before I can ask anything else the door opens. We both snap our heads in the direction. I try more frantically to get lose of the restraints when I see Snow and a Peacekeeper walk in. It finally registers that I've been taken to the capitol. I was just thankful it was me and not Peeta. Snow walks over to me a sly smirk on his face, his feet echoing in the large empty room. I kick my feet with no use unable to break free as he get's closer. "Katniss, do you remember our deal" His voice comes out in almost a hiss - or maybe that was just the way I was hearing it. I keep my lips pressed tightly together. He leans in closer to me and the scent of roses and blood hits me almost causing me to gag. "We promised not to lie to each other, dear" He hand moves to a piece of hair stuck to my forehead and he moves it from my face. I recoil from his touch an almost growl like sound coming from my mouth when he does. He pulls away and chuckles. So this was funny to him? "What do you know about the rebellion" he waits patiently for my answer. "I don't know what the hell you're talk about" I snap at him growing impatient and more scared as the seconds tick by and I can't even budge the restraints around my wrists and ankles. His hand clamps down on my hands tightly and I try to squirm free with no luck. "Katniss dear, tell the truth" I try moving my hands and he only clamps down on them harder causing pain in my hands. "I told you I don't know." He pulls back clearly frustrated with me, he walks to the peacekeeper and says loudly and clearly "Let that one be-" he points to me as he says this "We can use her as a weapon against Peeta" My eyes widen and my breathing quickly increases again my hands already forming bruises from where he had gripped them. The peacekeeper nods once and walks to Johanna. "Hmm, where to start" his voice comes out taunting and snake like as he walks in circles around her. "What are you going to do to me?" her voice shakes as she speaks. Unable to tear my eyes away from the scene going on next to me - hardly unaware that Snow had left. He grips her hands just as snow had done mine, but he must've done it a lot harder because a squeal escapes her lips. I flinch as she does. "I don't know sweetheart, something to get the information out of you" She stiffens slightly as he says this and I can tell she knew something. "I'll never tell you" she spats at him and glares. "Alright, it's your choice" My eyes widen as he releases her hand and draws his hand back. Before I can even blink his hand has fallen across her face making a loud smacking noise that even makes me flinch and a cry of pain comes from her lips. When her head turns back to face him I see the mark on her cheek, and could see blood at the corner of her lip. A gasp escapes my lips. "Still not going to talk?" She keeps her mouth closed and he draws his hand back again. "Stop!" I cry out before I can stop myself. He turns in my direction. "I was instructed to let you be, but I can still knock you back out" I start trying to get free of my restraints when the needle slams into my arms harshly. An almost silent cry of pain escapes my lips at the force he uses to inject the needle. My eye lids start getting heavy and I instantly know what he put in me. Morphling. I fight against the drug as best as possible. I yell "Stop" weakly once more, my eyes slowly sliding shut. I had no power against this drug. Just before I slip into unconsciousness I hear a slight crack like a bone breaking and a bone chilling cry of pain from Johanna, and I'm almost thankful for the morphling as I go under.