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To make it up to you guys I am going to do little drabbles each day of September. They will be centered on Marcus Flint/Harry Potter pairing. Which is my top Harry Potter pairing! Also if you do like this pairing, or just want to, I really recommend Bittersweet Alias' Incorrigible Infatuation! I really love this story and the author! I lose count of how many times I read this during a year. I know at least ten…. _ Anyways check that out and I hope you enjoy the drabbles!

Pairing: Marcus/Harry

Rating: T/M





Despite what most people think, the first time Harry Potter had ever seen Marcus Flint was not on the Quidditch Pitch. Nor was it at Hogwarts. He met him on the Hogwarts Express. After the Weasley twins had helped him get his trunk onto the train, he had been left to find a compartment while dragging his heavy trunk behind him. He had finally found an empty compartment and he had been trying to get it up onto the rack when Marcus appeared. The older boy had lifted the trunk effortlessly up onto the rack, much to Harry's amazement.

His real first thought was that Marcus was tall. Harry just barely reached the bottom of the boy's stomach. He was packed with muscles underneath his olive tan skin, and Harry's hands itched to touch them. His dark-almost black hair was cut short and slight spiked. His dark grey eyes reminded Harry of rain clouds. His large hands and tall frame also didn't make Harry afraid, like he was with Uncle Vernon. He surprisingly felt safe with the older boy.

Harry had finally been able to stutter out a thank you through his blushing. The boy had smirked before running a hand through Harry's hair. Then with a, "Hope to see you in Slytherin." He was gone. Harry wouldn't even get to learn his name until he was forced onto the Quidditch team.


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