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"Mommy! Hurry up!" Rosalia said turning to look at her "mother" from where she was holding onto her chuckling daddy's hand. David was on his father's shoulders clutching his head and looking at all the other first years and returning students. Holding Marcus' other hand was little seven year-old Dominick.

"I'm coming sweetie. You're sisters can only walk so fast and I can't carry them anymore." Harry said as he caught up to the other three. Four year-old twins Katrina and Kaitlyn were dragging their feet as they each held one of their mother's hands. Harry was pregnant once again with twins and his due date was in two weeks.

"Cheer up guys!" Rosalia told her twin sisters. "I'll be back for the holidays!" she said ruffling their hair.

"We'll be back." David corrected her, but was ignored.

"You two need to get going." Marcus said as he reached up and put David down. The boy pouted, his large green eyes starting to tear up.

"You'll be fine darling." Harry told him, pulling him into his arms. While Rosalia was her daddy's princess and a mix of Marcus and Harry, David looked just like his mother, only his hair was a little longer, his green as weren't as bright as Harry's, and he was taller than Harry was at that age; as he wasn't being starved and beaten. He was also his mommy's little boy. He loved to help Harry do everything.

"But I won't be able to help you cook, or clean, and you won't be able to read to me. And I could end up in Gryffindor!" the little eleven year-old said, slightly hysterically at the end. While Harry and Marcus didn't really have a problem where their children were sorted as long as they were happy, so far all of their children shuddered in horror of just the thought of being placed in the house for the brave.

"Baby, you love your books to much." Harry said, running a hand through David's thick hair.

"Just like your mother." Marcus said, but kept silent at the look Harry shot him. After 12 years of marriage, five pregnancies, and four long labors and deliveries Marcus had a healthy dose of fear of his beloved little husband, much like his own father with his mother and his father-in-law with his wife.

"You'll be fine. You'll also write me every day." Harry said sternly, but he also looked at his daughter, who smiled sheepishly.

"Yes mommy." The two said and Harry gave them a beautiful smile that had everyone looking at him.

"Now let's get you guys on the train." Harry said and they nodded. Rosalia suddenly grabbed her father's hand and began to drag him and little Dominick away from Harry, David, and the twins. "Oh, shoot! How are we going to get you're trunk on the train?" Harry said sighing. David sighed and started to try to lift it, but not having much luck. Just as he dropped it a pair of big hands caught it.

"Need help?" a voice asked and the four Flints present turned to see a boy who looked to be 14-15. He had spiked blond hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Yes, thank you!" Harry said with a smile.

"It's no problem." The boy said with a small grin, dimples popping up. "I'm Alexander Nott, third year Slytherin. But you can call me Alex."

"It's nice to meet you Alex, I'm Harry Flint, and these are three of my children, David, Katrina and Kaitlyn. Is your father Theodore or his older brother, Luke?" Harry asked as Alex carried the trunk onto the train.

"I'm my parents oldest, and Uncle Theo's my Uncle." he said. "Is this compartment fine David?"

"O-oh? Y-yes, this is fine!" David said, a blush lighting up his face much to Harry's amusement. Alex grinned and put the trunk up. He then gave a dramatic flourished bow, kissed the back of all their hands and with a "Lovely meeting you all!" and a wink he was gone.

"I like him!" the twins chorused together. Harry smiled and stroked their hair.

"I do as well."

"What about you Davy?" the girls asked turning to look at their brother who was red, but before he could answer the door opened.

"Who was that?" Rosalia asked as she, Marcus, and Dominick came in. Marcus' eyes narrowed when he spotted David, and his eyes looked calculating at him then at Harry.

"That was Alexander Nott; he helped us get David's trunk onto the train as you three left us." His voice solid at the end and all three winced.

"Sorry mommy!" the two children chorused. Marcus wrapped an arm around him and nuzzled right behind his ear in apology.

"It's alright. Now where are my hugs and kisses?" he asked his oldest children and the two rushed over. Before any of them knew it, all but the two oldest Flint children were back on the platform waving goodbye.

"Nott?" Marcus whispered into his little husband's ear.

"I had déjà vu." Harry said his eyes glazed over as he thought about the first time he had met his handsome husband. Marcus squeezed him slightly but said nothing. He didn't want to think about what may be running through this Nott kid's mind, and it had not better be what he was thinking when he had seen his beautiful husband the first time. Harry grinned at him as if knowing what he was thinking about.

Even after years of marriage the two were still just as in love, if not more, then when they were younger. They had five beautiful kids and two more that would be here soon.

"Marcus." Harry said through gritted teeth, snapping Marcus out of his thoughts. He looked down at his husband who was gripping his hand tightly.

"My water just broke." Marcus' eyes widened and he quickly ushered his family to the floo. It looked like Audrey and Ayers were ready to join their family in the world.


And that's it! I'm so glad you all stuck with it! Let me know what you think. And here is a list of all the kids:

Rosalia: 12, dark-almost black hair and green eyes, Slytherin.

Name: Origin- English, Meaning- Rose

David: 11, looks just like Harry, Ravenclaw.

Name: Origin- Hebrew, Meaning- Beloved

Dominick: 7, looks just like Marcus, Slytherin.

Name: Origin- Latin, Meaning- Lord

Katrina: 4, curly black hair and grey eyes, older twin, Ravenclaw.

Name: Origin- Greek, Meaning- Pure

Kaitlyn: 4, curly black hair and grey eyes, younger twin, Ravenclaw.

Name: Origin- Greek, Meaning- Pure

Audrey: newborn, red hair and grey eyes with green flecks, older twin, Slytherin.

Name: Origin- Old English, Meaning- Noble strength

Ayers: newborn, red hair and green eyes with grey flecks, younger twin, Slytherin.

Name: Origin- English, Meaning- Heir to a fortune

Also here's Alexander, I thought it was appropriate ;):

Alexander: 13, blond hair and brown eyes, Slytherin.

Name: Origin- Greek, Meaning- Man's defender, warrior

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