In her dark, secluded corner she dreamed of what could be. There was no calmer place than the old, forgotten church. Beaten and broken it might be, but it was still her home. Beaten and broken as I am, Suigintou thought.

It was home, but it was still lonely. Empty, dead inside, a place not truly fit for anyone. Junk. The word resonated on her mind, as it did every night. She was the broken one, the inferior creation, the unwanted. And when she looked at her surroundings, she was reminded of her imperfection, as even her home reflected her nature. Her sisters live in houses of gold and love, and here she stands by herself among the crumbling ruins.

She screamed as these thoughts overwhelmed her mind. She clawed at her face until anger replaced her despair. She left her ruined home and looked at the night sky, with not a single star to be seen. Even the moon was obscured by clouds.

Close to her home was Megu's. The hospital was certainly older than the chapel, but it was just as hollow. By now Megu surely was asleep in her house of death and pain. Suigintou couldn't hear a thing in the proximity; it was as if the world had fallen into a deep slumber but she was still awake, left behind.

Suigintou sat outside her medium's window. Megu seemed so peaceful. That bothered Suigintou so much. How she wished her medium would stop being so resigned to her fate, show some rage and indignation. You're broken, that's undeniable, but you don't need to be so comformed.


"Oh, I didn't think you were awake."

"I can't sleep tonight, so I was just resting my eyes and thinking."

"Thinking about what?"

"Nothing, really. Just reminiscing."

"You shouldn't. Thinking about the past never makes anyone happy."

"I know," she closed her eyes once more. "I just can't help it, that's all."

Suigintou turned back to stare at the cloudy sky. From time to time she could listen to the faint sound of cars in the distance, but nothing more. Megu's breathing was all she could really hear.

"How do you expect me not to brood so much if you're so silent, angel? When it's this quiet it's just so easy to remember all the things you wish you'd just forget."

"I don't have anything to say. Small talk doesn't suit me."

"And when did I say that I just wanted to make small talk with you? I don't want to talk about the weather or sports or about how pretty the hospital's garden is. Not with you. There is much more I'd like to talk about with you."

No, child, you don't.

"I think you should try to sleep."

"Really?" Megu seemed disappointed. There was a deep sadness in her eyes, one that wasn't very evident. Suigintou avoided looking at them. "Fine. Goodnight, angel, even though you probably won't sleep."

The girl slowly closed her eyes, but Suigintou could tell she was still awake. She couldn't force Megu to sleep, so she just watched the sky. She chose to stay by Megu's window tonight, feeling sorry about her being so alone. And so that she herself wouldn't have to feel alone as well.

Soon it started raining, but Suigintou sought no shelter. She just stood there, water dripping on her dress, her face soaked and her wings wet and heavy. She stood a silent watch all night, and when she got used to the sound of the falling rain, she reminisced.