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Chapter 39

The Perks of the Red Tiger's POV

The winter vacation finally ended and everyone in Seirin High was excited to see their friends, classmates and teachers again - except maybe for Kagami Taiga who just feels the complete opposite. He is definitely NOT excited nor looking forward to the start of the term.

He only felt anxiety, nervousness and fear.

Yes, fear.

Fear that his life will be cut short due to what happened last weekend in Odaiba.

Thankfully, the threat to his life hasn't arrived yet. And if ever IT arrived, he'll not be the only one who'll die. There's also Kuroko who will go down with him

Kagami took his sight away from door which he has been eyeing for a while now to the one sitting in front of him. Kuroko was sitting as still as a stone not moving nor breaking a sweat.

Kagami bet Kuroko felt the same way.

Anxious, nervous and frightened.


The door suddenly opened with a loud bang. Kagami and Kuroko jumped in their seats.

It finally came!


It's floating!


She is floating.

Kagami couldn't believe what he's seeing.

Maya is floating – with hundreds and thousands of pink bubbles that surround her like dust or dirt or whatever!

It's pink, damm'it!

Kagami let his jaw drop to the floor. His classmates did the same thing. Everyone was experiencing déjà vu. This has happened before - last year, when she was brain-damaged!

"Ohayo, minna!" She yelled in a sing song voice. Everyone involuntarily cringed.

"Toru! Mika!" She said. Yoshimura and Shinda cringed.

"Tetsu!" Kuroko cringed, in his own way.

And then she paused and landed in front of him.

Uh-huh, landed.

Kagami felt all his energy drained out of his body. He wasn't expecting this kind of Maya especially because of what happened last weekend.

Together with the Kiseki no Sedai, they spied her date with Tatsuya. Spied wasn't the word actually. They haven't had the chance to form a plan on how to get the spying done due to their "irreconcilable differences" plus the unexpected appearance of Akashi Seijurou which just worsen the situation. It ended up with them going their own way and being obvious about the whole thing. Maya almost lost it – pounding the poor stuff toy at him and Kuroko.

Today, Kagami was expecting her to fully unleash her wrath at them.

Except, of course, she hasn't - which is A LOT scarier.

Kagami still couldn't believe that Tatsuya asked her for a date. Tatsuya is the kind of guy who could get any girl he wants but he only dates girls he genuinely likes. Back in L.A., Kagami remembered that every girl in the city would willingly offer herself up to him but he only dated two girls. Two very NICE girls.

Not that Maya isn't nice.

He just thinks she's a different species from the female race.

Does Tatsuya even know her violent tendencies?!

"And, brother-in-law." She sang, looking at him.

Kagami stopped his thoughts as awful silence descended upon the room. He looked behind him just in case she was looking and talking to another person, but as expected, no one was there.

He looked at Maya and attempted to speak but he failed.

What the hell did she just call him?!

"Uhm, are you talking to Kagami-kun?" Yoshimura and Shinda asked her for clarification.

"Yep!" Maya answered cheerily.

"Did you just call him brother-in-law?" Kuroko asked.

"Yep." Maya nodded.

Everyone was given a chance to absorb and comprehend what she just said.

A second later everyone screamed including Kagami himself.

"Uwha—what! What the hell are you talking about?!" Kagami asked, backing away from her. He's almost on the verge of panicking!

"Dee..di..did…" Kagami sputtered. Ok, he's panicking.

"Did you hit your head again or something?" He finally said.

"Ma~ don't be that flustered. It's not official yet. *heart*. BUT, it's inevitable, Taiga. Don't try to stop it! Ufufufu!" Maya laughed smugly. There's a puff of smoke that came from her nose.

"Whoa, look at that confidence!" Yoshimura remarked.

"Something must have happened during the date." Shinda suggested.

"She just called me brother-in-law!" Kagami wailed.

"I think its better this way." Kuroko said softly.

"What do you mean better?! This is completely insane!" Kagami looked at Kuroko like he's crazy.

"Kagami-kun, being alive is always better." Kuroko said sagely.

"Ark! You're right." Kagami said, calming down. "I thought I'm going to die today."

"So did I."

Kagami and Kuroko gave a sigh of relief. Even letting a tear drop from their eyes.

"I can hear you, you know!" Maya harrumphed. "Just be grateful that I'm feeling great today. In fact, I have a feeling that I will feel great for all the days of my life. Hahaha! I have forgotten what you two and the other freaks did to me. And Taiga, you don't have to look that way. You definitely don't understand a maiden's heart. *heart*" She wiggled her index figer.

"That is true." Kuroko nodded his head.

"Wah! Shut up, you two!"

"Listen!" Maya demanded. "I happened to be just a girl in love*giggle* And fortunately, the man I fell in love with also loves me. *giggle* Kya! *heart*" She cupped her cheeks with her hands and curled her right foot backward. Flowers started sprouting in her background. Kagami even heard birds tweeting.

Thunderous electric shocks hit everyone. All backing away from her, everyone yelled:


"Hora, hora, hora! What is this mess first thing in the morning?"

Saki-sensei, Sakisen to Class B, entered the classroom for their homeroom. Everyone pointed Maya.

"Ooh! It seems like spring have come to you. Congratulations." Sakisen remarked.

Maya giggled. Everyone groaned.

"Announcement, minna-san!" Sakisen said. "There's a new policy submitted by the school administrators. It's the mandatory membership of every student to join school committees. It would allow everyone to contribute to the mission and vision of the school. As you know, it will help not just the school but the standing of every student here in Seirin. I'm happy to say that almost every student in the school already joined one or two except for a few individuals. Two of them are in my class!"

"As I call your name, meet me in the faculty room after class. Kagami-kun and Maya-san. Hai, no one seems to be absent. That's all."

"Wah! That's fast!" Their classmates commented.

"But sensei, I'm already in a club!" Maya protested.

"Well, I can't say that a club and a committee are the same. Besides, I think the more you should join. You're just the club manager, aren't you?"

"Just a manager?! Sakisen, don't underestimate a manager! It's actually a very tedious job!"

"After class, Maya-san!"

"But, sensei!"

"Give it up, it's the new policy." Yoshimura whispered to her.

"Tch, I guess I'll just join the library committee then. Tetsu's a member right?"

"Yes. But I don't think you are the library type." Kuroko said plainly.

"I agree." Kagami said.

"Whoa~ What do you mean by that?" Maya's eyes went large.

"Nothing." He and Kuroko said in unison.

After class

They finally arrived at the faculty room and it gave Kagami a huge relief. Maya bombarded him with questions about Tatsuya on the way and he wasn't really sure if he should answer all of them. What's worse was that she keeps calling him brother-in-law! The horror!

As both of them entered, he saw Kawahara inside standing beside Sakisen.

"Yo!" Kagami greeted him. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah. Kagami-kun, Maya-chan. Hehe. It seems like I'm the only one in our class who didn't join a school committee yet." Kawahara said shyly, rubbing the back of his head.

"Eh, so you were abandoned by Fukuda-san and Furihata-san?" Maya asked.

"It's not like that…" Kawahara said.

But as usual, Maya is not listening. "I totally feel you, Tetsu also abandoned us."

Kawahara blinked twice at Maya before whispering to Kagami.

"Kagami-kun, what's wrong with her?"

"Ignore her. She's just experiencing spring sickness." Kagami whispered back.

"Spring sickness?"

"It's a long story you don't want to hear."

"Sensei, I've finally decided to join the library committee." Maya, all of a sudden, declared.

"I highly discourage that. The library committee has already a hundred members." Sakisen advised.

"It's popular?" Kagami asked shocked.

"Ma, you don't really have to do anything in that committee." Sakisen said.

"Then the more I want to join." Maya said determinedly.

"Sensei, I don't think you can say that. There are actually students who take the committee seriously you know." Kawahara said.

Maya covered her mouth and faked her anguish. "Poor Tetsu."

"I was actually thinking of Furihata-kun." Kawahara said.

"Don't name them!" Kagami reprimanded.

"I don't think you have a choice. A committee was already determined for you." Sakisen smiled mischievously.

"What do you mean?" Kagami asked.

"Well, let's wait for the other students who didn't join yet."

As if on cue, the door opened and showed Koganei-senpai and Kiyoshi-senpai.

"Yo!" Both of them greeted.

Kagami, Kawahara and Maya greeted them back.

"Ugh, why are the basketball club members here?" Maya grunted.

"Hehehe. Its looks like we are the ones who didn't join any committee." Kiyoshi-senpai said cooly.

"Somehow, I've got a bad feeling." Kagami said to no one in particular.

"Actually, Aida-san suggested the committee all of you have to join." Sakisen said.

"What!" Maya reacted violently. "What does she have to do with this?"

"She's the VP of the Student Council, remember?" Koga-senpai said.

"Yes, it's a committee directly under the Student Council." Sakisen said. "It's like a committee within a committee."

"So basically, you want us to be the Student Council dogs?!" Maya said.

"Where did you get that idea?" Sakisen looked at her weirdly.

"I can't believe this. Seirin High's Student Council is evil."

"Like I said Maya-chan, where did you get that idea?" Sakisen repeated.

"Don't mind her." All of the guys said to Sakisen

"HMP! I told you I'm going to join the library committee. Even Aida-sempai cannot stop me. I'm sure she's just exercising her power. If I know better, she's abusing it! I can't believe someone would be willing to be their dogs! Blah, blah, blah."

Kagami couldn't hear what she's saying anymore because Aida-senpai suddenly appeared behind Maya hearing the whole thing. She's covered with dark aura.

Kagami's too frightened to do anything. He couldn't warn her. All of the guys with him stepped away from the two females.

"Aho! Did I hear you right?! You just said that the Seitokai are evil?"

Maya gulped and sweated. "Am I right to assume that the one who said that is Aida-sempai?"

The rest of the guys nodded.

Maya turned around and saw Aida-senpai. A second later, she was subjected to the Boston Crab Hold. Maya made an animalistic sound.

"Anyway, the VP is here, so I guess, she's the right person to explain what's happening." Sakisen said, obviously done with them.

"Thank you, sensei." Aida-senpai said. When she turned to them, her face suddenly became grim.

"Uhg, I can't believe this. Of all the students in Seirin, the students who didn't voluntary sign up for the school committees were members of the Basketball Club. This is embarrassing."

"Well, you know~~" All of them said in reply.

"And because of that, you're all going to join the Clean-up committee."

"Clean-up Committee? This is the first I have heard of it!" Kagami said.

"That's right. We just created it. It's directly under the SC." Aida-senpai explained.

"Agh! You just want dogs after all!" Maya complained. "I want to be in the library committee!"

"That's not it. We just need additional hands to take care of stuff we can't take care of."

"Like, for example?" Kagami asked.

"Meeting the concerns of students..." Aida-senpai said looking sideways.

"I thought that should be one of SC's jobs?" Kawahara asked

"Ma, it's not your average concerns…"

"Don't you mean the-stupid-why-does-the-SC-have-to-deal-with-this stuff?" Maya said.

"That's long!" Kiyoshi-senpai commented.

"Shut-up, Teppei-nii!" Maya said.

"Hahaha!" Aida-senpai laughed comically. "Quit complaining. You don't have a say in the matter anyways."

Aida-senpai took out a piece of paper and handed it to them.

"Saa!~ Sign up!"

Everyone grumbled in protest but signed anyway. Aida-senpai is after all the ultimate boss.

"All the boys, go to the SC room. You'll be carrying a lot of stuff to the Clean-up Committee room." The VP ordered.

"We have a room?!" Maya asked, wide-eyed.

"Yes, that's one of your privileges. And it's neater than the Basketball Club room."

"Cool!" Maya said.

"Oi, you two!" The boys tsukkomi-ed.

"And you have a special budget."


"Oi, what happened to you joining the library committee?" Kagami asked Maya.

"That's in the past. Oh, and senpai, I volunteer to be the leader since I'm the only girl."

"Alright." Aida-senpai approved.

"WOI!" Kagami, Kawahara and Koga-senpai protested.

"Don't get too hyped-up guys, I think this is interesting." Kiyoshi-senpai said.

Kagami, Kawahara and Koga-senpai groaned.

"And Maya, I want you to go to the committee room and start cleaning."

"WHAT?! I thought you said its clean?!" Maya said.

"I said neat! And you can ask Mika-chan and Toru-chan." Aida-senpai pointed at the door.

They looked too. Shinda and Yoshimura waved.

"By the way, I'm in the Broadcasting Committee with Tsuchida-senpai." Shinda said.

"I'm in the Cultural Events Committee, and I'm with no one." Yoshimura said.

"Nobody asked you." Kagami and Maya said.

On the way to the SC room

"So, Hyuuga and Fukuda-kun are in the P.E committee, Mitobe is in the Health Committee and Izuki is in the Student Life Committee." Koga-senpai finished explaining.

"What do they do in the Student Life Committee?" Kawahara asked.

"Mostly giving advises." Koga-senpai said.

"Whoa. Does that mean Izuki-senpai is good with giving an advise?"

"He does have the Eagle's Eyes." Kiyoshi-senpai said as if that explained everything.

"What does his ability have to do with giving an advise?!" Kagami asked.

"Hahaha! You'll see. You must visit him some time." Kiyoshi-senpai said, giving Kagami the I-want-to-know-more-glare.

"Why do I have to visit him?" Kagami asked.

"I don't know… Maybe because Maya-chan has been calling you brother-in-law… or something…" Kiyoshi said.

"Wah! Where did you hear that?!" Kagami shrieked.

"Kuroko-kun told us." Koga-senpai said.

"That blabbermouth!" Kagami said, directing all his annoyance to that Poker-Face.

"I didn't know that!" Kawahara said.

"Ugh!" Kagami grunted.

"Tell us!" The three guys urged.

"She did call you brother-in-law. That's new!" Kiyoshi-senpai said. The three of them looked at him expectantly and grinned.

They're definitely teasing him.

Kagami sighed. "It's just that Tatsuya and Maya started dating."

A full minute passed.

"What! That Himuro Tatsuya? She didn't tell me! That's probably why I'm seeing flowers in her background." Kiyoshi reacted fiercely.

"Why would she tell you?! And, wait, you see that too?!" Kagami said, totally weirded-out.

"When did this happen!?" Koga-senpai asked, his eyes shining.

"Just this year…" Kagami answered.

"But the year just started." Koga-senpai said.


"Whoa. Furihata-kun's going to break…" Kawahara said.

"Why?!" Kagami asked perplexed.

"Why did you let this happen?" Kiyoshi-senpai asked him seriously, crackling his fingers for effect.

"Kiyoshi-senpai, what's wrong with you?" Kagami scrunched his face.

"What is your take on this?" Koga-senpai asked.

"How am I supposed to take this?!"

"Uhm, by being jealous, maybe?" Kawahara and Koga-senpai said hinting something.

"Why would I even feel jealous?! Just try Maya to call you brother-in-law and I assure you, jealousy is the last thing you would feel!" Kagami struggled to keep his voice moderate but failed. Why would he even feel jealous?! It's not like he likes Maya… right?!

He started feeling his face burn.

"No, that's not what we meant…" Koga-senpai said.

"He is not Bakagami for nothing…" Kawahara said.

Both of them look at him with pity.

"What do you mean?!" Kagami glared.

Instead of answering, Kawahara and Koga-senpai patted his shoulder.

On the way to the Clean-up Committee Room

The four of them were carrying heavy boxes full of request papers. They also have to carry tables and chairs and cabinets. Aida-senpai did not kid them about special privileges. The Basketball Club's furnitures were only the lockers and the benches.

Kagami also slipped by telling them the spying incident with the Kiseki no Sedai during the date so the senpais and Kawahara were full of questions.

"Stop asking questions already! I'm just thankful I am alive!" He said to them irritatedly.

"Right, after what you did it's a wonder Maya didn't kill you that day." Koga-senpai said.

"Her weapon is thankfully a stuff toy." Kagami said, and then realize he told them something unnecessarily again.

"Anyway, can we stop talking about this?!" He said.

They finally arrived at the Clean-up Committee Room but they started hearing weird noises inside.

"What on earth is happening inside?" Kawahara asked.

They all stopped in front the door and stared at it. Somehow, their man-instinct is warning them not to open the door at all. The weird noises started getting louder.

"Riko ordered Toru-chan, Mika-chan and Maya-chan to clean the room right?!" Kiyoshi-senpai said.

"Something is bound to happen when the three of them are together…" Kagami said speaking from experience.

"Why don't you open it, Kagami-kun?" Koga-senpai said.

Kahawara put a hand on his chest. "Why do I feel scared?"

They all gulped.

"Ok, I'm opening it." Kagami balanced the box he's holding so he could use his other hand. Slowly, and suspenseful-ly, Kagami started sliding the door.


Maya was wearing a kimono, while Yoshimura was wearing a samurai-wig. Shinda was filming them.

They're doing the obi-spin.

Yoshimura was pulling the obi with such exaggeration causing Maya to spin around, arms-up in mach-speed.

"It's fine, isn't it?" Yoshimura said in a sexually suggestive tone using an old man's voice.

"Ohhh myyyy~!" Maya said as she spins. "Hahahahahahaha!"

Kagami and the rest of the guys turned white. He came to his senses a second later and threw the box at them. The papers inside flew around the room.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Kagami screamed.

Maya dropped to the floor face first, her eyes were spiral.

"Wwghoneksdl Tadfkah." She mumbled deliriously.

"She said, it's for her honeymoon with Tatsuya-kun." Yoshimura translated.

Shinda hovered in front of him with the video camera.


Kagami put his hands on his face. "Give me a break!"