Chapter 56

The Perks of Being a Boyfriend

Part 1

She was his first love.

Kate was perfect in every way, Tatsuya thought she's going to be his last.

It was a love so intense that he made a mistake of making her the center of his universe. In the process, he lost himself.

They both did.

Their need for the same things made their relationship very emotional and disturbingly fluctuating.

When it didn't work out, his world fell apart. The pain was unbearable.

He tried to ease it by getting into another relationship which was more destructive and damaging. He regretted every moment of it.

He hated himself. Hated his immaturity and stupidity.

He and Kate decided to be 'friends' but in the end, they avoided each other as much as they could.

He went to Japan. She went to Europe.

Both of them moved on - and moved forward.

He supposed he never got over her. Everytime he met a girl, comparison was inevitable. No one was as good as her. They would never be.

And that's when she came.


She was like a whirlwind destroying everything in her path.

She destoyed the world he tried to rebuild again, only to create a new one that doesn't make sense.

Comparison with Kate was out of the question.

It doesn't even apply.

The flaws that mar the others compliment her.

He finds himself at a loss of words for she defies logic.

And just like that, she took everything. Selfishly.

He got to know her and finds himself wanting more.

He finds himself wanting to see her - more.

He finds himself wanting to talk to her - more.

He finds himself wanting to be with her - more.

It scared the hell out of him.

But she even destroyed that feeling - that fear - in him.

She forced her way into his life.

She made him stand at the edge of a cliff urging him to jump and fall with her.

She kept on pushing and pulling until finally, he conceded.

He fell.


When Tatsuya met Kate, he had this undescribable fear for himself and Maya. He was scared of breaking into pieces again and for causing pain if he did. Seeing and talking to Kate would, after all, be the clincher of his relationship not just with Maya but with Kate as well.

As they talked, memories of their past crashed down at him like splashes of waves hitting him here and there. In the end, he was left with the conclusion that he still has feelings for her.

It was confusing at first but he realized that the feelings has to do with the fact the she was his first love. The memories they shared, the hope and the sentiments that the feelings would last. And the fact that it wouldn't work with the same person anymore.

She was his first but she is not his forever.

Unfortunately, it took him a week to figure it all out! He was frustrated and angry with himself with how things turned out, knowing how he and Maya are both so stubborn.

They just arrived in Yokohama where Yosen's Training Camp will be held. They were in the train station, waiting for their transport vehicle.

Tatsuya excused himself from his teammates and immediately called Maya. They have played this tug-of-war for too long and he decided to lose.

Instead of Maya answering though, Taiga's voice boomed on the other line.

"Oh, thank god!" He breathed a relief. "I tried calling you for the past hour! What the hell, man?!"

"We were traveling." Tatsuya answered him patiently. " We just arrived in Yokohama. Where's Maya?"

"You are in Yokohama?!" Taiga roared. "Why? How far is that from Nagano?"

If Tatsuya knew better, Taiga was about to cry.

"This is where we are going to have our training camp, Taiga. Where's Maya?" He asked again.

"Shit! Hold on a sec..."

Taiga wasn't discreet for Tatsuya still heard him on the other line.

"Are you crazy?! Have you met her mother?! She's going to kill all of us!" Taiga yelled.

"I agree with Kagami-kun. Its not a good idea calling her." Kuroko-kun said.

"I'm on the line with Tatsuya right now!" Taiga said.

Male 1: "Oh! That's good... or not..."

Male 2: "I prefer him than her mother."

Male 3: "I agree."

"Tatsuya!" Taiga yelled on the other line.

Losing his patience, he shouted. "What the hell is going on?!"

"Uh... well... you see... the thing is..." Taiga stammered.

"Oh, for Pete's sake! Let me talk to him!" Seirin's coach, Aida-san demanded.

"I'm sorry, what is happening? Where's Maya?" Tatsuya calmed a little.

"Maya is dying. I'm afraid you, Himuro-kun, are the only one who can save her." She said it so fast, Tatsuya wasn't able to comprehend it immediately.

"What?!" He said in a disbelieving, almost whispered voice.

A chorus of disapproving voices came from the other line.

"Coach, that's too much!"

"You're going to give Himuro-san a wrong idea."

"Can you PLEASE tell explain what's going on? Is Maya alright? What do you mean dying?" Tatsuya interjected, panic was now evident in his voice.

"I can't really tell you over the phone." Aida-san said. "But no, Maya is not alright."

Muffled voices came next.

Seirin Basketball Team was really testing his temper.

"Hello?" An unfamiliar voice was now speaking to him.

"This is Mibuchi Reo. I don't know if you know me but I'm a player from Rakuzan High, Jersey number 6."

A picture of a guy with long eyelashes popped-up in his mind. Tatsuya has so many questions but right now he wanted to know what happened to Maya. Whether the situation over there was serious or just one of the quirks of the Seirin Basketball Club. Was what their Coach said about her dying really an exaggeration? Why is the Rakuzan Basketball Team even there?

"And where is Maya?" He asked for the nth time.

"I'm sorry." He said in a solemn voice. "I would like to apologize to you right now. I don't really know what came over me. It wasn't intentional. It just happened."

"What happened?" Tatsuya asked, wanting to shout, but didn't.

"I kind of French-kissed Maya-san." Mibuchi Reo said.

Tatsuya inhaled sharply. He heard everone's gasps on the other line.

"Do you really need to tell him that you French-kissed her?" Taiga yelled.

"But I did." Mibuchi Reo said.

"What did Himuro-kun say?" Kuroko-kun asked.

"He just inhaled sharply." Mibuchi Reo reported.

"Dude, you are fucking dead." Taiga stated.

The next thing Tatsuya knew, he purchased a train ticket from Yokohama to Nagano.