Summary: After the attack on the Potter family, Harry Potter was not given to Petunia Dursley, but instead to another woman, Martha Kent, to raise. How will Smallville be different if Harry Potter was apart of it?

The Main Pairing consists of the following (Names in parentheses are aliases)

"DC Comics"

"The Authority"

Neil Sinclair (Apollo)/Lucas Trent (Midnighter)

"Justice League"

Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)/Raymond Palmer (The Atom)/William 'Billy' Batson (Captain Marvel)/Solis (Lightray)/Hugh Dawkins (Tasmanian Devil)/Raymond Terrill (The Ray)/Bernhard 'Buddy' Baker (Animal Man)/William MacIntyre (Triumph)/Todd Rice (Obsidian)/Damon Matthews/Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)/Uno (Curtis Falconer; Aztek)/Zauriel/Jon Standing Bear (Super-Chief)/Brion Markov (Geo-Force)/Adam Blake (Captain Comet)/Mitchell Shelley (Resurrection Man)/Jeremiah Cain/Teth Adam (Black Adam)

"Legion of Super-Heroes" (Mentioned)

Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy)/Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad)/Gim Allon (Colossal Boy)/Thom Kallor (Starman)/Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy)/Jo Nah (Ultra Boy)/Lar Gand (Mon-El)/Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eating Lad)/Jan Arrah (Element Lad)/Brin Londo (Timer Wolf)/Drake Burroughs (Wildfire)/Troy Stewart (Tyroc)/Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid)/Pol Krinn (Magnetic Kid)/Brek Bannin (Polar Boy)/Lyle Norg (Invisible Kid)/Condo Arlik (Chemical King)/Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad)/Val Armorr (Karate Kid)/Kell-El (Superman-X)

"Teen Titans"

Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Nightwing)/Garth (Tempest)/Roy Harper (Arsenal)/Henry 'Hank' Hall (Hawk)/Donald 'Don' Hall (Dove)/Garfield 'Gar' Logan (Beast Boy)/Joseph Wilson (Jericho)/Jason Todd (Red Hood)/Leonid Kovar (Red Star)/Grant Emerson (Damage)/Cody Driscoll (Risk)/Frederick 'Freddy' Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr.)/Timothy 'Tim' Drake (Red Robin)/Zachary Zatara/Donald Kent (Power Boy)/Amon Tomaz (Osiris)/Edward 'Eddie' Bloomberg (Red Devil)/Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle)/Ch'al Andar (Golden Eagle)


Clark Kent (Superman)/Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)/Orin (Arthur Curry; Aquaman)/Bart Allen (Impulse)/Connor Kent (Alexander Luthor; Superboy)

"Dragonball Series"


"Harry Potter"

Harry Potter/Cedric

"Kingdom Hearts"


"Marvel Comics"

"Alpha Flight"

James MacDonald (Guardian)/Michael Twoyoungmen (Shaman)/Colin Hume (Windshear)/Charles 'Chuck' Moss (Earthmover)/Louis Sadler, Jr. (Major Mapleleaf)/Yukotujakzurkimozoata (Yukon Jack)/Albert Louis (Feedback)


Anthony 'Tony' Stark (Iron Man)/Thor Odinson/Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk)/Captain Steven 'Steve' Rogers (Captain America)/Clinton 'Clint' Barton (Hawkeye)/Jacques Duquesne (Swordsman)/T'Challa (Luke Charles; Black Panther)/Dane Whitman (Black Knight)/Simon Williams (Wonder Man)/Samuel 'Snap' Wison (Falcon)/James 'Rhodes' Rhodey (War Machine)/Marc Spector (Moon Knight)/Dennis Dunphy (D-Man)/Wendall Vaughn (Quasar)/Walter Newell (Stingray)/Peter Parker (Spider-Man)/Miguel Santos (Living Lightning)/Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike)/Christopher Powell (Dark Hawk)/Jack Hart (Jack of Hearts)/Scott Lang (Ant-Man)/Robert Reynolds (Sentry)/Amadeus Cho/James Barnes (Winter Soldier)/Eric O'Grady (Ant-Man)/Richard Rider (Nova)/Noh-Varr (Protector)/Shang Chi/Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)/Eugene 'Flash' Thompson (Venom)/Richard 'Rick' Jones (A-Bomb)/Mar-Vell (Walter Lawson (Captain Marvel)/Loki Laufeyson/Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm)/Jericho Drumm (Brother Voodoo)/Skaar/Leonard Samson (Doc Sampson)

"Avenger's Academy"

Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym (Giant Man)/Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)/Robert 'Robbie' Baldwin (Speedball)/Vance Astrovik (Justice)/Humberto Lopez (Reptil)/Brandon Sharpe (Striker)/Victor Alvarez (Power Man)/Jonathon Gallo (Ricochet)/Kevin Masterson (Thunderstrike)

"Avengers: The Initiative"

Roger Brokeridge (Hardball)/Michael Van Patrick (MVP)/Terrance Ward (Trauma)/Duc no Tranh (Bengal)/Wallace Jackson (Red 9)/Michael (Scarlet Spider)/Van (Scarlet Spider)/Patrick (Scarlet Spider)/Donyell Taylor (Night Thrasher)/Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher)


Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer)


Ikaris/Gilgamesh (Forgotten One)/Eros (Starfox)

"The Future Foundation"

Jonathan Storm (Human Torch)/Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic)/Alexander 'Alex' Power/Franklin Richards/Jack Power (Mass Master)

"The Inhumans"

Blackagar Boltagon (Blackbolt)/The Beyonder

"New Avengers"

Dr. Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange)/Daniel 'Danny' Rand (Iron Fist)/Matthew 'Matt' Murdock (Daredevil)


Ares (John Aaron)/Alcaeus (Harry Cheese; Heracles; Hercules)/Eros (Cupid)/Phoebus Apollo

"The Runaways"

Chase Stein (Talkback)/Victor Mancha


Scott Summers (Cyclops)/Robert 'Bobby' Drake (Iceman)/Warren Worthington III (Angel)/Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy (Beast)/Calvin Rankin (Mimic)/Alexander 'Alex' Summers (Havok)/Gabriel Summers (Vulcan)/Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)/James 'Logan' Howlett (Wolverine)/Sean Cassidy (Banshee)/Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire)/Piotr 'Peter' Rasputin (Colossus)/John Proudstar (Thunderbird)/Longshot/Rémy LeBeau (Gambit)/Samuel 'Sam' Guthrie (Cannonball)/Neal Shaara (Thunderbird)/Nathan Summers (Cable)/Jonothon Starsmore (Chamber)/Davis Cameron (Slipstream)/Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar)/James Proudstar (Warpath)/Roberto 'Bobby' da Costa (Sunspot)/Madison Jeffries (Box)/Namor McKenzie/Douglas 'Doug' Ramsey (Cypher)/David Haller (Legion)/Nathaniel 'Nate' Gray (X-Man)/Paul Hark (Red Lotus)/Korvus Rook'Shir/Thomas 'Tom' Corsi/James Madrox (Multiple Man)/Paul Provenzano (Omertá)/Barnell Bohusk/Joshua 'Josh' Foley (Elixir)/Julian Keller (Hellion)/Victor Borkowski (Anole)/Nexhno Abidemi (Gentle)/David Alleyne (Prodigy)/Jonas Graymalkin/Eric Gitter (Ink)/Nicholas Gleason (Wolf Cub)/Kurt Darkholme (Nightcrawler)/Gabriel Cohuelo (Velocidad)/Teon Macik (Primal)/Russell 'Rusty' Collins (Firefist)Julio Richter (Rictor)/Gaveedra Seven (Shatterstar)/Jesse Aaronson (Bedlam)/Peter 'Pete' Wisdom/Adam Neramani (Adam the X-Treme)/Everett Thomas (Synch)/Kyle Gibney (Wild Child)/Manuel de la Rocha (Empath)/Quenton Quire (Kid Omega)/Joshua Guthrie (Icarus)/Kevin Ford (Wither)/Brian Cruz (Tag)/Dallas Gibson (Specter)/Mark Sheppard (DJ)/Edward Trancedi (Wing)/Dominikos Petrakis (Avalanche)/Akihiro (Daken)/Ray Carter (Berzerker)/Hrimhari/John Allerdyce (Pyro)/Michael Pointer (Omega)

Young Avengers"

Dorrek VIII (Theodore 'Teddy' Altman; Hulkling)/William 'Billy' Kaplan (Wiccan)/Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad)/Thomas 'Tommy' Shepherd (Speed)


Merlin (Emrys)/Arthur Pendragon/Percival/Leon/Gwain/Lancelot

"The Shadowhunters Series (The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices)

Jace Wayland/Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane/William 'Will' Herondale/Jem Carstairs


Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester


Quil Ateara V/Jacob Black/Embry Call/Jared Cameron/Seth Clearwater/Carlisle Cullen/Edward Cullen/Emmett Cullen/Brady Fulley/Jasper Hale/Paul Lahote/Collin Littlesea/Sam Uley

"Vampire Diaries"

Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore/Tyler Lockwood

I want to say one thing: Yes I know that this pairing is huge... and I don't want to hear any complaints. If you don't like it, then don't read it.

I am borrowing heavily from Lady Fox Fire's "Death, Destroyer of Worlds" for the prologue, and I do apologize in advance if my take suck.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; if I did, I would change a lot of things, like pairing Clark Kent... but anyway, as I said, I don't own anything;

Also, I am changing a few dates. Obviously, as seen below, Harry was NOT born in 1980, nor was Neville or anyone else. Instead, he was born July 31, 1986. The war did not begin for several years after it does in the book, and thus Voldemort does what he does before the series begins, just at a later time. However, the books don't happen… but you'll see that later. Also, I'm changing the minister in charge at the time of the Prologue. And be warned, this will be the last that the Harry Potter (excluding Harry) cast is seen for quite some time… Also, I am speeding up the birth dates of Seth Clearwater and Jacob Black to January 1986 and August 1985, respectively. I am also speeding up the birth dates of the Young Avengers members, the X-Men, the Future Foundation character, and the Shadowhunters characters

Prologue (Pt. 1)- It Begins

November 10, 1987

The sun was trying desperately to peak out from behind the clouds and shine its golden rays of joy upon the crowded streets of London on this dreary November morning. Unfortunately, it had to compete with rain clouds that looked like they would touch the roofs of the buildings surrounding the streets. But even the gloomy day could not dampen the energetic spirits of the shoppers as they bustled in and out of the crowded market place.

It seemed that the celebratory spirits of Wizarding Britain had spilled out across the boundary of their world into that of their muggle neighbors, infecting everyone with glee. For mere days before the Dark Lord He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had been killed. Killed, not at the hands of a great witch or wizard like Albus Dumbledore, but at the hands of a child- to be more precise a babe still in his nappies.

Only one man in the entire country of Great Britain seemed to be unaffected by this joyful atmosphere. Two of his best friends had died by the so-called Dark Lord's hand. That left him to hunt the betrayer- the one who had sold James and Lily to that monster- down.

Looking around, he scrutinized the happy shoppers muttering to himself, "Where are you hiding? Where are you, you little rat? I'll find you and then- and then you'll pay for what you did."

"Sirius," a familiar nasally voice called out, "Why did you do it? Why did you betray James and Lily?"

Sirius turned slowly to face his accuser- the man whose betrayal led to the death of the very people he mentioned. He stiffened slightly as he saw that the rat actually had tears running down his face.

A few customers did the smart thing and left as they saw the conversation was escalating, while many others paused briefly to watch the escalating fight.

"Its your fault that they're dead." Peter's Gaelic accent become more pronounced, his nose making his voice more nasally as he became more and more nervous, as evidenced by his twisting his hands.

"That's a lie," Sirius yelled out. "You're the one who betrayed them, who killed them."

"Tell me, Sirius, why did you betray us all?" Tears continued running down the fat little man's face even as a twisted, sick, Bellatrixesque grin appeared on his face. Sirius reached down for the handle of his wand, knowing that even as he did so, it was too late.

"STUPEFY." The stunning spell caused Sirius to instinctively drop to the ground while across from him Peter's body crumpled to the ground in a boneless heap, almost as if someone had shot him. Of course that set off the crowd, because after all, they thought that the fat little man had in fact been shot, and that the killer was still amongst them. Several of them, presumably doctors rushed to his aid as Sirius stood there, wand still in hand, not really comprehending what was happening.

"Sirius," the same voice that had called out the stunning spell called to him at the same time as a hand squeezed his shoulder in a firm, but friendly way.

Taking a ragged breath, Sirius Black turned to the person who had probably saved not only his life, but also those of the surrounding crowd. What he saw was not what he expected. Before him stood a tall person, clad in a black coat that completely covered his slim figure. He noticed that the old man was also wearing dark gloves and dark boots. He even had the hood of his jacket pulled over his head.

Before he could say anything though, pops sounded throughout the area, signaling the arrival of the Aurors and the Magic Reversal Squad, the latter of which began to deal with the muggles, obliviating them.

"SIRIUS BLACK! You are under arrest for attempted murder, murder, treason, violating the statute of secrecy, and Death Eater activities." That came from an older Auror, while his compatriots fixed their wands on him.

Luckily they didn't get to cast any spells, as their wands flew from their hands to the outstretched hand of the man who said, "I'm afraid that you are mistaken, Auror Dawlish. Sirius Black is innocent of all of those crimes."

He walked over to Peter and kicked him in the head while saying, "This thing… this thing was the Potters' secret keeper and thus Voldemort's spy." All the wizards within hearing distance blanched at the old man's blatant use of the Dark Lord's name.

"This rat was about to destroy half the street, taking as many lives as he could while he escaped to freedom," the man turned to Sirius before continuing, "leaving you to take all the blame for his crime."

"How do you know all of that?" Auror Dawlish retorted, glaring suspiciously at the old man. "How do we know that you are telling the truth, or are not simply a death eater trying to get Sirius Black off?"

The man's head turned to stare at Dawlish, and for a second Sirius was sure that he saw a flash of viridian, before he said, "You, Auror, are not worth the time nor the effort to explain anything. Now, I require an Auror to escort Mr. Black and myself to the Ministry. There, everything will be explained to the correct people."

Dawlish glared at the man even more now and said, "I want an explanation, and I want it now." However, he knew that even though he wanted it, he didn't have the power necessary to force the truth out.

The man turned away from Dawlish, a clear sign of dismissal and called out, "Alastor Moody?" When he spotted the man he was looking for, he asked, politely yet forcefully, "Can you come here?"

"Yes, you called for me?" Moody asked as he stumped over, his magic eye peered at everyone, judging them, gauging how much of a danger they were to him.

"I need an escort for Mr. Black and myself. I also require a pair of trusted and competent Aurors to take Peter in. Oh, and you might want to mention to those trusted and competent Aurors that they will need manacles for Animagus."

That certainly got everyone's attention, and everyone, except for Sirius, stared at the man incredulously. "I would have thought that my previous statement would have been enough to clarify the point… but obviously not. Peter Pettirgrew is an unregistered Animagus… more specifically he's a dirty sewage rat."

Sirius gaped at the man and asked, "How do you…" He never finished because the man simply looked at him, saying nothing while patting his shoulder reassuringly.

"Alastor, you have two aurors on the force whose last name is Longbottom, a married couple, correct? Mr. Black and I will accompany them to the Ministry, if you will deal with that rat."

Alastor never got the chance to respond for at that moment another, much less wanted voice shouted out, "Hold it. I am the Auror in charge here, and Sirius Black is under arrest." Dawlish spat out the name angrily as he puffed his chest in a bad attempt at menace. He continued, "No one is to do any…" He never finished. For there, right where he stood was a white rabbit with long ears and a pink nose.

The man walked over to the rabbit, grabbed it by its ears and said to it, "Now you see here Auror Dawlish. I am in charge of Sirius Black. Any attempt to harm him will result in my eating conejo tonight."

He turned around and walked back to Sirius and as he did so, the rabbit transformed back into a man.

Sirius looked at the man and asked the big question, "Who are you?"

The man looked at Sirius and said, "I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds, Killer of Kings, etc., etc., etc."