Chapter One: A Blast From the Past

Parker was bored. Nate and Sophie were out meeting their client. Hardison was too busy messing with Eliot and Eliot was just being Eliot, growling under his breath and damming Hardison for not doing whatever it was he didn't do.

"It's about trust, Hardison." Eliot said, getting in the hacker's face. "A man makes a sandwich and puts it away; he has to trust that when he comes back the sandwich will still be there."

"I ain't eat your damn sandwich. What was it turkey or ham or something..?" The dark man paused as if thinking. "I'm allergic to that stuff; I don't even eat sandwiches like that, man. Maybe you ate it yourself and forgot about it." This gave the hitter pause, his voice quiet and dangerous when he spoke next.

"So now my sandwich is forgettable?" Parker stood then and left the room.

So, since neither of them would entertain her, she had to find a way to entertain herself and what better way than to steal something. It wasn't really stealing anyway; she was going to give it back and besides it wasn't like they would notice it was gone. So Parker pulled her long blonde hair into a high ponytail and slipped through the window.

She found herself lost in a crowd, fitting in with her dark jeans and black hoodie. Parker was easily able to lift wallets off of those next to her and slide them into the pockets of their friends or at least she thought they were friends; it was really hard to tell, oh well. She continued her game 'til she was bored with it and the crowd thinned.

The blonde wondered what the team was doing and if Eliot was going to yell at her like always, when she saw a woman in a pretty dress, like the ones Sophie wears. It sparkled where the coat opened and her shoes looked painful. Parker paused when she saw the necklace the woman was wearing; it was a pretty locket with a Celtic design and large jewel. Her bag was very sparkly and shiny, held tightly in a firm grasp. This lady just had a lot of pretty things, even prettier than Sophie!

Parker followed the woman into a café; she felt like a spy and giggled into her hand at the thought. Parker the Spy; Secret Agent Parker. Agent P. Another giggle escaped as the thought of being a platypus passed through her head.

The woman pulled out a wallet; it was pretty like the rest of her things, but it was plain too yet more expensive than maybe even Sophie's wallets. She sat the wallet down and reached again into her bag for a handful of bills and placed a twenty on the table before standing. Parker scurried after her, ducking at corners and hiding behind people as she continued her secret mission. She hadn't gotten a good look at the woman due to the scarf hiding her hair and the large sunglasses hiding her eyes.

Parker brushed past the woman, lifting the wallet that was sticking out of her bag. Success! Agent P wins! She continued on then stopped at the next block and did a little dance but was stopped when she was tapped on the shoulder.

"Excuse me. You have something of mine. I'd like it back." Parker turned and saw that it was the woman from the café with the pretty things. Her hand was out, palm up and expecting.

Parker was confused; she'd never been caught before. The only one that ever caught her was.

"Lana." The woman flinched, her hand shaking now. She removed her glasses, revealing startling green eyes.

"I-I-I" the woman paused and cleared her throat and ran a shaky hand through her dark red hair, her scarf fluttering to the ground next to the glasses which were dropped in what Parker assumed was shock. "I haven't heard that name in a long time," her eyes narrowed on Parker's frozen form. "Who are you?"

Parker said nothing, still too shocked at the thought of this woman being Lana, her Lana. She scrutinized the shaking woman, taking in her red hair and green eyes; Lana had red hair and green eyes, but she remembered it being brighter and reminding her of fire not blood. Oh, god blood. There was so much of it. She remembered her Lana drowning in it, green eyes losing focus as she fought to stay awake like Parker wanted her to. No, not Parker, she was

"Goldie," the woman whispered, the fake Lana whispered, her hand trembling as she brought it to her mouth and stared in disbelief at Parker, tears pooling in her wide eyes. Parker fist clenched and her knuckles bled white.

"Don't call me that! My name is Parker!" She screamed at the fake Lana, tears starting to run down her face at the memories that were trying to resurface. She collapsed on the grass and brought her knees to her chest, her arms wrapping around them. "Parker, Parker, Parker. My name is Parker. Parkerparkerparkerparkerpark er…" She continued to mutter, her eyes glazing over, rocking back and forth on the grass and she began to retreat into herself.

"No, no, no. Please Goldie. Please!" and the fake Lana was beside Parker, her arms wrapping around her as she began to plead with Parker in a desperate voce, tears splashing on the oblivious Parker as she continued to rock back and forth muttering "Parkerparkerparkerparkerpark er…." all the while.

"I'm so sorry, Goldie. So sorry that I left. I didn't mean to; I didn't want to. God, Goldie did you really think that I'd ever want to leave you? I didn't think that I ever could. I mean you and me; we're like, I don't know, ice cream and cake. I mean come on, Goldie please! Goldie, please! Please. Goldiegoldiegoldiegoldiegold ie." And she went on to say her name as though it were a prayer.

Parker seemed to come back when her phone went off, her brown eyes curiously blank as she surveyed the scene of the fake Lana crying and clutching onto her all the while saying Goldie. She answered it and listened with mild interest as Nate went on to yell at her about leaving.

"You can't just leave, Parker. No one knew where you were and you long ago had disabled your GPS somehow so—"he was cut off by Sophie, she must have been on speaker phone.

"Is that crying? Parker who's crying?"

Parker glanced at the fake Lana in a detached manner before answering in an apathetic voice. "No one, just some lady."