Naruto and Gaz: Better known as Gaz


Naruto x Gaz Membrane


Story Start


It was your typical day at the Membrane household. Dib was blabbering on about something paranormal or another, usually about the funny green skinned alien known as Zim. It appeared the only people on the entire planet that could see through the piss poor disguise was the Membrane siblings.

Even the smartest man in the world, Professor Membrane perceived the green skinned creature as Dib's 'Funny Foreign friend.' Though for one of the Membrane siblings the limit of tolerance was on the verge of reaching its limits.

Their father was supposed to come home today, but like for the past eight years it was his monitor screen. Professor Membrane was the busiest man on the planet. He actually lived in the lab he spent so much time building devices and forming equations in.

That was why one Gaz Membrane was in her room, stewing with anger. Doing her best to control her anger she was looking for her Gameslave X so she could get lost in the world of fantasy. It was her escape, as long as Gaz had a functioning game she didn't have to think about anything else.

She didn't have to think about how her father had all but abandoned her and her brother. She didn't have to think about the fact that she didn't have any friends, having terrified nearly everyone around her into fear and submission. The fact that Dib was obsessed with proving Zim was an alien and being savior of the planet. 'Why does he even care? It's been years and Zim hasn't even made any progress. He's too stupid to conquer a trashcan let alone the planet.' she thought as she suddenly looked up at the sound of a crash. Getting up from her bed Gaz looked as one after another cars drove through a fence and into a building where they soon piled up and exploded. 'Then again the majority of this planet was so moronic they deserved to be conquered.'

Turning back to her Gameslave X she flipped on the game. The latest game was Revenge of the Piggie Beast Five. Suddenly all the electricity through the area had completely darkened along with the connection on Gaz's game. Since it was online game that was connected to the Gamestation network Gaz was kicked out.

With a roar of rage the Gamestation X flew from Gaz's hand and clang against the wall. She began breathing heavily as she clutched her fists. 'I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.' the last time that Gaz had cried was when her mother died. That had been ten years ago.

After a few moments the tantrum ceased. Gaz took a few moments to catch her breath before her eyes laid on the picture on her nightstand. It was a picture of her family. She was probably no older than three. There was her brother Dib pointed at something that suspiciously looked like a baby Sasquatch; even then he had a massive head for her age. There was also her mother, short violet hair, bright hazel eyes and a warm smile and even her father was there. Labcoat and all, but the only difference was that he was in person.

Gaz wasn't sure when she had fallen asleep. Though she was sure it wasn't for long as she was soon jolted and she took notice it was still dark outside. Suddenly the sound of a crash nearly caused her to fall out of her bed. ''What the hell?'' she swore as she stepped to the window to investigate.

Thankfully whatever caused the power outage had been fixed, allowing her to see. There in the middle of the street was a crater of sorts. Wrought with curiosity Gaz decided to go check it out.

When she arrived to the crater she was stumped by what she found. It was a human body. Getting a closer look she was able to make out his features. Blond hair and slightly tanned skin. He was pretty roughed up to say the least. The normally violate girl pulled him up and slung an arm around her shoulders, leading him back to her home. She left him by the side of the doorway out of sight as she opened the door. ''Is that Zim with a giant death laser?'' she called out into the house.

''GoingtostopZimandsavehumanit yfromotherdoomdon'tstayuptoolatebye!'' and with that Dib had sped by. For someone who didn't play sports he could be fast when he wanted too. Then again since he spent so much time chasing Zim and such it kind of made sense.

With that Gaz dragged the mysterious person and laid him up on the couch. Most people would have found this a bad idea, but Gaz wasn't most people. She definitely wasn't normal either. Normally she didn't care for what happened to normal people, they normally deserved what happened to them, but the condition this blond was in was anything but normal occurrences.

Gaz went to kitchen and grabbed the First Aid Kit from underneath the sink. She headed back to the living room where the blond was. She began by slowly grabbing the hem of his T-shirt and raising it carefully off of him, certain to not upset any of his wounds.

Gaz couldn't help but notice the stranger was rather fit. Most teenagers would have been blushing crimson and awestruck, Gaz Membrane wasn't most girls. Though she had to admit, when compared to the pudgy or string shaped forms of the city inhabitants, this young man was rather fit, an athlete of some sort.

She continued assessing the wounds. If there was one thing that Gaz knew besides Pizza, Pigs, and Gaming it was medicine. It was the only other thing she really cared about, as it was one of the few links she had to her mother. Deb Membrane was a doctor after all and because of Dib's escapades, someone had to stitch the big headed fool together on more than one occasion.

Though only usually when it was something serious and if it wasn't Gaz just let him suffer for his stupidity. There was so much blood darkening his body. Gaz was amazed at how warm the person was.

This was definitely a higher body temperature than a normal person, yet he wasn't sweating. He wasn't exhibiting any of the features of someone having a fever did. Gaz's fingers ghosting around his abs to where a strange tattoo adorned his torso. She found herself curious about the intricate design of it and how the blond could have withstand such a thing.

She was quite sure the tissues in the stomach shouldn't have been able to withstand the needle. Before Gaz could continue her examination a hand reached up and grasped her wrist. The next thing she knew her eyes met with the intense cerulean orbs of the unnamed man.