; Creep

Yuffie was sitting on the curb outlining the WRO building when a vehicle she recognized to belong to Reeve Tuesti drove past her and took a sharp right, emerging into a VIP parking space. She lifted the red apple she had been holding in her hand to her lips and sunk her teeth into the apple's curves. Juice trickled down her palms and along the inside of her wrists, eventually dripping onto her lap. Her legs parted to avoid the liquid from further tainting her revealing costume; all the while, her gaze lingered into the glass of Reeve's car. He seemed distressed, for whatever reason – probably business – and held a cell phone against his ear. His eyes were rolling, fingers thumping against the steering wheel, and all the while he kept parting his jaw, perhaps to speak – but then he would clamp his jaw and listen to the receiver.

The ninja nursed her apple to her lips and occasionally broke her stare from Reeve's windshield to examine the fruit in her hand. After a minute or so of speaking on the phone, the commissioner finally opened his breast pocket and dropped the device inside of it. Then, releasing a sigh, as he often did in her presence, he pushed the door open and slowly stepped outside. Reeve then reached inside the vehicle and extended his arm to the passenger seat, where he grabbed something that resembled a brief case. Exchanging it from his right hand to his left, he then reached back over, and fumbled with something else. Whatever it was – a few books, she supposed – it didn't really matter because the blue slacks he was wearing really emphasized the curves of his ass and dayyyy-um.

A tall figure clad in black and red stepped behind her and paused. "Creep."

Yuffie, with a chunk of apple in her mouth, scoffed; "shuddup! I can look!"

Vincent grunted but said nothing; still, his silence was enough. When Reeve had collected his belongings and shut the door to his car, Yuffie strained her neck to catch a glimpse of the gunslinger's sharp jaw. "You're juss' jelly 'cause 'm not checkin' you out!"

She couldn't really see his eyes, but Vincent acted with clockwork: his eyes probably rolled.

"Who is checking who out?" Reeve interrupted optimistically. The commissioner, with three or four books slung under one arm and a brief case clenched in the other, was approaching the duo.

"Vinnie's checkin' me out. As always," Yuffie sang, examining her apple innocently. Satisfied its meat had been eaten from the core, she tossed it onto the black asphalt.

Reeve chuckled. "Sounds like sexual harassment. Vincent, please restrain yourself and save me from filing paperwork."

Another probable roll of the eyes. The dark figure delayed and finally resumed his original journey inside the building. Reeve flashed a playful smile in Yuffie's direction before following him inside.

The ninja's eyes wondered to his bum every step of the way.