Bonus Chapter 69

Heh, 69…

Be ye warned, smut lay within…

It was late at night and Gajeel and Levy sat in their bed. Levy was positioned snugly between Gajeel's legs, a giant book in her hands. Gajeel wore nothing save his boxers, and Levy was wearing a snug little yellow t-shirt and a pair of pink panties. She was reading aloud, and Gajeel should have been paying attention…but he was feeling a little randy.

His hands slipped onto her sides, stroking her gently. Levy paid him no mind, continuing with her book, but it wasn't enough for Gajeel. His right hand slipped under her arm on onto her chest, easily engulfing her small form with his enormous mitt.

"Do you mind?" Levy asked wryly as his other hand went onto her stomach. The pair of hands basically hid her tiny torso from view.

"Ya can keep reading, I'm quite happy!" Gajeel replied with a smile as his hands caressed her. She writhed with pleasure, but was determined to ignore him for now. It had only been a few days since their last romp and she wasn't sure if she was ready for another one yet!

As Gajeel 'played', the hand on her stomach slipped lower…lower…lower…

"Hey!" She barked at the sudden feeling of Gajeel fingering her spot. She could practically feel her body temperature rise. Damn him, but he knew where she liked it.

"Shh, keep reading," Gajeel said with a shit-eating grin.

"That's not fair!" She cried out, wriggling in his embrace. She practically hurled to book away from the bed, a very unLevylike thing to do. She pouted. "If you wanna do this, then let me turn around! I don't wanna be a spectator!"

"Just a minute Shrimp, let me make you feel good!" He chuckled as his hand slipped under her panties and inside her. She moaned and groaned as Gajeel expertly touched her, getting her all hot and worked up. In some ways, people might consider Gajeel a considerate lover, but Levy knew that primarily he liked to 'play' with her.

She was able to get her hand behind her and grasp his penis, already fully hard from his enjoyment. He grunted and stopped, allowing Levy to turn around and service him properly. Her eyes twinkled as her fingers danced teasingly over the head of penis.

"Come on, Shrimp…," he hissed.

"Ah ah? You played with me," she said like the devil, suddenly grasping his phallus properly and giving a few rough yanks – you had to be rough with Gajeel – there wasn't any other way he liked it. He groaned in turn, enjoying the feel of her delicate little fingers. "You want me to…?"

"No," he replied, blushing. "Innocent Shrimps should be innocent."

Levy chuckled dirtily – Lord, Gajeel loved that laugh – and drew herself up his torso, sliding her small chest over his abs and pecs, bringing them face to face…and penis to vagina. She wriggled her crotch against his as she kissed him, eliciting noises of approval. She leaned in to rake her teeth over an ear.

"Come on, Shortstuff, I'm hard," Gajeel implored. Any remaining clothing was quickly on the floor. Levy lowered herself onto Gajeel's massive dick, gasping with the familiar feeling of penetration. He was so big that it always hurt a little the first time it went in. Thank the lord that it was not pierced!

She bounced up and down on top of him, sending surges of pleasure through both of them. Gajeel's hands went to her sides, helping to support her. She continued, leaning in to rub their sweaty bodies together. Suddenly, Gajeel sat up, making her gasp as his phallus pushed further inside her. Iron hard arms went around her body and he stood, carrying her with his three appendages.

"Gajeel…," she gasped, red faced.

"Oh, ya know ya love it!"

She did, but she wasn't going to admit to that anytime soon. She pushed her small, soft body against Gajeel's chest as he supported her, moving her up and down over his penis. Her eyes closed with pleasure – he was so deep! Held so tightly, this was indeed her favourite position. He began being more and more vigorous, and she gasped.

Suddenly, he threw them both onto the bed, Levy underneath him. She smiled at hi lustful expression. He began to rhythmically pound her, harder and harder, faster and faster. She clutched onto his biceps with tiny fingers, wholly taken by the sensation.

"Gajeel…," she gasped again. "Don't hold back!"

"GIHI!" Faster, faster, harder, harder, just holding shy of causing her harm. The redline that Gajeel had learnt well, the dangerous and yet thrilling game to play. They gasped and moaned as their sweating bodies slid over each other until they climaxed at the same time, Levy's pelvis closing on Gajeel's phallus.

"Oh yeah, baby!" Gajeel shouted as he came inside her. He blushed suddenly. "Don't tell anyone I did that."

Levy giggled as Gajeel withdrew and crashed down on the bed next to her, drawing her into his arms. She was so goddamn warm. He never needed a teddy bear, that was for sure! Not with his Levy-bear! She had the beautiful happy smile on her face as she snuggled closer. Gajeel rested his cheek on the tp of her head, already close to falling asleep.

"Yer so perfect, ya know that?" He slurred.

"You're not too bad yourself," she said. Levy yawned and by the time she'd finished, both were fast asleep, happily snuggled together.

Sorry, this was a request by Skafe…but I'm not good at sex scenes – I'm a cuddler, damn it!

Soon, I'll be starting a story entitle 'The Rest of Their Lives', which follows on from 'Iron Body & Sining Soul'. It's a similar concept to Quierta-Riddler's 'Laugh', but will be skipping over the next sixty or so years, with weddings, children and old age! I hope you'll join me there!