"You fucking retard."

Kakuzu glared death at his partner, Hidan, as he stood up slowly, glancing down at the sharp metal protruding through his gut. Hidan stared in disbelief, at first anyway, before the expression being replaced by one of slight bemusement.

In the midst of battle, unbeknownst to them, they had begun to drift together. The number of the opponents was high, and, as usual, Hidan got caught up in the battle, losing his cool, and going all out. Before long, the number of opponents began to dwindle, and of course, Hidan didn't notice.

Eventually, Kakuzu had come up behind, him, bumped into him, and Hidan panicked. He had whirled around, and stabbed his partner, and before he could realize what he had done, Kakuzu had grabbed him by the neck and thrown him 50 feet.

Afterward, he had collapsed in the dirt, body slightly in shock. Hidan had gotten up, rubbing his neck, and had walked over to his partner, staring in disbelief at what he'd done. Then Kakuzu had gotten up, and well…now here they were.

Kakuzu 's right hand wandered down to his abdomen, and grasped the cool metal of Hidan's retractable pike. Before pulling, Kakuzu did a quick check of the entry and exit wound. Luckily for him, Hidan hadn't been paying attention. He'd missed all his vital organs, thank the heavens.

Kakuzu grunted, and pulled the pike slowly, careful not to damage the tissue even further that it already was. Hidan watched in concern. The weapon made a dreadful kashunk, as it was completely removed from his body.

Hidan raised his guard and tensed his body, knowing that a pissed of Kakuzu holding a weapon was not a good combination.

Kakuzu growled deeply, and chucked the weapon at Hidan's head. Of course Hidan dodged it, but glared at Kakuzu anyway. "Oi! What the hell?!"

"What the hell what?" Kakuzu's tentacles had already begun to close the wound, but blood still spilled out.

"You threw that at my head you asshole!"


Kakuzu's calm tone was beginning to piss Hidan off. "You could've fucking killed me!"

"You're immortal."

Hidan fumed. "You know what I meant."

"So?! You stabbed me!"

"I said sorry!"

"No you didn't."

Silence. "I…didn't?"


"Oh…" Hidan blushed slightly. "Well….Sorry."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's get out of here."

"Ok." Kakuzu poofed. So did Hidan.

They began walking down the secluded dirt road, the one that had led them to the bandit camp in the first place. They had stopped there on their way back from the original mission because Pain had asked them to take care of them. They had been causing a problem with Akatsuki.


Kakuzu stared at the ground as he walked. His wound felt weird. Not like a normal one. With every step a stabbing pain shot up his side, and it burned, too. Like it was on fire. He supposed he could have broken a rib or to. Maybe it was still bleeding on the inside. But he could have sworn it hadn't hit any vital organs. Or maybe it had. He hadn't counted his kidneys.

…..He'd forgotten about his kidneys.

Hidan sighed, rubbing the back of his head, staring at the sky, as he followed Kakuzu. What a day. He couldn't believe that he'd stabbed his partner. How stupid was he? Pretty stupid, apparently. Hidan sighed again, this time, long and heaving.


"Huh?" Hidan looked in front of him. "Ah!" Kakuzu lie face down in the dirt. Hidan ran over. "Kakuzu! Kakuzu? You okay buddy?" Hidan shook him, but received no response. "Goddamnit! What happened?"

Hidan flipped him over, and pressed his ear onto Kakuzu's chest. Heart still beating. Still breathing.

It must have been the wound. The opening in his mask that showed his eyes showed his skin was pale. His body must be in shock. Hidan face palmed. He must have hit a vital organ. Hidan traced the entry wound with his finger. Kidney. He'd hit the left kidney. He sighed, knowing that he'd have to find a way to get them to a hotel or somewhere safe, and then to fix or find help for Kakuzu.

He sighed heavily. Wonderful.