"Hm?" Kakuzu groaned, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and looked at Hidan, who was standing beside his bed.

"Hidan? Wh-what do you want? It's late. I'm tired."

Hidan shifted uncomfortably, half smiling, half frowning. "I'm, uh, cold."

"So?" Kakuzu snapped, his patience wearing thin. He was not a patient man when he was tired.

"Can I, uh, sleep with you?" Hidan smiled innocently, but only succeeding in looking like he was insane…or retarded.

Kakuzu sighed. "Fine. Get in."

Hidan nodded, scrambling quickly under the blankets…before cuddling up to his partner's side.

"Hidan, this is my side of the bed."

"You're warm."

Kakuzu sighed again, shifting his position to a more comfortable one. "Whatever." And he closed his eyes, attempting to get more sleep. This too, however, was interrupted.


"What Hidan?" Kakuzu said, voice slightly agitated. He drooped his eyes, but lifted them suddenly when Hidan crawled on top of him, resting himself right on top of Kakuzu's groin.

Kakuzu grunted.

"Hidan, what the hell are you doing?"

Hidan leaned down to whisper in Kakuzu ear, "What you should have done earlier." Hidan's hand wandered down Kakuzu's abdomen, to rest at the rim of his pants.

"Let's do it."

Blood seemed to rush downward all at once, Kakuzu groaning, while Hidan's hand gripped his member through the fabric of his pants.

"Hidan…" Kakuzu growled a warning that was only half sincere. Half of him wanted to continue, to see the masochist writhe beneath him like he had earlier, in the chair. The other half wanted to stop, knowing it was wrong first, because Hidan was a man, and second, because Hidan was his partner.

Strictly business speaking.

Hidan's hand began stroking him, squeezing his member gently with his fingers, creating a very pleasurable friction with the cloth covering his dick.

Kakuzu was still having his mental argument, when Hidan's voice, in a very seductive manner, pulled him out of it.

"Kakuzu…C'mon…fuck me….you know you want itI know you want itSo let's do it…"

"No, Hidan. I can't. Like I said, there are certain socializations that—"

"Oh blah, blah, blah…Name one person who gives a rat's ass, Kakuzu…I fucking want you, and you [fucking want me, so what's the fucking problem old man? Your dick don't work or something?"

Kakuzu growled, anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach, as he propped up on his elbows, and glared at Hidan. "It works just fine."

"Prove it."

Prove it? Kakuzu growled, then he would. He pushed Hidan backward roughly, climbing on top of him.

Hidan shivered in excitement, just waiting for what Kakuzu was about to do next. He loved how unpredictable Kakuzu was…how…sadistic…

Kakuzu lowered himself downward, pressing his clothed erection into Hidan's arse, and lowering his lips, to meet his partners, kissing him fervently, tongues swirling, saliva dripping from both of their mouths.

Hidan groaned, arching up into Kakuzu. "Kakuzu…c'mon, do. Stick it in me…I can't…aahhh, wait. Please…"

Kakuzu reached down, attempting to pull down his pants.

And a knock on the door interrupted them.