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Chapter 1

She paid the driver and he sped away, Margaret wiped her eyes carefully and picked up her bags, she walked down the long road to the big farm house she walked up the few steps and breathed in the scent of country air in Missouri, in the distance she could hear a horse whiney and it seemed to calm her, she knocked on the door and waited a few minutes before it swung open to reveal a man she knew all too well and that was enough to trigger her.

He embraced her as she sobbed into his shoulder once her breathing became almost normal and she stopped crying he pulled back grabbing her arms "Margaret no one has seen you or heard from you in two months, boy am I glad to see you but not like this, in this state of emotion why don't you come inside and tell me what's wrong and what brought you here" he led her inside and closed the door behind her "just set your bags here " he said motioning to a space at the entrance.

"thank you colonel"

"it's Sherman now dear" She set her bags down and draped her coat on top of them and slid off her uniform heels, he led her into a cozy small living room, she sat down on the couch at the far wall as he drew up a stool from the corner and sat in front of her "now Margaret why are you here?"

She sighed and pulled her legs up under her as she leaned into the arm of the couch "I didn't know where to go … I …"

"what do you mean? come on spill it Margaret" he asked roughly

Hawkeye heard the colonel say this and walked over to the entrance from the kitchen to the living room and listened interested as to why the love of his life was here

"well you see I … my father kicked me out … I told him I had to resign my commission … because ..." she started to cry again and she hid her face in her hands and wiped away the tears "because … I'm … pregnant …" she stopped and looked up at his face concerned face " he got more mad when I … told him that … Hawkeye … is the father …"

He hit his head against the wall as the words penetrated him, 'how could this happen' he thought 'I'm not ready for this, what am I going to do'

"and he then got furious when … I … I told him that I am in love with Hawkeye … when he threatened to kill him … I … I really do love him and I can't tell him … and I'm scared … and I don't know what to do" she chocked up, Sherman leaned in to hug her again as she clung to him "and I needed a place to go"

"why can't you tell him Margaret?" he asked, he knew Hawkeye was on the other side of the wall listening

"when he was sent to the hospital he told me it was because of the mother who smothered her baby… and he can't stand to be around small children I can't put a burden like this on him … not right now"

"Margaret I know that is why but he is getting a little better that's why he moved in here"

"what! He … he Is here?"

"yes, he needed to get away from home because he was surrounded by children and he couldn't go to you because no one knew where you were, he needed help so I told him to come here" " come on out son" he called turning his head around, Hawkeye slowly walked into the room and he stopped as he locked eyes with Margaret, she shot up into a standing position and immiadealty fell back unconscious, Hawkeye rushed to her side and shook her trying to wake her as Sherman checked her pulse and eyes "come on Margaret wake up … please " Hawkeye pleaded as he shook her more "please Margaret I love you ..."

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