Her Guardian


Chapter One: Task Attained


"Will, here's an ad..." Sarah murmured, scrolling down the ad she had clicked on. Will sighed, "Sarah, there are lots of ads."

"But this one looks promising, Will." Sarah mumbled, giving her husband a look. Will smiled and bounced Annabelle gently on his leg, making faces at her.

"I swear, Will, your more of a baby than she is." Sarah laughed gently, kissing Annabelle and Will on the cheek.

Annabelle giggled and waved her hand in the air. "What's that honey? Mommy is wrong?" Will teased Sarah, standing and letting Annabelle go to her mother.

Sarah just rolled her eyes and took her baby and let her rest in her arms.

"Just take a look at it, Will. I think we should invite her over for tea or something, and see what Annabelle does." Sarah said, walking up to Will and giving him a quick kiss, before going up stairs so Annabelle could go for her nap.

Will watched his two ladies leave, and turned to the computer with a sigh. He sat down and read about this babysitter.

"Damn." He muttered, raising his eyebrows.

"Tomorrows fine if it's okay with her." Sarah said, pecking Will's ear gently.

"Fine." Will smiled and went to her email.

"Dear, Madaline. My wife and I would like to invite you over to our house soon, we would like to see how our baby reacts to your new face. Tomorrow would be great, but if you can't, we could just set up another date. Here is our address..." Will murmured as he typed.

"There." He smirked and clicked the Send button. Will left his email open, just encase she replied to his email. He got up at walked up stairs, and into Annabelle's room, where he saw Annabelle sleeping peacefully and Sarah sitting in the rocking chair beside her crib.

"I'll be back, Sarah. I'm just going to take 'Hide to the car wash, like I promised." Will grinned, and kissed his wife's lips before leaving the two and walking outside.

"Time for you wash, 'Hide."

"Oh, thank Primus. You see all this dust?" Ironhide grumbled, glaring at all the dirt around him.
"Well, there is alot of sand, but who cares?" Will chuckled as he climbed in Ironhide and they drove off.

"So?" Ironhide questioned on the drive to the car wash.

"What?" Will blinked, his hands on the wheel, even though they didn't need to be.

"Did you find one?"

"A what?" Will smirked, already knowing where this was going.

"You know, that... Um, a human that sits on babies." Ironhide huffed.
"Oh, Babysitter." Will corrected, trying to cover his laughter by coughing loudly. "But yeah, Sarah may have found a keeper. This girl seems good." He smiled, leaning back into Ironhide's soft seats.


Sarah stood and quietly left Annabelle's room, making sure to leave the monitor beside her crib. She stepped down the stairs and walked in the living room, and she noticed Will's email blinking.

She sat down and saw the girls email, Madaline's, waiting to be read. She smiled happily.

"Dear, Mr. Lennox," She started to read, but giggled at her formality, "I would love to come have tea with you and your wife, and meet your baby! Tomorrow would be awesome, thank you!"

Sarah giggled, and began to type a reply. "Perfect, sweetie! We look forward to meeting you, and around 4:00 would be great!" She sent her reply and closed the laptop.


It was around 3:30 in the afternoon, and Sarah was hurrying around in the kitchen. "Oh, she'll be here in half an hour... Maybe I should make some cookies to go with our tea!" She smiled, and begun to gather the ingredients for the cookies.

Will watched his wife scurry around the kitchen as he gently patted Annabelle's back soothingly.

"Oh, Will, could you please pass me that tray up there?" Sarah asked as she already started to mix all the ingredients together and then start to blend them.

Will did as he was asked to, and went to sit in the living room while putting Annabelle in her little play area.

He turned the TV on, and watched a random show, while looking over to check up on Annabelle ever few minutes.

Annabelle giggled as she pushed buttons on a small toy keyboard. She banged her little hands on different ones, trying to make a melody.

Will smiled at his daughter's cuteness, but blinked when he heard the doorbell go off. He stood, and grabbed Annabelle and walked to the door.

He held Annabelle in on arm, and opened the door with his free hand, "Oh, hey." He grinned and smiled at who he was guessing was Madaline.

"You must be Madaline?" He opened the door more to let the girl in. She panted, and slowly entered.

"Oh, thank you. And yes, I'm Madaline, but you could just call me Maddy, if it's okay with you." Madaline smiled, catching her breath.

"Did you walk here?" Will chuckled, switching Annabelle to his other arm.

"Umm, I was, but then when I realized that I was going to be late, I started running... I don't like making bad impressions." Madaline chuckled, and blinked at Annabelle.
"Aww, is this your baby?" Madaline squealed, smiling widely at Annabelle.

"Yup, this is her!" Will grinned at Madaline's expression. Madaline cooed at Annabelle, and Annabelle stared up at Madaline curiously.

"Do you wanna go in the kitchen?" Will offered, pointing towards the kitchen.

"Sure." Madaline smiled, and followed him into the kitchen.

"Will, was that our babysit- Oh!" Sarah smiled. "Hello, I'm Sarah." She wiped her hands on her apron and walked over to Madaline and shook her hand, and then gave her a hug.

"Hi, I'm Madaline, but I'm sure you already knew that." Madaline giggled. "Oh, but you could call me Maddy, if you want."

"Well, this is my Husband, Will. And our baby, Annabelle." She smiled and kissed Annabelle on her cheek.

Annabelle giggled and reached her small little arms out to Sarah happily. Sarah took her and gently rocked her in her arms. Annabelle made a sound of content, and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

"Oh, Will, the cookies are done, can you get them?" Sarah asked, going to sit back in the living room.

"Right." Will said, as he moved to the oven.
Madaline followed Sarah into the living room and sat as she was offered a seat beside Sarah. "She's adorable." Maddy commented, poking Annabelle's small nose gently.

Annabelle blinked and giggled.

Will walked in, holding a plate with the cookies Sarah had made. "I'll be right back with the tea." He mumbled, trying to place the plate down without letting any of the warm cookies slide off.

He quickly walked back in the kitchen and brought out the tea pot and three cups along with sugar and milk.

"Thank you, Will." Sarah smiled, and gave her husband a quick kiss, before turning back to Madaline.

"Aww, you two are so cute!" Madaline gushed, grinning. Annabelle giggled loudly, as if she was agreeing.

Sarah smiled proudly as Will just sat with his face heating up slightly from the comment about him and his wife.

"Oh, do you want to hold her?" Sarah held Annabelle and gently passed her to Madaline, who's smile widened as she nodded.

"Thank you." She said, and gently cradled the small baby in her arms. She was careful and let Annabelle's head rest on her hand as she held her.

Annabelle's eyes were wide in curiousity as she stared at the stranger that held her. She gave an interesting calculating stare before giggling.

"Aww!" Maddy's eyes softened as she held Annabelle. The baby reached her small hands up and gripped onto Madaline's finger, cluching it with her tiny fingers.

Annabelle giggled as she waved Maddy's hand around.

"She really likes you." Sarah commented, smiling softly as she watched her daughter play with Madaline's fingers.

Sarah shared a glance with Will and turned back to Madaline, "Maddy, we decided that we would love to have you as Annabelle's baby sitter!" Sarah laughed warmly as Annabelle giggled again and cuddled up to Madaline's hand, seeming sleepy.

"Thank you!" Madaline flashed them both a smile, before gently giving Annabelle back to her mom.

"Alright, if you can, could you come over to babysit Annabelle tomorrow?" Will smiled cheekily. "I'm going to take me beloved Wife to dinner." He smirked.

"Of course! What time were you thinking?" Maddy giggled.

"Hmm, 6:00 would be great!" Will grinned, winking at Sarah.

"Okay, goodbye, and thank you again!" Madaline called as she excused herself from their home and began to run back home.

On the way out, she paused and stared at the black Top Kick. "Huh, you weren't here when I walked up..." Madaline mumbled, slowling her steps. She stared at the Topkick, admiring it. She smiled and continued on her way back home, excited about her new job.


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