Her Guardian


Chapter Four: Shopping Surprises


The sunlight flooded through the window, and a soft groan escaped the girl who was laying on the bed. Said girl pulled the covers over her head as she rolled away from the burning light outside.

The bed creaked as she moved, and her arm slipped from under the sheet, and fell into the cool air of the room.

"Damnit." She muttered, feeling immediate goose bumps creep up her arm. "Stupid heater, learn how to not brake." She let a loud sigh out, and ripped the covers from her frame, glaring at the wall.

Madaline continued her heated gaze at the wall, until she heard a soft meow. Blinking away the sleepiness, she turned her gaze to the window, and saw a tiny paw reaching in the small crack of the opened window.

A smile graced her features, as she untangled her legs from the sheets, and made her way to the half open window.

The sun still burned her eyes, but she opened the window. She shivered from the blast of cold fresh morning air, but otherwise enjoyed it.

Inhaling deeply, she reached her hand and petted the soft tangled fur of the kitten purring against her. Madaline chuckled as the kitten hopped inside, making herself comfortable on her bed.

"Alright, kitty, guess what day it is." Madaline spoke, sitting herself on the bed. The frame creaked from the sudden weight, but Madaline ignored it. The cat paused, and looked at her with its ears up in the air.

The kitten held it for a second, before putting its head so it was resting on her paws. Madaline shrugged as she stood, looking around for some new clothes. "It's," She paused for dramatic effect. "Shopping day~!" She said, sounding happy, but sarcasm filled her head.

A soft giggle escaped her lips as the kitten made a face and turned away so she could sleep. Madaline snorted a second later. "Fine, ignore me." She hummed, a fake pout on her lips.

She dressed, and gathered her money and shoved it inside her sweater pocket. "Bye, cat." She called as she left her room, and locked the front door and made it safely down the steps. She turned, and began her long hike towards the shopping mall in town.


Madaline stared at the two boxes, tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth in thought. 'To get Honey Comb or Fruit Loops?' She thought, staring at her two choices of cereal. She shrugged a moment later, tossing Honey Comb's into her cart, putting the Fruit Loops back on the shelf. Maddy took off down the next aisle, picking up a jar of peanut butter and placing it in her cart.

She continued on, counting inside her head at what the price might be. She turned down the frozen food aisle, getting some frozen vegetables such as peas and carrots. She also got some other frozen food, and was about to turn out of the aisle, if it weren't for suddenly bashing into someone else's cart.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Madaline quickly apologized, wincing as she pulled her cart back.

"I'm terribly sor- Maddy?"

Madaline blinked, taking a step forward as Sarah came into sight. "Hey, Sarah!" Maddy grinned, waving to the women. She checked the cart, wondering if Annabelle was with her. She'd feel really bad if she crashed into them with the baby in the cart.

Luckily, Annabelle wasn't sitting there, and Sarah was alone. Sarah must have noticed her stare, and smiled softly. "Will and Annabelle are back at home, watching a soccer game on TV." She chucked softly, shaking her head. "Will is getting Annabelle more and more into sports. I'm afraid she'll turn into a boy." She joked, pushing her cart out of the way.

Madaline smiled at the thought, picturing a five year old Annabelle running around while kicking a soccer ball, making her giggle. "I bet she'd be the best."

Sarah's smile grew, as she nodded. "Mhmm, my baby is growing up so fast." She sighed, going into deep thought.

"Well, I'll let you continue on with your shopping." Madaline nodded, getting ready to head towards the check out.

"Al- oh, right. Actually, we may have another job for you, if you don't mind." Sarah smiled at her rather curiously.

"Really? I don't mind!" Maddy grinned, giving the women a thumbs up. "When, tonight?"
"Yes, If you can. I could drive you home to drop off your groceries. Then take you on over to our house."
"Sure, I mean, If you don't think it's any trouble." Madaline waved her hands around. Sarah chuckled.

"Don't worry, it isn't." She said.


The two had finished with their shopping, and now Madaline and Sarah were putting all the bags into the back of Sarah's car.

Madaline was surprised to see the same Topkick; she would have expected Sarah to drive a more... prettier vehicle.

Not that she was complaining.

Madaline made sure the keep her things separate from Sarah's, not wanting them to get mixed up and cause trouble for woman who's been nothing but kind to her. She quickly climbed into the passenger seat, smiling as she traced part of the seat with her finger, and gave Sarah the directions to get to her house from there.

"Nice car, isn't he?" Sarah giggled, tapping the wheel lightly as she started it up.

"Very nice." Maddy casually said, unknowingly complimenting the disguised Autobot. "So," She changed the subject, turning to look at Sarah. "What are you plans for tonight?" Madaline asked, grinning.

"Some friends of ours had called this morning, wondering if we could come to dinner. I had agreed, and was actually going to call you once I returned back from shopping." Sarah told her, taking the next turn, nearing Madaline's house.

"Good thing we went shopping, then." Madaline chuckled, Sarah agreeing with her.

A couple minutes later, and Sarah pulled up in front of Maddy's building. "I'll be quick!" Madaline said, closing the door and reaching over the back to collect her groceries. She took the six bags with a little bit of difficulty, and carefully ran up the stairs and towards her apartment.

She put the things down, and took her keys out. She tried to be quick when putting all the food away, and locked the door before racing back to Sarah, who was waiting patiently.

"You ready?" Sarah asked, engine rumbling back to life as she turned the keys in the ignition.

"Yes, thank you." Maddy replied, holding her backpack close to her.


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