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Chapter 25

The Red Captain and the Blue King

Erza Knightwalker stomped through the decadent halls of Royal City's palace, pissed that Fairy Tail and Natsu Dragneel had once again escaped her clutches. Her armor rattled with her swift stride, and servants scurried out of her way as the red-headed captain glared hard enough to pierce steel.

She stormed into the massive royal library. She knew he would be there. She never really thought of nobility as being scholarly, but Jellal read all the time. He had a chair just for him in the library, where he could sit with a book and lose himself in either histories or fantasies. Sometimes, she wondered if he was just trying to escape the reality of living in Edolas, recapture some of the fun he had in Earthland, with all of its magic.

Did he even like that he was back in the dimension where he was born? Did he regret coming home? Did he miss his Earthland friends?

The young king set his book down as the jangle of her armor filled the echoing ranks of books. His eyes were not like the men she commanded. Whether by nature or birth or upbringing, King Jellal had eyes that commanded respect. They could be gentle and forgiving, or they could easily turn sardonic and merciless. Yet always, no matter which side he showed, those eyes evoked a single universal thought: here was a man whole ruled!

"Captain," he said curtly. His voice was cool, almost cold, nonthreatening and yet so dangerous.

She marched up to him and dropped to a knee with her fist placed on the ground. "I've returned, your majesty."

"Without Natsu Dragneel, though," he noted sharply. "I sent you to fetch him, not joyride on your Legion with your fellow soldiers."

His harsh words made her grit her teeth, holding back words of frustration. Not just at him, but at her own failures. She was Fairy Hunter Erza Knightwalker! Fairies did not escape her! Yet this Earthland aberrant had managed to get out of her net again and again. She kept her head lowered only because she figured it was improper to snarl at one's king.

"I had sent scouts. They acted foolishly and alerted the dark guild. They might have killed one of the members."

"Which?" he asked sharply.

"Hell if I know!" She hated how he always sounded so worried about those Fairies. It was impossible to make Jellal see that these people were nothing like the guild that had taken him in during his exile in Earthland. "Fairy Tail vanished before I could arrive onto the scene."

King Jellal looked harshly at her. "Again, captain? What excuse will you give me this time?"

She glared up from her knelt position. "I don't give excuses," she seethed. "I give reasons."

"And what is your reason for returning without your squadron?"

"One Fairy escaped before they transported out, possibly two. I know one was that spider woman, Wendy. I left the squad there to pursue."

"You left them?" he repeated coldly. "You decided not to lead a hunt for a homeless Fairy? That's unlike you."

"Our objective was Natsu Dragneel, not that spider. Capturing her would be a boon, but I stick to the mission. I knew I had to report this failure as soon as possible. My men were tired…" She stood, walked up to him, and stared into his eyes. Her caustic voice sweetened and whispered, "…and I was lonely."

Those commanding eyes softened, and so easily, they shifted from angry disappointment to tender happiness. "Erza," he whispered. They were alone here. Formalities could go to hell!

She sat on his lap and rested her head on his shoulder. Her short red hair fell partly into her face. "You're right. This is not like me. I used to thrive on hunting those Fairies. Now … I don't like leaving your side."

"I don't like sending you away." Jellal reached up and caressed his fingers over the cut to her cheek. "Some trouble?"

"The Fairies left us a present. They don't even run away without putting up a fight."

He leaned over and kissed the scab on her face. The way she scowled and looked away with a blush amused him. "I'm sorry to send you on these missions. You know I don't like sending you away from my side, but I can't trust anyone else. Back in Earthland, one of the only people who could beat Natsu was Erza Scarlet. That's why I have to send you."

"Excuses," she smirked.

"Reasons," he shot back.

"Can you delay them?" She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Come on, King. Give your captain a break."

He pouted, not liking the idea of making Fairy Tail wait even more, but he could hardly turn her down. "I have to call Makarov in Earthland this weekend. I'll ask for two more weeks. Since we don't know where Fairy Tail went, it very well could take two whole weeks to track them down again."

"I'll get started on it..." She sidled her body up against his. "...later!"

Jellal smirked at where this was going. "I should punish you."

"Oh?" she hummed sensually, dragging her nails over his neck and giving him shivers. "How will my king punish this inept captain?"

"Harshly," he sneered in lust. Jellal leaned up into her beguiling face. "And thoroughly!" he added in a threatening whisper.

She moaned slightly. Damn, she loved when he acted like the noble he was! In the whole world, no man dominated her. None but this man. With him and him alone, she was the subservient one. It was something she had never known before his arrival. She was used to being in charge, on top of things, even in her relationships (and she had experienced quite a variety before Edolas lost its magic). Then Jellal stepped in, rose above her, and the sheer power of his authority made her fall for him almost instantly. She could toss aside the armor only with him, bare naked her heart only to him. She trusted no man but her king.

Damn! Why did her king have to reciprocate? Now she was lost in those noble eyes and commanding voice.

"Erza," he whispered so tenderly, her whole body shivered with pleasure.

The attraction had been almost instantaneous. Actual passion took longer. Now, she fell into his arms and opened herself to his kisses. She could only be submissive to one man in all of Edolas: King Jellal.

End of Chapter 25

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