Notes: Disclaimer, don't own Merlin. Paper Legend's Big Bang Challenge was exhilarating and nerve-racking all at once. I am thrilled to finally be able to share this story with you. The wonderful mithborien over at LJ did a beautiful vid for the story and some lovely art and images to incorporate in the story. I have included the link to it in my profile page and for those who follow my LJ it will be in the master post of my story there as well. Though seven chapters had to be cut due to time constrains, I will be revising the story to include them. Edits to the current chapters has also started. So keep an eye out for any chapters that are labeled NEW. Warning: Story contains Slash/Merthur.

A Prince from another World

Written by: van maniac


The full moon shined brightly in the night sky adding a sense of eeriness to the darkness in the city. The birds cried out, moving to perch higher in the trees as the branches waved menacingly in the wind. The few light posts nearby radiated their light at the hooded woman, half hidden in the shadows. Her green cloak concealed part of her long dark hair that curved wildly down her shoulders, the moonlight reflected off her deep blue eyes before fading into the blackness of her cold stare.

She walked through the deserted cemetery with purpose and determination, the blue bundle in her hands doing nothing to slow her pace. The faded sheet slowly came undone as the woman made a sharp turn around two tightly close trees, revealing a pale small hand followed by a faint cry. She stared down at the baby's raven hair and her eyes got colder as her gaze clashed with his sapphire eyes shining with pure curiosity. Delicate ivory fingers grasped the locks falling towards his face, gently tugging them demanding further attention.

His cry became a giggle as the woman suddenly began to run; his small eyes scanning what little he could make out. A shout behind them had the woman running faster as her eyes turned from blue to gold in mere seconds, a bright light shot through her extended hand and slashed through the night for a brief second, making it seem like day had arrived too soon. The young man who had come rushing through the bushes halted, quickly covered his eyes with his arm and then rubbed them, in an attempt to regain his sight and the chase.

"Nimueh, this will not solve anything. You are only stalling, nothing more." The man called out, his voice full of threats and seriousness.

He looked around at the now empty cemetery and cursed under his breath. A rustle to the right, down a path half hidden behind a row of trees, had him running once more and his own hazel eyes turned gold, a faint golden line appeared in the ground. The man quickly followed it with greater resolve as once more the woman's figure came back into view.

"Ligfyr onbaerne swithe!" He chanted in a language long forgotten, a ring of fire magically appeared shooting up from the ground to encircle around Nimueh, sealing her escape and forcing her to face him.

"Hand him over and I will spare you." The man said, his short beard doing nothing to hide the angry expression on his face as he stretched his hand towards the woman.

"I no longer have him and you will never find him Balinor." Nimueh spoke, her voice dense with hatred towards him; a wicked grin crossed her rosy lips as she wrapped her pale hands around a golden amulet hanging around her neck.

"Bedyrne! Astyre banonweard!" Her eyes turned gold once more and her body was surrounded by huge gusts of wind, screeching howls sliced through the air.

The wind quieted down before it dissolved into the night, disappearing with her, and leaving Balinor standing in the middle of the woods in an unfamiliar city. He closed his eyes and tilted his head sideways, trying to hear the faint cries of the baby miles away, muffled by the metal lid of a garbage bin. This time the cries were no longer of curiosity as the baby boy called out to his mother and father, small legs kicking the blue sheet covering him. His small cries became louder, making the lid fall off as a trail of gold faded from his eyes.

Balinor grasped on to the faint sound and locked on to its location. "I'm coming, my son." He called out as his eyes flashed opened, a bright golden hue reflecting in them before the spell took its course and he vanished.


Author Notes:

I was originally going to leave the last sentence out and have it be one of those great big reveals. But figured that it was not something I could really keep from the readers, it sort of felt like it was too obvious. What you all think? Did you know the baby was Merlin from the beginning? Don't forget I love reviews and feedback, let me know what you liked about the story and go check out the trailer video mithborien made.