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Corrupted Flower Epilogue

"Your Majesty Kagamine," a servant with white hair and mismatched irises called as he walked up to the throne. Bowing respectfully at the one who is seated there, he continued, "I have another letter from the king of the neighboring kingdom." Reaching into his suit pocket, he snatched out a neatly folded envelope and carefully handed it to the royalty that sat before him.

With a loud sigh of exasperation, Len swiped the piece of paper out of his personal servant's hand and complained, "Do not call me 'Your Majesty' when no one else is in the room!" The king huffed as he opened the envelope and studied the note written on the papers within as he continued, "Piko, we are the same age, can we at least drop the formalities? You have been my servant since I was thirteen: it has been at least ten years since then. Please act like it has been that long!"

Piko blinked in surprise at the outburst. It almost seemed as if no matter how many times the blonde corrected him, he would still insist that he was lesser than him. "Th-then what shall I call you?" the servant stuttered out.

"Just call me Len, or Master Len if you must," the sitting man replied as he re-folded the papers and stood from his seat. "How many times must I tell you before you listen?" When the blonde royalty caught site of the shocked expression out of the corners of his eyes, he lifted his annoyed expression into a playful smirk. Walking up to the other man, he ruffled the white hair in as a friendly gesture as he informed, "I will be retiring to me study for the evening. If my attendance is needed, you know where to find me."

At the casual gesture, the servant's expression twisted into one of troubled confusion but he allowed it to happen as he nodded, "Of course, My—Master Len," he quickly corrected himself, receiving a stern look from the king. "But what of the letter?" he asked curiously.

"Ah, I shall send my reply within the next forty-eight hours," Len waved off nonchalantly as he spun on his heels to head to the doors in the back of the throne room. "You may be dismissed from your duties tonight."

The royal heard a sheepish reply from his personal butler before he left the great room and strolled down an elaborate hallway. Sighing once again, he removed the crown from his head and smoothed his bangs back down. His silky golden hair now reached past his shoulders and the ponytail that it was tied into hung right against his neck. The sunny locks swung back and forth rhythmically as he made his way to the room of books.

Entering the great study, the blonde was faced with walls and walls of papers, files and novels. To the king, this was his sanctuary now. He could no longer walk down the streets of town without being bowed down to so he eventually gave up and decided to take up a new hobby.

Underneath an elegant tall window stood an ebony desk; it was a surprisingly clean table top, considering that he wasn't very organised to begin with. But nonetheless, it was clear of any stray papers. All that was placed there was a feather pen poking out of a bottle of ink along with a small lamp in one corner and in another was a small vase that held a single pastel pink rose within it.

Pink roses… they are such beautiful things…

And it wasn't just any flower he thought of in that moment.

Orange sky slithering through the glass of the window and into the room, the sunset outside was as dazzling as it would be any evening. Len let his shoulders relax at the sight as he set the heavy piece of jewellery on the desk and sat down on the chair. Staring out the window, he rested his chin in his palm as he lost himself in his thoughts.

Since then, it has been 5 years.

Indeed, it has been five entire years since his marriage to the lovely princess, now queen Miku Hatsune. Her name was Miku Kagamine now but it still felt strange to hear it, even after all these years.

Five years since that one fateful night when he snuck out of his father's party to spend the festival with the commoners in town square. Five years since he danced with a wonderful woman in pastel pink. Five years since he had found Mistress Meiko's Flower Bed. Five years since he discovered a secret he shouldn't have. But most importantly:

It has been five years since he had seen the love of his life.

During his year of fame and power, he had only one woman on his mind, and it wasn't his wife. Not that he thought his wife was unattractive, she was very beautiful.

But she could never compare to the pastel pink rose of his life.

It's been much too long since I've seen her face…

Rin, I wonder how you fare nowadays…

Shifting his gaze to stare at the warm coloured flower on his left, he sighed somberly at the thoughts and memories that flowed through his mind.

His flower hadn't written a letter in reply recently.

It was true, he had been true to his promise and he wrote whenever he could get a chance to. And almost always, he would receive a letter in return a few months later. He would write to her about his life in the palace, what he had to do, he most recent troubles, anything. In return, she would compliment and congratulate his change of status. Although he didn't feel good about it, he always thanked her. But more than anything, they would always send certain phrases and sentences over and over.

I love you.

I miss you.

I wish I could see you at this very moment.

Those sentences were always the most heartfelt. As he wrote it down and as he read it, he would feel his heart tug painfully at the truth in the words, every time without fail. Even so, he longed to read those pieces of parchment that had lopsided yet neat handwriting on it.

But in the past year or so, he had not heard a word from his beloved.

And it was killing him slowly.

Ever so slowly…

Lost in his hurricane of saddening thoughts, he almost didn't hear the light knock that rapped on the door into the room. Lifting his head from his hand, he turned and said loud enough for the person to hear, "You may enter."

Creaking softly, the door opened to reveal a woman with her teal-coloured hair tied back in a large messy bun atop her head. With a warm smile on her face, she murmured, "Good evening, my friend."

"Miku!" he exclaimed, a small smile forming on his lips before they curled into a confused frown. "But I am your husband. Why do you still address me as a friend?"

With a soft chuckle, the queen of the kingdom placed a delicate hand on his broad shoulder as she shook her head. "Silly man, I am aware of your status. But I am also aware of the way you flinch every time I address you as my husband. Therefore, I shall call you my friend. I don't love you in a way a wife would anyhow, and I believe that feeling is mutual." Her smile wasn't pained in any way; the sincerity in her voice was so prominent. Any other man would have thought that it was fake.

But he knew that it wasn't.

With an apologetic smile, he placed his larger hand atop his on his shoulder and sighed, "You know me too well, Miku."

Miku grinned in return as she asked, "So have you received any letters from her recently?"

Len knew who she was talking about and his chest tightened ever so slightly at the painful answer. With a shake of his head, he said, "No."

Lips curling into a puzzled line, the inquiry continued, "But now would be about the right time one from her would arrive. Has she not sent you any in a while?"

"I haven't received a letter from her in the past year or so," he solemnly replied, not daring to look his queen in the eyes, for he knew the sorrow that he was feeling would make her worry.

"Oh…" the teal-haired girl breathed quietly as if she too were at a loss for words. "I wonder why that is?" the question almost didn't hit his ears, but he knew that it wasn't meant for him anyway. Squeezing his shoulder reassuringly, she placed a light kiss on the top of his head as she whispered, "Surely we will hear from her soon."

"But what if she has forgotten about me?" he barely choked out, the mere thought of the possibility suffocating him. "What if she no longer cares?" as he said this, he looked up at the woman before him, all of his insecurities and feelings swirling in his eyes. He knew that she would see them all but he didn't care. The fear of losing the one he loved was more powerful than the shame of his closest friend seeing him at his weakest. For the first time in a long while, his eyes prickled with unshed tears as he stared up at his wife. A single drop slid down his cheek as he sniffled slightly.

Oh, how lovely…

Light blue eyes widened at the sight of tears as she let go of his shoulder and took a few steps back. Opening her arms wide, she coaxed him into them, "Come here, you foolish man."

Not knowing what else to do, he got up from his seat on the chair and obediently wrapped his arms around the shorter woman. He felt her smaller hand rub soothing circles on his back as they both fell to their knees. Crying softly, he held onto her tightly as she hushed him.

"Come now," she murmured jokingly, "what kind of man are you to shed tears for another woman before your wife."

"You are not my wife," he corrected quietly as he continued to hiccup, "more than anything, you are my sister. The elder sister I was supposed to have."

All was silent for a few moments as they continued to embrace awkwardly in the center of the floor. The soft sobs that emitted from the king were shameful to see if it were any other citizen. Len would probably regret his outburst much later but for now, the agony enveloping his heart was too much to handle. Any support he was offered was welcomed.

"Ne," Miku finally spoke up as she gently shoved them apart so that they were facing each other. The blonde was shocked to see the other's eyes filled with tears also, "Please stop crying. You are making elder sister cry too." The playful tone in her voice was so ironic compared to her facial expression, he couldn't help but grin.

Letting a small chuckle escape his throat, he messily wiped his eyes with the back of his hands as he nodded, "Alright, younger brother apologizes." Sniffling one last time, he sighed and let his shoulders slouch, "But it still eats my mind away: why hasn't she written back?"

Scooting forward slightly, the queen reached out to ruffle his hair, "Do not worry, dear friend." She continued to play around with his hair until the tie that held it in place slipped out. Even as the golden locks fell to frame his face, she continued to mess it up. "She must be doing something very important if she hasn't replied in the past year."

Only half listening to her words, he attempted multiple times to swat the bothersome hand out of his hair. "Will you please stop?" he finally hissed in annoyance.

Complying silently, she was about to say something but instead she stared at the crow's nest which was the king's hair and burst into a fit of laughter. No two strands were facing the same direction. Only the bottom half of his hair was left untouched and straight. But the rest looked like ten storms blew through it.

Between her hysterical giggling, she pointed and barely managed, "Your appearance looks very lovely."

Huffing in irritation, he mumbled, "Well, I wonder who's doing it might be…" He tried to glare at his friend but instead, the corners of his mouth pulled into an equally amused smile. Smacking his head, he ran his fingers through the tangled strands carefully as he attempted to untangle it.

Miku watched as the king delicately brushed through his hair. The silky mop had grown longer in the past few years due to his refusal to cut even a smidgen of it. It was an inch or so past his shoulders now and in all honesty, he looked more like a woman than a man with it down. "Your hair is much healthier than mine," she commented.

"The reason may be because mine does not drag on the floor," he scoffed in return. For his cheeky remark, he got a playful punch on his chest as they both laughed heartily at each other.

After their laughter had died down and Len had fixed his hair, they stood from the ground and grinned at each other. The teal-haired girl placed a motherly smile on his forehead before she waved to him, bidding him good night. The blonde royal nodded in turn, deciding that he too should retire for the night to his sleeping quarters.

But even before he did that, he opened a draw in the desk and took out a neatly folded piece of paper and opened it. The familiar handwriting made his heart twinge in sadness as he read the first letter he had received from his loved one:


I hope you have been faring well. It feels as if it has been a millennium since we have seen each other when in truth it has merely been a few months. I imagine that you are busy due to your most recent crowning and wedding. But even if you are a married man, I still love you.

It is immoral of me, to love someone who already has someone else. But even if that were the case, I cannot stop my feelings. I love you. Even with such a dreaded occupation such as mine, I was able to find a man who would love me for who I am, not what I look like. For that, I am forever grateful. And yet, fate pulls us apart. I wish I had a little more time to spend with you. But time was robbed from us. How tragic is that?

Even if I have a different man in my bed every night, I only think of one that I wish took me home. I wish that one man would take me home and love me for all of eternity. Lenny, I wish we could be together. Even if we cannot be wed, I wish to see you again. I miss you so much my heart feels as if it will burst.

Please write back quickly, my love.


Letting a ragged breath escape his lungs he refolded the letter and delicately replaced it within the drawer filled with a dozen more. Biting his lip to prevent a second wave of tears to hit, he walked out of the study and to his bedroom with only a single thought in mind.

Rin, my flower, please write back soon. I miss you more than you know and the anxiety will be the death of me. My love, please reply soon.


"Your Majesty Kagamine, permission to enter!" a guard shouted through the large door to the throne room.

Huffing in irritation at the title, he yelled, "Permission granted." It was now midday, the sun was high in the sky and gleaming through the tall windows of the glamorous room. He silently waited as he heard the large doors creak open and shut. Placing a few documents on the table beside the large chair, he watched the soldier march down the long hall with a sharp calculating gaze.

When the man arrived at the foot of the throne, he knelt and bowed in a respectful manner. The blonde didn't pay much attention to it since he hated it in the first place. Instead, he went right to the point, "Speak, what brings you here?"

"A woman has arrived at the main gate and demands to speak to you. She claims she wishes to serve you as a servant."

Len quirked an eyebrow, someone has arrived at his doorstep to request to be of service to him? Who would do such a thing? He narrowed his eyes in thought. There was a very large chance that this woman could be an assassin from a neighboring kingdom whom wished to watch this one fall from within. It was too suspicious, almost too risky to allow her into the castle.

But this is curious, indeed…

"Allow her in. I would like to speak with her. But be cautious, she may be an assassin from a neighboring kingdom."

"Yes, My King. I will bring her immediately."

The king exhaled loudly as the guard quickly made his way out of the throne room. How he detested being called "My King" and "Your Majesty," calling him "Master Len" was just fine. Even his first name alone was fine! But no, all of his servants and all the common folk insisted to call him that to prove his status of royalty. It was impossible for him to wander the town without being noticed.

It must be my long hair, it is quite distinctive.

Cutting it is a little much though…

"Unhand me, filthy maggot!" he snapped out of his quiet musing as he heard a feminine voice shout along with the shuffling of bodies in a corridor.

"Stay silent, young lady. You have been graced with the presence of the king himself, at least behave yourself!"

"Oh, I shall not behave myself! Only if you keep your disgusting touch off of my body will I behave."

"Fine! But you will not pull anything sneaky, is that clear?"

"Of course, master."

The blonde royal couldn't help but smirk at the cheeky and sarcastic tone the woman used in her voice. She was a rowdy one. Maybe she would be worth keeping as a maid, considering she wasn't an assassin, that is.

The doors opened once more to reveal three soldiers, one in front of the woman while two at both her sides, completely blocking her from his view. When they arrived before him, the soldier in front spoke, "This is the woman whom you have summoned." His tone was disgusted and annoyed. In return, the woman behind him scoffed but he ignored it gracefully.

Len held back a laugh as he motioned for his servant to move, "May I at least see her face?"

Almost reluctantly, the man did what he was told and shuffled aside to reveal the girl who had offered her service to the king. As soon as he laid his eyes on her, the blonde royal's eyes widened considerably.

Is she…?

Hastily, he pointed at the door and stared intently at his guards as a single command rolled off his tongue, "Leave us."

The guards looked around in confusion before the one in front stammered, "Y-Your Majesty? But what about—"

"I wish to speak with her alone," he interrupted lowly; glaring slightly at his servants as he repeated, "leave us."

Coughing uncomfortably, the guard nodded as he motioned for the other two to march out of the throne room. Only when the large doors slammed shut did the king's gaze become soft as he took in the woman that stood below him with a smile on her face.

Her hair reached the small of her back and was as straight as a pillar. The golden blonde strands glowed in the sunlight and framed the beaming face of her. A large white ribbon sat atop her head and she wore a simple black dress with an apron tied around her waist. Her familiar sea blues eyes glimmered with happiness, relief and adoration.

Is this who I think it is…?

"Rin…?" Len choked out in disbelief as he slowly made his way down the steps so he would be on the same level as her.

The smile on her lips only seemed to widen as she nodded. A single tear slipped from her eyes as she spoke, "Hello Lenny. How have you been faring?"

Unable to say anything in return, the happiness in his chest exploded as he roughly pulled his beloved into a heart warming and long awaited embrace. He stroked her hair lovingly as he allowed but a single tear slip from under his closed eyes. "Rin… am I imagining you?" he murmured breathlessly.

Rin hugged him back whole-heartedly as she whispered in return, "No, I am here."

He couldn't believe it, the person he had been thinking about in the past five years or so was standing in his embrace. The love of his life was finally here again. It felt so unreal, like it was a dream so he hugged a little tighter. He felt that if he let go or opened his eyes, she would disappear. Hesitantly, he lightly pushed them apart and opened his eyes only to find sapphire blue eyes filled with as much love as his stare back.

Overflowing with joy, he leaned forward and captured her lips in a long and loving kiss. Arms holding her waist tightly, he felt her arms snake around her neck as he lifted her up slightly and spun her around. He poured all of signs of affection he had been deprived of in all these years into the single kiss. And in return, he felt all of her feelings flow into his body through that single connection.

When they finally pulled away from the kiss, they were out of breath and grinning like they had just found the largest pile of gold. But they had found more than that, they had found each other. Pressing their foreheads together, they stayed silence and just let their breaths mingle before Rin decided to speak.

"Does this imply that you will allow me to serve you?" she asked playfully.

Letting out a soft chuckle, he kissed her nose and whispered, "Of course you can, my love."

"I missed you," she stated as she tightened her grip around his neck, fingers interlocking within his long golden locks, loosening the ponytail slightly.

"As have I," he answered sincerely as he let their lips touch briefly once again. Massaging her hips, he placed a chaste kiss on her cheek as he murmured, "I missed you so much. Now I cannot believe you are here."

With a small smile, she replied, "Neither can I. You may have been unable to come back to me, but I was able to come back to you."

He didn't answer; he merely beamed down at her and kissed her once again, hoping that what he should have said would be understood through that gesture.

I am glad you came back to me, my love. Now please stay with me. Whatever we should have had these past few years, I will make up for it. But for now, I am grateful.

Thank you for coming back to me.


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