Twenty eight years ago

Angela Rizzoli had just given birth to two beautiful baby girls. After a very long, painful, tiring labour, Angela finally had her twin daughters in her arms. They were so beautiful – it was only fair to say they suited their names; Julietta Marie and Jane Clementine Rizzoli. With only three minutes between each birth, Angela already knew that the two were going to be inseparable growing up. Looking down at them, she couldn't believe how lucky she was that both had survived – it wasn't every day that twins went to full term, without any complications. The only thing that was different about their birth was the fact that Julietta was surprisingly quiet when she came into the world – unlike her sister, who brought the hospital down with her piercing screams. Jane was still crying – she refused to calm down, even after Angela had attempted to feed her. It was stressful, but one of the nurses suggested (jokingly) that it was because she didn't want to share her feeding with her sister. Angela looked from Jane to Julietta, to see that Julietta had started to fall asleep – amazingly, considering how loud Jane had been grizzling. Angela finally decided to try and feed Jane without Julietta in the room – it was painful to separate them, but Julietta looked so darn cute sleeping, Angela couldn't bear the thought of having Jane wake her with her cries. She asked the nurse to take Julietta into the nursery, as Frank refused to take hold of her, afraid that he might wake her. Angela watched grudgingly as her daughter was taken away, unaware that it would be the last time that she would see her.

She returned her attention back to Jane, who had miraculously settled down; as if she knew that she was now alone. Angela merely raised her eyebrow then let out a small chuckle, as she attempted to try and feed Jane once more. This time, fortunately, Jane took the breast to her mouth, with no fuss. Angela let out a small sigh of relief, and watched as her daughter feed from her breast. It truly was magical – something, she had merely envied about other women, before she got pregnant with the twins. Now, she had children of her own – two, in fact, which meant twice the miracle, twice the blessing. Angela felt a small tear roll down her cheek, thinking how beautiful her two daughters were going to be when they grew up.

It was then, when Angela and Frank heard a large boom come from down the hall – followed by a large flash of red and orange, and the sound of screaming, and crying. Jane broke away from Angela's breast, and joined in the screaming, as Angela had abruptly sat up, in alarm. "What the hell was that!?" Angela asked, turning to look at Frank, who had gotten from his position of watching his wife feeding his daughter, to a standing position, heading towards the door. "I'll find out," He commented, only to be pushed back from the door slamming open by a doctor. "You need to get out! Now! There has been a bomb! We need to evacuate!" He explained, obviously very stressed and scared. "But my daughter! She's in the Nursery. I have to get her!" Angela exclaimed, as she lowered her hospital gown back down over her revealing body, and cradled Jane in her arms, trying to calm her from crying. The doctor froze for a second – immediately Angela knew something was wrong. Something inside of her was screaming that something wasn't right. "No," Angela commented, quietly, her voice shaking. "No. NO. NO!" She screamed, knowing full well that she was right. Frank, not having the slightest clue as to why his wife seemed so distressed, took his screaming daughter from her arms, knowing how his wife got when she got upset. "Please! Tell me it wasn't… Tell me my daughter is ok?" Angela asked the daughter, her tears flowing down her cheek. "I'm sorry, Ma'am… The bomb… The bomb was in the Nursery," The doctor regrettably told her – and with that, he turned to leave, continuing to tell the residences in the rooms, to get out. Angela froze. She couldn't move – she didn't want to move. A bomb? In the Nursery? Julietta was gone? She couldn't really understand what was happening – it couldn't be true. Could it? Frank looked from his crying daughter, back to his immobilised wife. "Angela… We have to go… We have to get out of here," He said, in a mere whisper. He realised what everything meant – he had lost his eldest daughter. His baby. "We can't leave without Julietta," Angela whispered, looking down to her hand, both feeling incredibly bare. "We can't leave her… We have to get her," She said, quietly. "Angela…" Frank paused for a second, knowing full well that he was going to regret saying these words. "Angela, she's gone."


Approximately 30. Caucasian. Male. Found shot in the head, with a .9mm caliber bullet. It was a pretty straightforward cause of death – even Doctor Maura Isles, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Chief Medical Examiner couldn't argue it. However, she did argue with Jane about why he had been shot. The crime scene was in front of a bar – in front of a lesbian bar in fact. Homicide Detective, Jane Rizzoli had instantly called it self-defence. The man looked creepy. He had to be some kind of rapist. Maura had pointed out, that they didn't know anything about the victim – not even his name, so they couldn't just assume things without the facts. Of course Jane had rolled her eyes in response, but kept her theories to herself. Jane knew she was right though – it was the feeling she was feeling in her gut. I don't listen to my intestines, Jane – neither should you (something, Maura, annoying always told Jane). They had taken the body back to the morgue in the Boston police department, where Maura began the autopsy. They still didn't have an I.D for the victim, so Maura had requested that her assistant, Senior Criminalist Chang, run his prints. Jane had received the guest list of the bar, so she had returned up stairs, to the Homicide unit to run those names, to see if anyone owned a .9mm caliber gun.

It didn't take long for Jane to run the names – there weren't a lot of names on the list. In fact there were only ten. It seemed that lesbians didn't try to pick up each other on Tuesday nights. Mary Tanner, Ashley Rose, Nina Hunter, Haley Asher. None of those women owned a gun. They didn't even have a parking ticket under their names. Jane ran her finger down the list to find the next name. It stopped on one, Julietta Smith. She typed it into the system, and muttered "there you go," to herself as Julietta's mug shot popped up on the screen in front of her. Jane merely starred at it for a moment. Was she crazy or did this woman look like her? Jane shook her head. Definitely crazy, she thought to herself as she read through Julietta's file. She did in fact own a .9mm gun. She also had prior arrests for burglary and assault. How can this woman even be allowed to have a gun? Jane thought, as she stared at the screen, with her chin resting in her hands. Maura walked into the room, behind Jane, who was unaware that she had even entered. "What are you doing on the screen, Jane?" Maura questioned, puzzling, as she had only seen the photo, and not the name. Jane spun around from her seat, surprisingly. "What? Oh. That's not me! It our new prime suspect," Jane commented in a what-are-you-even-thinking kind of voice. "Her name's Julietta Smith. 28," Jane told Maura, as she stood up from her seat, to move over to her, to read the file that she had resting in her hands. "You got a name for our vic?" Jane questioned curiously. "Yeah, our John Doe has a name – Marc Austin. He's 30 years old, and has been convicted for sexual assault on a minor – complainant's name is…" Maura started, pausing only to look down at the file. Her brows folded towards each other before looking back at Jane. "Her name is Julietta Smith," Maura finished, closing the file and handing it over to Jane. "Looks like you might have been right Jane – self-defence. Only, there is one problem. A woman under distress doesn't shoot her attacker right smack bang in the middle of the head – I'll know more after I preform the autopsy," Maura told Jane, who was now looking back at the screen with the woman who looked strangely similar to her. "Well then… I think it's time to bring her in," Jane stated, and grabbed her keys from her desk.