Casting Decisions

"Foooooood..." Avan sighed as he opened yet another door thinking of a pantry filled to the brim with food and finding an empty classroom. His sanity was pushed to the edge due to starvation - he hadn't eaten for at least an hour now.

"Need... food," he said as he sank on the floor, ready to die from hunger when someone opened the door of the classroom opposite him and said something indistinct.

"Food?" he questioned, raising his head weakly.

"No. Duuuuuuuuude," the person said.

"Oh, it's you," Avan said disappointedly as Lotte came into focus.

"I've done the casting decisions for our re-enactment of Operation Cloudburst," Lotte said. Avan sat up cross-legged and read the list.

Operation Cloudburst Redux Casting Decisions

Welkin Gunther - Noel

Alicia Melchiott - Lotte

Bridgette Stark - Melissa

Edelweiss (Left Tread) - Avan

Edelweiss (Right Tread) - Reiner

"Lotte, what the heck?" Avan asked. "You don't even have a guy as Welkin Gunther! You just put Noel and Melissa on there because you like them. And you gave yourself the role of Alicia because all the girls want it. Worst of all, why do I have to be the Edelweiss's left tread?"

"Because it has rumbling and grumbling, and that's all you do," Lotte said happily.

"I can't show this to the rest of the class! They'll kill me!" Avan said, forgetting his hunger for half a second. He scrunched it up, intending to throw it away, but stopped when he heard the sound of a gun cocking. Apparently Lotte carried her rifle everywhere.

"Hand the list over, dude," she said threateningly.

"Those are practise rounds in that gun. They won't kill me, Lotte," Avan said matter-of-factly. Lotte fired at him.

"OWWWWW!" he screamed.

"They'll still hurt," Lotte said. "The list, give me it!"

"Why you little..." Avan said and charged at her even though she had a gun.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Juliana said, walking over to them with that contemptuous smirk plastered all over her face and her hands on her hips. "Why am I not surprised that it's students of Class G that are - "

She didn't finish her sentence because unexpectedly both Avan and Lotte pulled her in as well. The same way, other students like Joachim, Pete and others still were pulled into the fight up to the point that almost every student of Class G and Juliana were having the most almighty free-for-all. The building was half destroyed when...

"All right, maggots, I've been waiting in the drill grounds for ten minutes and that's ten minutes too many; a hundred laps for each of you for being late," the drill instructor said as he barged into the place that looked like it had been bombed. Instantly everyone froze as if in a tableu. Anisette and Cosette were pulling each other's hair like two wild angered cats and they froze like that with their hands still in each other's hair, Alexis and Joachim were grappling each other and they froze mid-grapple, Erik had pulled his fist back for a huge punch and he froze like that with his arm still pulled back. Everyone froze in the postiions they were, and slowly their heads turned towards the drill instructor who was breathing very fast like an angered bull.

"And after you do your hundred laps, maggots, you're fixing this place," he said with an air of finality. Such was his power over the students that no one objected. They were still frozen like a tableu, still in mid-battle. Then he stepped out and shouted at them to hurry up. Slowly they lowered their fists and broke apart from their grapples and let go of each other's hair and all the rest of it.

"Maybe we should have a vote," Avan suggested in a hollow voice.

"Okay," said Lotte, whose voice was hoarse from screaming unspeakable words, "but I'm writing the script."