Author Shenanigans: A sequel to my last fanfiction, Alaska. This is based in Volume Four: Fugitives. This is AU, and I might have one or two extra original characters lined up, other than Alaska and Nicholas. Also, I wasn't exactly sure where the abandoned warehouse where Micah eventually got found was meant to be, so I kept it in New York to keep things simple. I also haven't read the graphic novels, so I know that some of the events in this won't add up with the show and/or graphic novel. This is AU, however. But, whatever. I hope you guys enjoy this sequel! And thank you for the reviews on the first Alaska story!


Over the last twelve weeks, Alaska actually found herself leading a somewhat normal life. She went home to Caitlin, with Nicholas. Nicholas moved into the guest room. If anyone visiting asks, he's referred to as a 'friend' of the family. It didn't take much to get him some fake documents, and pretty soon he got a job working in a shop a few streets away. Alaska went back to her old job at the gas station. Things seem normal... right?


"Alaska, have you got a minute?"

Nicholas was standing in the doorway. He'd just gotten home from his shift at the store, and Alaska was getting ready to leave for her's at the gas station. She didn't have to leave for around forty minutes, however, so she stopped darting around her room looking for clean clothes and looked over to him.

"Yeah, sure, come in."

Nicholas stepped into the room. He had his sketchbook in his hands, which Alaska took as a bad sign. He'd only done that one other time since he'd stayed with them. Last time, he'd drawn Caitlin lying at the bottom of the stairs. The next day? She'd tripped and fallen down the stairs, and nearly broken her leg. Alaska took more notice.

"What's going on?" Alaska asked. Nicholas threw the sketchbook to her, and Alaska started flicking through it until she came to the newest drawing.

She could see a group of people being led onto a plane. Some were dressed in official-looking clothing, and some were carrying guns. The other group of people looked like a line of cattle being led to a market - they were wearing hoods over their faces, and looked like they were wearing a prison-like uniform. They were all chained together at their hands and feet. They had something in the middle of their chests, with tubes coming out of it, into the 'prisoners' hoods, and, presumably, into their noses. Alaska tapped it.

"What's that?" she asked.

"I have no idea. But look, Alaska." Nicholas stood next to her, and pointed at two figures.

"That's Nathan and Claire! But... why is Claire wearing one of those prison-uniforms?"

"I don't know! But look, if I drew this, that meant I'm going to see this. What if I'm going to be one of the people being tied up like that?"

"We don't know the story behind this. We haven't done anything wrong, why would either of us be tied up like that?"

Nicholas shook his head. "I don't know. It just makes me nervous. Just, look, Alaska. Be careful. In fact, I'll drop you off and pick you up from the gas station tonight."

Alaska smiled. Almost two weeks after Nicholas had moved in, she realized just how protective Nicholas could be. And just how stubborn he was, too.

"Fine, done deal. I'm gonna go in early, actually. Give me ten minutes and we'll leave, okay?"

Nicholas left the room, and Alaska rooted around, until she finally came across some clean clothes. She pulled these on, and tied her brown hair back, so that it at least looked semi-tame. There was another knock at her door.

"I'm almost ready, quit being so impatient!" Alaska shouted.


Alaska froze at the sound of Claire's voice. "Claire, hi," she stammered. "Sorry, I'm just about to leave for work," she added apologetically. She looked up at the girl, who looked nervous. Damnit, what was everyone looking nervous today?

"I just..." Claire's voice trailed off. Alaska knew where this was heading.

"Sylar." Alaska didn't phrase it like a question. She knew Claire was going to say something about him. She'd come to Alaska a lot the last few weeks - she was so paranoid he was still alive.

"Look, Claire. I saw you put a shard of glass in his head myself. I saw him die. We both did."

"I know. I just get the feeling he's still alive," Claire murmured. "And there's something else, anyway."

Alaska motioned for Claire to go on. Claire shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing slightly. "Nicholas might want to hear this as well. Where's your mom, anyway? I literally walked straight into the house."

"She's working a late shift. And I know, I keep forgetting to lock the door," Alaska explained, making a mental note to start remembering. Nicholas appeared at the door that moment, and was surprised to see Claire.

"Okay, you're both here." Claire sat down on the bed. "I can't be here long. I need to go to someone else's house. But, long story short, I heard Angela and Nathan talking on the phone together. They're going after Peter and Matt Parkman - I've told you about Matt Parkman before, right? I heard Nathan say that they're rounding up people with abilities. I don't know if that includes me, or you two. Just, I think you two need to leave. I need you to to get out of here."

Nicholas and Alaska looked to each other. "I think we should leave, then," Alaska finally spoke up. "I don't want to risk getting taken. I mean, who knows what could happen? Whether we'll ever get out, whether they'll kill us..." her voice trailed off. "Does Peter know?" she asked.

"Not yet. I'm going to try and warn him," Claire promised. "I'm heading to New York city later to find Matt. I was never here, okay?"

"We'll find somewhere to go. And don't worry, we never saw you. Thank you, Claire. I really appreciate this," Alaska squeezed the girl's hand. "We'll talk to you when we can, okay?"


Claire left, and Nicholas and Alaska looked to each other.

Alaska was the first one to spring into action.

"You go and find some paper and a pen, write a note to Caitlin. Tell her that we had to run, but we'll contact her when we can. Something along those lines. Uh, I'll start packing some clothes. You don't mind if I go through some of your stuff, do you?" she asked. Nicholas shook his head, and started rooting around Alaska's desk in search for some paper and a pen.

Alaska grabbed her suitcase. There was easily enough room in there for both of their clothes. She threw some of her clothes into the suitcase, as well as the money she'd saved from her job. She had almost eight-hundred dollars, and Alaska was eternally grateful for her natural ability to save money. She had a thought. "Nicholas, d'you have any money saved from your job?" she asked.

"I have four hundred dollars, I think. It's in the jar on my desk."

Alaska went into Nicholas' room. There were a fresh pile of clothes on his bed, and after looking through them briefly, Alaska tucked them under her arm, and grabbed the jar of money on Nicholas' desk. She put both her's and Nicholas' money into a wallet, which she tucked into the suitcase. She grabbed a few more pieces of clothing from both of their rooms, as well as clean underwear, and decided that would have to do. They had money, after all - they could pick up anything they needed along the way.

"Ready?" Nicholas asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Alaska replied. "Where are we heading?"

"I think Canada. It's closer. Mexico would take two days to drive to. If we left soon, we could reach Canada by the morning."

"Canada it is."

Alaska zipped up the suitcase, and dragged it down the stairs. Nicholas placed the note on the bottom stair, and picked up the car keys. "I'll drive the first half. You drive when we get nearer to Canada, okay?"

Alaska picked up their passports. Well, her passport, and Nicholas' fake one. She tossed them both into the suitcase, and the two of them went out to the car. Alaska lifted the suitcase into the backseat, and started to climb into the front.

"Alaska?" Nicholas begun.

"Mm?" Alaska replied. In the space of less than an hour, she'd gone from having boundless energy, to being completely exhausted. She just wanted to sleep.

"What if we get caught?"

That woke Alaska up.

"I want you to run. I'll hold anyone off, and you run." Nicholas opened his mouth to protest but Alaska cut him off. "Nicholas, you can draw the future. What good would that be to you if we got caught? I've been finding more and more abilities since we clashed with Sylar. I can fight..." She left the words she wanted to say floating in the air. Nicholas stayed silent. He was staring at Alaska expectantly, as if he wanted her to say these unspoken words.

She'd been holding it in for weeks. This boy was her saviour. He'd saved her from possibly being murdered by Knox and Flint, he'd helped stop Sylar from killing her, and on top of that, he was a good friend to her. Often, on their nights off, they'd cram into Alaska's room, sitting on her bed together, listening to music, watching movies, talking, any number of things. Sooner or later, Alaska was bound to fall for him. She looked at him. His dark brown eyes were filled with anticipation.

"Let's just go," Alaska sighed.

Nicholas dropped his gaze, turning to the driving wheel instead. They both jumped as someone ran up to the side of the car, banging on the window, and opening the door. Alaska immediately became defensive, and she let flames engulf her arms. The boy who'd just opened the door held his hands up in mock-surrender.

"No, no, stop. We're on the same team," he said. He seemed very young. He only looked like he was fifteen or so. He seemed genuine, and had stepped back. He looked absolutely harmless. Even though Alaska let the flames resting on her skin sizzle out, she stayed on guard. "You've been told about what's about to happen, haven't you?" he asked.

Alaska nodded.

"I have an ability. They'll be after me, too. But they won't catch us. I can make sure of that."

Alaska looked to Nicholas, and gave him a questioning look. "I think we can trust him," Nicholas whispered. "Get in the car. If they're coming after us, I don't want us to just be sitting here. It's like we'd just be giving ourselves to them."

The boy climbed into the back seat, moving the suitcase up so he could get in.

Nicholas pulled out of the driveway, and started driving.

Alaska twisted around in her seat so that she was facing the boy.

"I'm Micah," he introduced himself. Alaska opened her mouth to speak but Micah smiled, and interrupted. "You're Alaska O'Donnell, and Nicholas Young. I know."

"How do you know?" Nicholas asked.

"Nathan Petrelli has files on all of us. He put them into a computer database. I just so happened to get into the files."

"And by you 'just so happened to into the files' you mean...?"

"It's my ability. I can talk to computers."

"You talk to computers...?" Alaska asked incredulously.

Micah smiled. "Is that any less believable than a girl who can touch people and mimic their abilities?"


"I wanted to come to the two of you first," Micah explained.

"Why?" Alaska asked.

"It seemed like you two would be the people who could help us all most. I mean, Alaska, look at you. You're one of the most powerful heroes there are."

Alaska shook her head. "I don't know what I can do for sure."

Micah didn't seem fazed.

"We need to try and work out what you can do. Go backwards, work out who you've touched, and what their abilities may have been. You'll work it out. We need as much as we can get. And you," Micah said, looking to Nicholas. Nicholas didn't take his eyes off the road, but glanced in the rear view mirror.

"My ability is useless," Nicholas sighed.

"No, it's not. Trust me, you can develop it. Anyone can develop their ability. You just need help. I'll help you, and I'm pretty sure Alaska would," Micah promised.

"Before we even talk about our abilities, where are we headed, exactly?" Alaska asked.

"I found an abandoned warehouse a few weeks ago. I've worked on a few of the rooms, we can live there. Oh, and Alaska. You mimic people's abilities by touching them, right?" Alaska nodded. "I want you to copy mine. Trust me, we'll need it."

Alaska frowned. How had he worked so much out already? Micah already had his hand outstretched, and Alaska took it. She'd learnt how to actually reject abilities from her body - she just had to block them out, concentrating as much as possible. She didn't know how to get rid of abilities yet, though. That she wanted to find out; Alaska was convinced that half of her abilities she wouldn't ever need nor want, at least, once she found out what they were.

This time, she let Micah's ability flow through her. Her head spun momentarily, as her body became used to having a new ability. She felt her head stop spinning, and let go of Micah's hand.

"I'll teach you how to use it," he promised.

"Micah, how old are you?" Alaska asked.

"I'm fourteen."

Alaska's eyes widened. He was fourteen, and was doing this? Where the hell were the kid's parents?

"We'll talk later. Nicholas, start driving towards Brooklyn," Micah instructed.

The three of them sat in silence. Alaska stared out of the window, her mind a million miles away. They were approaching Brooklyn; Alaska noticed they'd just gone through Manhattan and were close to the bridge that would cross into Brooklyn.

"Okay, after we get across the bridge, take a right. Go towards Bay Ridge."

Nicholas did as he was told, and after around twenty more minutes of driving and Micah giving directions, they found themselves outside a multistory warehouse. "We're here," Micah finally said. "I came by here yesterday, dug up some bits and pieces. I turned three of the rooms here into bedrooms, kinda," he said, looking sheepish. "I want to get more people, though. We need more people. We can't stop the government alone."

Alaska and Micah got out of the car.

"I'm going to go park the car somewhere less obvious. I'll meet you guys in a second," he explained, before driving towards the side of the warehouse. Alaska and Micah walked towards the warehouse, which appeared boarded up. However, as they got to one of the doors, Alaska realized the boards across it were loose, and stepped through as Micah held it up for her. The building was eerily quiet, and their voices and footsteps echoed throughout what seemed like the entire building. They went up four flights of stairs, and Micah showed Alaska into the first room. It had around four different computers, and Alaska looked to Micah briefly.

"Won't they be able to track the computers?" she asked.

"Not if I tell the computers to not give away their IP address," he shrugged.

Nicholas walked in at that moment, carrying the suitcase.

"You two are roomies," Micah said, ushering them out of the room and towards another. Jeez, the kid makes this sound like college or camping or something fun, Alaska thought. They went into another room, and Alaska was somewhat surprised at how home-like it felt. There was a heater in one corner of the room, and a pile of large mattresses piled up in another. On top of the mattresses were piles of comforters and bedspreads, as well as a heap of pillows. Nicholas placed the suitcase down, and looked just as surprised as Alaska did.

"Sort the mattresses out and put them wherever you want. I need you guys, though. I'm gonna be in the computer room," Micah said, and then left, shutting the door. The door may as well have not been there - it was almost coming off at the hinges. Nicholas helped Alaska lift one of the mattresses from the pile, and they placed it against the wall. They put one bedspread on the mattress as a makeshift cover, and placed a pile of pillows neatly at the top of the mattress. They threw a couple of the comforters onto the mattress, although Alaska wondered if they'd even need more than one - the comforters were huge, and the room was already warm from the heater. Alaska made a mental note to ask Micah how he'd gotten all of these items.

They left the room, and joined Micah in the computer room. "Guys," Micah said, looking urgent. "Check this out, they've already rounded up a bunch of people with abilities."

Alaska and Nicholas stood behind Micah, looking at the screen he was sitting at. There were a line of people, wearing hoods over their faces and in orange, prison-like uniforms.

"This was the picture I drew!" Nicholas blurted out.

"At least it means that you aren't actually there," Alaska added, biting her lip. She noticed one of the prisoners being led away from the others, and one of the men took her hood off. It was Claire. "No, no, no, no, no. This can't be happening..." Alaska whispered. Micah started rooting around the desks, until he found a USB memory stick. He shoved it into the computer, and placed his hand over the monitor. A second later, a pop-up box appeared, saying 'Copying...'.

"Having this on tape might come in handy," Micah explained, still looking upset. "They're not going to get away with this."